Church Soon Burns At Stake
Red Fire Horse Now Rides
During the Reformation the Roman Catholic Church burned
the Protestants at the stake claiming they were Heretics! At
that time they were real true Saints and the Roman Catholic
Church were the Heretics! Today this is all turned around with
the Protestants, for they are the Heretics today along with the
Roman Catholic Church! Revelation 2:20-23 this the Thyratia
Church, has the spirit of Jezebel over her and is unwilling to
repent so God says, they and those who hold somewhat to her
meaning Idolatry, this the Protestant Church, I will cast
into a bed of suffering and those who commit adultery with
her, this meaning the Protestant Churches of today unless
they repent of her ways ... the ways of the Roman Church.
Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 and
1:19 both state:
"What was before will be again
and what is now was before,
there is nothing new under the

The burning at the stake now
goes on again, but in reverse!
The Protestanfs also seen as
the Philidephia Church, the
Pentecostals, are now getting
ready to be burned at the
stake! What was before will be
again, and what is now was
before ...
there is nothing new
under the sun
Left, God with sky blue and golden legs with
white hair, is now placing the wood at the feet
of the naked, gone to Witch-craft Churches
and is now starting the fire! God got the
wood from his now ready to burn and is
burning forests ...
the red fire horse now
loose and running into this fire picture among
the trees. as Jesus said,
men are seen as
, and now the trees are burning!

Left, God is placing his trees under the feet of
Naked Satanic Churches, and the match is
now lit and at the foot of these devil filled
Churches today

The image of the naked Church shows this
very naked red headed scarlet woman seen in
Revelation 17:1-8 ... going after the true saints
of God and this woman has decieved the
entire world today ...
read it! She is seen
below left setting on a red blanket stark naked
with the head of Satan over her head as her
. Not only that but God shows this naked
butt woman who is riding the beast in one of
his fiery volano's seen below this very naked
Church who is under the headship of Satan.

It doen's take a rocket scentist to see these
two Butts of the naked Church today are the
same! Today the woman's Butt is popular with
the Internet and people, as the women have
taken over and now prance stark naked
before the whole world. A friend of president
trump, Kim Kardashian, shows her very large
rear end to the whole world seen below.
Three Religions Burn Down! Catholic
Protestant and Pentecostal
Woman Church Burns
at Skake
The center picture made by Almighty God in one of his fiery volcano's, shows this very naked
woman Church riding the beast. She sets on his head while he turns his head looking at you while
he sets on his rear legs and his two front feet! Notice his white hat of the Presidency the naked
rear ends of the woman Church sets on today ...
the BEAST.

God's Ring of FIre - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
God tosses out Fire from his Hubble telescope and hands
it to the burning woman at the stake!
Father God stakes the wood for the fire