Church Setting Ducks  
Left is a baseball game
showing the Churches
of today are a bunch of
of the left light you can
see that God made in
cloud form the setting
duck Churches of today
going into the mouth of
the Dragon, Satan!
Notice the two horned
devil with his mouth
wide open eating up  
the setting Duck Churches of today! Why did God make this scene over a baseball game? God's
perfect number is "3." He created man in "3" parts as he is in "3" parts. God is Father, Son and Holy
Spirit who created man in "3" parts ... body, soul and spirit. God chose this large nation of second
USA-lem also in "3" parts ... "3" coastlines. A nation "3" thousand miles from east to west which
is also seen as "3" timezones! This points to the "3" baseball games of time for Father God.

God setup second Jer-
USA-lem much like first Jerusalem. The Golden Gate is on the West and the
First Gate is on the East and the
Benjamin Gate ... Corpus Christi that means the Body of Christ, is on
the South. I took a map of this nation seen below and these three points shows the Diamond Jesus,
setting in this second Jer-USA-lem nation! Amos
5:1-2 states;
"Fallen is virgin Israel never to rise
again ... deserted in her own land never to rise

Granted, Old Israel came back to her land as
promised by God, but never to reach the power
that she once was ... never! Jesus is the
Diamond across this nation seen left, and Father
God is the Pyramid, referring to his coming in
1000 year kingdom! Now we put the Diamond,
Jesus over God's great Pyramid kingdom coming
in, and we see the
"6" sided star of David!
Adam had 2000 years and 42 generations which he struck out! Abraham the Jews also had 2000 years
and "42" generations as seen in Matthew 1:17 and he also struck out when the Jews crucified Jesus
the first time around! Now from Jesus to today is another 2000 years and another "42" generations to
when the Gentiles also crucified Jesus Christ all over again seen in Revelation 11:8 figuratively
speaking, read it! The book of Revelation speaks for today of what happened before will happen
again at the end of days! (The sleeping Duck Church of today say this speaks of the Jews when it no
doubt speaks for the last day
DUCK CHURCH soon to go down the throat of the Dragon seen above
and shown in cloud form by Almighty God!
Filthy rich Donald DUCK TRUMP is the culprit who begins WW "3" that ties into all the "3" seen above
and also this last and "3"rd baseball game of time showing the dragon eating up the setting
Churches of Today! North Korea says Trump is not right in his head ... and this is very true today! Have
you seen all the faces this president makes too many to even talk about! Click the left side of your
mouse to see this awesome message of "3" beast men of the Apocalypse:  
3 Headed Beast Of
Revelation ... Below is an Open Vision from God's Hubble telescope showing this beast, sex maniac
Donald Duck Trump who has
turned the White House into a
CAT House. Notice his little
on top of a large body
as he has a small head with
nothing in it, but has a large
penis seen below! Trump is a
Pimp today who has had "3"
prostitute women for wives
and now he is screwing the
DUCK Churches of today.

Below is the Pimp White
House today in no uncertain
<-----Trumps Little Head
Trumps Large Sex Organ---->
This whorehouse nation is going down per Almighty God! The
big man with a large sex organ and his center fold wife and
other two wives, has made this nation of second Jer-
lem a Babylonian Whore House that was already heading for
this name. John F. Kennedy was also in this same category
with Marylin Monro who committed suicide by taking sleeping
pills. Above right is Melania Trump shooting a
"45" magnum
and tying in her wicked husband Trump the "45"
magnum pistol
that God is showing in cloud form as well seen
below Melanie Trump naked shooting Trumps
"45" gun.
Oh But U are about to diah!  Obadiah 1:15. This passage says, "What you have done will be done to
you ... your deeds will return upon your own head
." Using God's awesome numbering system we add
Obadiah 1:15 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. It was the 33rd president of this second
Jer-USA-lem nation ... Harry S. Truman who dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan in year
"45" that
ties to Donald J. Trump
"45" who causes Nuclear War with Russia and China and Kid-Kim of North
Hot head Trump and Hot head Kim of North Korea eems to be the match that starts nuclear
Left is a large rock close to my home
showing in solid rock and burned out
by the mighty hand of God, this picture
for today! The very naked Church of
today is seen holding her hand in the
air showing they are the naked Church
of the last days without a shadow of a
doubt. They are part of naked Trump
above who is showing his Penis to the
whole world today with his naked wife
seen above shooting his
"45" mag.,
Gun. The Church of today are laying
down on the money
trump is a large part of it and both
show their large penis's!
Now notice what this brings in! It brings in the Russian and the Chiness soldiers to take out this gone
mad nation and her naked Churches of today! God not only shows the male penis but he also shows
the woman's vagina in the golden dog head of the Church whose human face is turned around
looking black Satan in his face who they believe is the true and living God, but is the devil himself.  
Left is this huge rock close to my home showing the
golden face of the Dog Churches of today, and her
pretty human face turned around looking Satan in his
face who they believe is God, but the devil himself.
Behind black Satan God shows the first head of the
beast, Bill Clinton 42 and below Bill is the Texan
cowboy George W. Bush 43. Below Bush is the Shark,
Donald Trump with the red headed woman's head in
his mouth and going up her leg ... notice the golden
J for Donald J. Trumps middle initial by her vagina as
he moves up her leg ... eating her leg as he goes to
the spot he is looking for beside his middle initial "J"
for John. As John is seen as the Pimp of this gone
down the drain once Christian nation!

I didn't make this image shown in solid rock, God
made it! All I did was take a picture with my good
Cannon camera and put the picture into my Adobe
Photo section of my compter and seeing the images I
drew lines around them and this is what God has
shown for the dog Churches of today.
The white color around these awesome images, I took out in my computer leaving the images that
you can see more plainly. Remember, God shows these things in solid rock, in an area of fiery
volcano's some years past where I live today at "43" hundred feet in elevation, of the last day
Prophet of God born in year "34." We add 34 and 43 together and we see "77" in cloud form over my
home. We look at Daniel 9:24 begins with "77" is
decreed for your people and land to stop sinning. This
entire passage is one verse and show these Visions
and Prophecies coming from this ministry are soon to
end and then we anoint the most holy, meaning Jesus
Christ into his 1000 year kingdom on earth. Watch out
for the new translations of the NIV Bible for they added
on more word, place ... instead of the most holy one
Jesus Christ ... they added PLACE. Watch out what you
read in the Bibles for Satan has changed many places
that are lies today. We add 9 + 24 =
"33" the age of
Jesus when he died and rose again still age
"33." Now
who is the God of numbers if not my God?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist
- Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Duck above in mouth of Dragon