Church Ship Sinks In Ice Water
Ship Church sinks in ice water-------->
Iceberg Church
Upper left shows the Iceberg Church of
today going down in Ice Water! I pointed
out what looks like a Church building
setting on top of a large ship beside a
huge Iceberg, referring to the cold
Iceberg Church of today to Jesus Christ!
This picture was designed by an
ungodly business in Southern California  
.... Walt Disney! The Open vision right of
the ice cold woman Church shows God
on top of his white mountain with his arm
pulled back knocking her off his
mountain , notice the red fire under him.
God has his right hand on her head and has his left arm pulled back ready for the blow coming
upon her. Jesus said, My sheep will be on my right meaning Mercy and the Goats will be on my left
meaning Judgment! Here we see the Goat Woman Church on his left and God is knocking her off
his high mountain now and the fire is now under him as seen  burning in the land of California ...
the land of Walt Disney showing the Ice-cold Church hitting the cold hard water of God and sinking
to the bottom of the Sea of Time!

You can see the head of the ice-cold woman Church looking down and her naked breasts sticking
out and her thin waist below as God knocks her off his high, clean white mountain. Now the third
white cold snowy Open Vision from God, shows this ice cold woman Church Laying down on top of
God's mountain in ice cold snow. You can see her head and white hair looking up and beside her
you can see her baby, as she is still a baby Church never grown up to maturity! This side of her
Baby also looking up it the roof top of their Churches all under ice cold snow today!
This Ice cold naked woman Church of today is setting stark naked on top of the head of the beast
presidents of this gone down the drain nation seen left! She has no pants on and setting on top of
the head of the beasts who run this second Jer-
USA-lem nation now headed to hell! You can see
his head turned around looking at you while he stands on his two front legs and is setting on his two
hind legs as beasts do. Notice his little tail stick out.

Right of her naked Bottom is where she is going!
Six Feet UNDER at the end of the "6"th Millennium
today! Right of her Skull & Bones going down under, shows the Open Vision picture of the Churches
on fire with the five fingered hand of God burning her down, showing the capital letter "V" for
"V"irgins taken out, seen in Matthew
25:6-7! Notice the trees standing beside the burning down ice
cold Church ... the trees refers to people per Jesus Christ. Notice the Tombstones in front of this
last day Church ...
"6" foot Under ... per the Skull & Bones above.

The second head of the "3" beast presidents is George W. Burning Bush 43 added is "7" who goes
after the sleeping Churches who belongs to the secret society of the NWO ... Illuminati of Satan, the
"Skull & Bones."  Today this Beast of Satan Burning Bush ... is talking to the Goat Churches seen
below in another fiery Open Vision from God!
Left in this fiery volcano from Almighty
God shows the Goat Church of today
talking to the beast, George W. Red Pants
Burning Bush. Notice above his white
head, saying he is a good Christian is the
Skull of the Beast and the Goat Church of
today are part of this!

The dark head right of the microphone
seen in white headed Burning Bush, is
seen below as George is leaning to the
left with the crown of the Presidency
talking also on the black microphone to
the Church and world today.
Rev. 17:1-7
added is "16" hundred Penn., Ave.,

Washington DC
., that old John the
Revelator could hardly believe what God
was showing him,
that this nation would
kill the end time scarlet ... red headed
Church and also mess up the entire world

George W. Burning Bush is seen left close
to my old home in the wilderness, in solid
burned out Rock by Almighty God. God
shows the head of Burning Bush hiding
behind a BUSH. Inside the Bush ... Bush is
hiding the cross of Jesus Christ today
saying he is a good Christian along with
his family when they all are devils from
hell.  Riding on his back are the other two
Lions along with him,
Trump 45 and the
first head of this beast, Bill Clinton "42
Bill Clinton 42 ... George W. Bush 43 and Donald Trump 45 were all born in year "46" and now we see
"666" of the beasts of the last days seen in Revelation. God is using these "3" men to do his dirty
work on the sleeping,
ICE COLD CHURCH of today! God is taking out his enemy Church of today seen
in Isaiah
"66:6." Read this passage for this is exactly what it says! "What is that noise coming from
the cities ... what is that sound coming from the Temples
  (Meaning the ice cold Temple Churches)   it
is the sound of the Lord
repaying his enemies all they deserve!"

Three beast president men ... Trump born month "6" ... Bush born month "7" Clinton born month "8"
and now we see
"6-7-8." This refers to Revelation "6:7-8." This refers to the Pale riders of
DEATH ... Trump number "6" ... Bush number "7" ... Clinton number "8." This die ... DEATH has
been cast!
 I show this awesome message today to a sleeping Church who see nothing as they lay in
bed with their eyes closed to truth and listen to only one little rock god, Satan our enemy who they
bow their knees to today seen below in rock form.

You can see this stark naked Ice cold Church of today standing on
Rock Jesus looking over the ocean waiting for the Ark Jesus but
he is not coming for her! She stand here with her hand of Rock
Jesus but she is bowing her knees to the little rock god, Satan who
she thinks is Jesus but the DEVIL himself. Notice the little rock god
who looks like the devil himself smiling looking to the right by her
knees that she is bowing down today thinking he is Jesus!
Ice cold baby woman Church
Bill Clinton the first head of the "3" headed Lion Beast was
born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19." Bill is seen above
in an old large burned out rock pile close to my old home in
the high wilderness of Klamath County, showing his birth
number "19" in front of this chest. He is standing over the
Red headed Church of Revelation 17:1-7 ready to cut off the
heads of the very naked sleeping Church showing her head
across the chopping block cutting the headship of Satan off
her. Left is a Tatto on the arm of a man showing this nation
and showing who the first head of the 3 headed beast is.
heading this message in reverse is FDR for Frankiin D.
Roosevelt our 32nd president of this gone down the tube
nation. Below FDR is the Cross of Jesus Christ and behind
the Cross is this second Jer-
USA-lem flag/
Below the USA Flag shows the numbers of Bill Clinton on the left ... 1942 and on the right is 2004
and turned around is the number of this first beast, Bill Clinton
42. Bill was born on Leo the Lion
month of August
"19" and was the "42"nd president. Below is the inside page of Mother's Bible
that ended up in my hands the day
after mother died in 1985. This page
shows the numbers of the "3" last day
beast men of the
"666." Using God's
numbering system shows all three
beast men in numbers! Mother Bertha
purchased her Bible on Oct. the 10th
month equals the "10" sleeping
Virgins Matthew 25:6-7 where the
beasts came out from! The day she
bought this Bible was day
"15" that
touches on Donald John Trump who
"15" letters in his name.
Next we see the number of the first head of the "3" headed Lion beast of today, Bill Clinton number
"19" and the "42"nd president! We go to the bottom line in mother's Bible to see Matt. 12 ... added
"3" beast men and the second beast man is George W. Burning Bush 43 the sign of verse
"43." Now hold onto your hats because all "3" lion beast men who soon goes after the sleeping
Church of today were all born in year
"46" the last verse. We add again ... 46 ... 4 + 6 = "10"
sleeping virgins of Matthew
25:6-7. Lastly we add 25 ... 2 + 5 = "7" Churches of the last day led
today by the people of the verses of 67 ... 6 X 7 =
"42" the first head of the "3" headed Lion beast
who goes after the sleeping Church as in the days of Daniel.
"What was before will be again and
what is now was before"
... Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19.

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