China & Russia's New Friendship
This is Biblical to the nth Degree!
CNN)  There was a frightening new guest
at the party that marked Russia's Navy Day
celebrations this past weekend -- perhaps
representing the greatest single global
challenge for President Donald Trump.
Chinese warships joined the parade of
Russian naval vessels in the sea off the
Port of Kronstadt in St. Petersburg as
President Vladimir Putin looked on proudly.
All were fresh from the first stage of Joint
Sea 2017, a Russian-Chinese naval
exercise that Chinese media boasted
included live-firing of big guns in the
Baltic Sea, which borders five of America's
NATO allies, and was designed at least in
part to showcase the cream of both
nations' seaborne military might.

Russia flaunts military might across the
world with Navy Day celebrations
At the same time, China was staging its
own military parade in Beijing as President
Xi Jinping watched while dressed in the
green camouflage uniform of the People's
Liberation Army.
Some 12,000 officers and
men, accompanied by tanks, long-range
missile launchers, jet fighters and other
new, modern weaponry, moved past
Both of these Open Visions are within a
mile from my home, showing what is now
being talked about in the three nations
today, China, Russia and North Korea.
Notice i put in RED overhead left, Tanks
that God has shown in rock from rolling
over the Church of today with the black
shadow of the Locust on the Church
spoken about in Revelation 9:1-5. Read my
"Bears & Rifles Coming" that
speaks about the Tanks above and Rifles
from Rifle, Colorado coming in soon and
suddenly. Left shows in solid rock form
burned out by Almighty God the soldiers
looking round this clamshell trap Jesus talks about in Luke 21:34-36 when he said, do not let this
trap close down on you! Notice this naked Church of today laying down on the Bull Market with
their hand showing the 10 sleeping Virgins in the air worshipping money. This trap is now closing
own on this nation and its Churches.

China is spoken about in Revelation 9:16 with her 200 million man army coming into this last day
war games from
Russia, China and North Korea. China is also seen in Zechariah 14:1-2 with its
soldiers coming into the home and raping the women. Years ago China killed their girl babies to
slow down their huge population, and today there is only
one women per seven men in China. I will
not explain the next nine verses, but the 12th verses shows what happened in Japan when this
nation under president Truman dropped two Atomic Bombs on them in 19
'45.' (Trump today is
number "45."
) Obadiah 1:15 states, "Your deeds will return upon your own head." Add 1 + 15 = "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This 12 verse states,
Their eyes will rot in their sockets and
their tongue will rot in their mouth.
" This ties to the skin falling off their bodies while they are still
standing on their feet, as this same thing happened in Japan in 1945 and is seen below as well in a
hot fiery volcano from Almighty God.
woman Church who is walking her dog while the skin is
falling off her arm, notice her white bone with the dog
leash still attached to her hand. Notice her man has
lost the skin and flesh off his body while his head is
looking at her naked bone arm. These dog Church
people are over the Abyss, hell is you will to be purged
of their many sins today. Notice the man below the lake
of fire, meaning HELL, went to hell because he refused
to repent! I don't know how much plain God can make it
for these dog-pig-goat Churches of today to see truth!

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Open Vision from God showing these Churches going
to hell, the message under the Open Vision.  

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- Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...