Church Your Hooked
Right is a sign from Almighty God in
volcano smoke and fire of the seven
women Churches carrying their babies
in smoke form and the red hook has
caught them in a trap. You can see the
woman carrying her baby with her two
black eyes looking at you with the wind
blowing  her hair to the right as she
sails along to her demise!

Below is a huge rock close to my old
home in the wilderness burned out by
the fire finger of God Almighty,
showing the war tanks are coming
soon and suddenly. Below the red
hook over the large war tank you can
see the black scorpion of the woman
looking to the left, you have already
been hooked!
Right of the
woman Church of
today you can see
black Satan
looking over the
"3" Hebrew
Churches, the "3"
faces looking at
you. Left of the
first head you can
see in black form,
the Lambs head
of Jesus going in
the fire with the
Right is an Open Vision from God's
space telescope in his heavens
showing the "7" scarlet ... Red haired
woman Churches riding the beast
horse Donald John Trump 45 today ...
riding sidesaddle as women often do.
You can see right of her head about
one inch th
e whitish head of a BABY as
these "7" Churches are still babies who
has not grown up to maturity. God also
shows this above in cloud form of the
woman with a baby in her arms showing
she is still a baby! Above her head you
can see the number
"42" and number
"42" refers to Rebellion also see in
Matthew 1:17 and the 2000 years from
Abraham to Jesus! Count the
generations for they are
"42" to when
the Jews crucified Jesus the first time
around and the Church of today seen
11:8 ... Sodom and Egypt USA
... second Jer-
USA-lem ... add 1 + 1 + 8
"10" sleeping Virgins ... Figuratively
This refers to the seven
Churches today who followed the
pathway of the Jews!

Notice left the head of the Pig Church
of 2 Peter 2:20-22 looking down as the
Pig Church wearing a up to date bun
hairdo heading into the rocks spoken
about in Isaiah 2:19-22. I show her as I
outlined her going into the rocks to
hide from God Almighty wearing a
heavy winter coat. Seeing this in my
Adobe Photo section of my computer is
the only thing I did to this picture
besides putting the writing on it.

Right is the same rock as above but
was too large to put the complete
writing on the Wall of Daniel 5:25. The
Open Vision above this one shows the
legs of the Lion coming down after the
"7" Churches. Notice two war
horses I outlined coming against the
gay forehead of this nation killing her.
When this happens it pushed out from
the mouth of Gay second Jer-
"3" Lion beasts ... notice the old
German Swastika left of the Lion's head
that touches on the
"3" beast men God
is using to take out his
"7" wicked
Churches now his enemies, Isaiah
Isaiah 2:19-22
Bill Clinton 42 ... George Bush 43 and Donald Trump 45 three Beast Presidents born in year "46."
Revelation "6:7-8" confirms this true fact! This passage states, the Pale Rider of DEATH in these
three numbers. Beast Trump 45 was born month
"6" ... Beast Bush 43 was born month "7" Beast
Clinton 42 was born month
"8" ... "Rev. "6";"7"-"8." The God I serve today is not god Satan the
seven Churches worship today but is the Almighty God of numbers who knows how many hairs are
my head and named all the trillions of stars in his heavens!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...