Chicken Vineyard Burns Down
Quote:  The speed and ferocity of the wildfires raging through
Northern California's wine country have caught many residents off
guard and left state officials scrambling to contain the flames.

But for fire researchers, these devastating blazes are part of a much
larger pattern unfolding across the Western United States. So far this
year, fires in the U.S. have consumed more than 8.5 million acres — an
area bigger than the state of Maryland.

"We're definitely pushing one of the largest fire years this decade,"
says Jennifer Balch, a fire ecologist at the University of Colorado,

The cause is hot, dry conditions nationwide. Heat records have been
broken this year in California, Oregon and Montana. Globally,
2017 is
among the hottest years on record
, thanks in part to human-induced
climate change.  
The Chickens refer to two
things, Prostitute Church
and so called saints who
are Chickens not doing
their work for God. This
year, 2017 the worst fire
season ... 2 + 1 + 7 =
still sleeping so-called
Chickens who are soon to
wake up and smell the
coffee but too late!
Notice the white Chicken
below, the fire burning
down todays Chicken
whore-house Churches!
What just happened across the boarder of God burning down
the wine vineyards in California and the killings that took place
in Nevada ...
the red light district ... the red beds in the whore
Houses; God is showing what is now at the doors of this nation!
Two states in
dire straights today side by side soon to be no
! God is showing himself left in cloud form, that he is
seeing everything that is happening and he says this without
hesitation ...
It is Finished!

Isaiah 5:1-5 and also verses "6-7" speaks very plainly to these
whorehouse, Chicken Churches of today who have not done
their jobs! There is an old saying ...
"Come into my parlor said
the spider to the fly.
" This is what has happened to this second
USA-lem nation! Satan is seen as the spider and the fly is
seen as the Churches today,
the fly in the works, the Church.   
Jesus said, be as
wise as serpents but innocent as doves! The
Church today are not as wise as serpents nor innocent as
doves as they got caught on the sticky old fly paper hanging
from the ceiling and now cannot get loose from it!

Left, God is showing in cloud form, the people of this nation
and world, very unhappy, looking at the man child children of
Almighty God, the 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5 ... being
taken to the throne of Jesus Christ soon and suddenly. Notice
above the dark head of these very surprised people left, the
white head of these overcoming true saints of God being take
to heaven soon. Remember the Solar Eclipse that happened
August 21 one day before my birthday the 22nd?

We add these two numbers together and we see the last
chapter and verse of God's Holy Bible ... Revelation
22:21. The
Solar Eclipse refers to a new beginning!
These taken to the
throne room of Jesus Christ are the 144,000 stars in the
heavens ready to go while the rest stay behind with their
mouths wide open in surprise!
(Check out this truth left) Notice
the man child children of Almighty God laying on a cloud ...
their head is seen top right and their body is seen sticking out
to the left on this soon coming cloud.
Now to you circumcised only in the flesh,
so-called Christians, I show you a huge rock
close to my home showing the sleeping "10"
Virgin Churches of today with their hand in the
air showing they are the 10 sleeping Virgins
today, stark naked and not circumcised in the
heart but only in the flesh! They are laying
down on the old Bull Market, a money Church
at Judgment time today! Jesus speaks about
this in Luke 21:34-36. We add in God's
awesome numbering system ... 2 + 1 + 3 + 4 =
"10" sleeping Virgins. We add 3 + 6 = "9" which
JUDGEMENT now upon them.
The Sabers of WW III are now rattling in the China sea with their friend, Russia, between golden rich
Donald Trump that the sleeping Church put into office and are seen above on the top right,
Soldiers looking around this Trap that Jesus talks about here in Luke 21:34
. Added again in the
other way, 21 + 34 =
"55" ... the "5" wise and "5" foolish Virgins seen in Daniel 11:35 ... added is 1 + 1
+ 3 = "5" and "5" equals "10" sleeping Virgins ... NIV Bible. The "5"wise also stay behind to be
purified until the end ... read it in the NIV. The reason they are wise, they let God purify them!

Next, we go into the NT witness as well to see these same verses in Hebrews
11:35. This passage
"Women received back their dead raised to life again, others were tortured and refused to be
release so they might gain the better resurrection
." There are two resurrections! The first
resurrection are those seen here refusing to be released from torture to be purified ... the hot fire
they are in so they may be involved at the first and best resurrection, the 1000 year kingdom of
Jesus Christ. What happens to the rest who did not let God refine them in this 42 months of burning
wrath? They miss the Honeymoon of Husband, Jesus Christ and come back after the 1000 year
honeymoon is over as wife ... a wife who missed her honeymoon with Husband Jesus Christ.
I fell into a burning Ring of Fire, I
went down, down, down and the
flames went higher, the Ring of
Fire, the Ring of Fire

This ties into today without a
shadow of a doubt! Johnny Cash
made this song popular before he
died and it touches on the Money
Churches of today who has sold out
their birthrights to Jacob, the Esau
Church of today. Below Johnny
Cash you can see the storm hitting
the Rocky Mountains in Colorado a
few years ago, showing muddy
water coming down off this high
ROCK Mountain of God.
Now you can see what this black Church
of today,
the Vineyard Church seen in
California and Nevada who produced the
filthy water in the Churches of today
Notice this huge storm over this Rocky
Mountain of Almighty God, shows a
highway culvert, and going down the
culvert you can see the "
Black Head" of
the Church going down the tube! Notice
his black head looking to the left in the
black macadam roadway. Below his head
as also pointed out by the white line, you
you can see him in hell! Below this I enlarged his head wearing dark
glasses for the
bright lights of fire in hell ... a sign from Almighty God
that many are going to hell.

Below in a fiery volcano from Almighty God, shows the man-woman
Church of today over the Lake of Fire to be purified. Under the lake of
fire is HELL! Notice the man who refuses to be purified, goes to hell.
God shows this Open Vision of the Church of today
walking her dog, referring to the Dog Churches of 2
Peter 2:20-22 ... with the leash to the dog is attached to
the meat on her arm that is falling off her body. Notice
her white arm bone! Notice her man left of her white
arm bone watching this happen, has lost the meat off
his body as well. This happened in Japan in "45" when
Truman dropped two Atom bombs on them, also seen
in Zechariah 14:12 of these last days! Their eyes will rot
in their sockets and their tongues will rot in their
mouths. After this we see in the last part of Zechariah
14 Jesus passing out cooking pots to the survivors of
this last day holocaust!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...