China W/Russia - WW III NOW
China Military Tells Russia 'We've Come to Support You' Against U.S.
Russia and China Are Now Building Weapons Together.
Dutiman, a Prophet who died some years ago, gave a Prophecy that Russia and China would come
together and make war against this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem that is now coming about!  (The
Communists which also includes the KID from North Korea who is wearing his
KID Cap Backwards
above showing his red cap of the 60 year old war, and the finally coming in peace treaty is now being
revealed at the end of man's rulling on earth of
6000 years)   North Korea and South Korea are now
going into a peace settlement spoken about in 1 Thes. 5 ... who has been hitting the naked woman
Church over her head with the
Hammer and Sickle of the Communist Party. Peace and safety is now
being revealed seen in 1 Thes. 5:1-3 ... the 60 year old war peace treaty that has never been
abolished that they are working on today.
The Open Vision on the right in cloud form from God Almighty, shows
this same dog Church of today barking out bloody murder and inside
its mouth you can plainly see the Hammer and left of the Hammer is
the Sickle of Communism coming in to take out these Dog and Pig
Churches of today spoken about in
2 Peter 2:20-22.
Left is another large rock
close to my home, showing
the clam shell trap of Luke
21:34-36 getting ready to
close! Notice how God made
this evil Church laying down
on the Bull Market ready to
I remind you this Open Vision came from a large pile of rocks burned out by the fire finger of
Almighty God. The only thing I did with the picture I took of a large rock, was add the wording and
God showed the rest. This Open Vision shows the very naked Church of today is circumcised only in
the flesh and not the heart they are suppose to be circumcised in. This is a
hilt today as they lay on the old
Bull Market as God is showing in this Open Vision. This also refers
to the Bull Market going down and when this happens you will see the soldiers of Russia and China
come ashore seen on the top right corner of this large rock.
Left is a hurricane storm on the East
Coast showing the two bears of
Russia and China now raising up on
one side! They aregetting ready to
chase the Bull Market out. Notice the
Bull market walking off and looking at
you with his horn over his head, Horn
Trump-with the red and yellow BULL'S
eye in the center of this last Bull
Market now on its way down.

Below is a picture I took from my home
showing the bears of Russia and
China are raising up on one side like
the above one, and you can see the one Rib of
Adam now broken into
"3" parts, the Catholics,
Proetestants and Pentecostals
. You can count
these "3" ribs in this overhead cloud picture from
God Almighty and also the "3" ribs in his mouth in
Bear Rock Lake in the state of Washington that
touches on Washington DC. All "3" pictures show
the two bears of Russia and China now raised up
and getting ready to attack this second Jer-
lem nation soon and suddenly ... days of Peace.
Peace and SafetyThen Destruction ...

The United States has been in declared war between North and
South Korea for
"60" years and now they are claiming peace at
the end of the
"60-00" years of mankind! Paul states in 1
Thessalnian 5:1-3 when they say
Peace and Safety then sudden
destruction comes upon them like labor pains comes upon a
pregnant woman and they will not escape

The sleepers are many seen in Matthew 25:6-7 and what wakes
them up is War coming upon them from Russia and China now
getting together to come against this nation of loud mouth
President Golden Donald Trump 45 who is leading the world into

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist ...
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...