Chicken Church Runs Soon
Chicken head      Nuke      hurch soon Runs
Left, we see the naked
woman Churches of today
bowing their knees to little
rock, Satan. God shows her
in red running to hide from
God. Those who do not make
it are seen far right falling backwards with the nuclear gases hitting her in the forehead falling
backwards as seen in Isaiah 28:13-15 ...
making a lie their refuge and falsehood their hiding place.
Isaiah 28:8 says;
"All the tables are covered with vomit there is not one spot without filth." The 144,000
of Revelation 14:1-5 have left the picture of above and soon will be taken to the throne room of
Almighty God leaving the rest behind to be purged of all their sins! The remnant from the Church
who fell away from this horrible picture of today to the floor because of the vomit still on the table
of the filth of fallen Christianity,
will be saved!

Apostle Paul of Roman's 9:27-29 says, even tho the Israelites, this include the Church of today,
ONLY A REMNANT will be saved! The remnant is what fell to  the floor away from the table covered
with vomit seen in Isaiah 28:8. Verse 10 speaks of the "10" sleeping Virgins doing and doing the
same things over and over again,
today's fallen Churches. God says in the next verse "11" that he
will speak to them in a
foreign tongue and a strange language that they do not understand! The
main part of not understanding, is the use of his numbering system that they claim comes from
Satan and not God. It is numbers that controls the entire Universe and God told us he has
numbered the very hairs on our heads, an awesome God and not an awesome Satan!
Below I show the Nuclear Bomb Cloud that God showed in a storm over Florida
with the window open
seen below, and in the open window you can see the word
"Church." God is showing without hesitation, this Chicken Church of today who
has not done their jobs, will be running like scared Chickens, Jack Rabbits soon
and suddenly. It appears according to Matthew 24:20 that war begins this winter.
Church ------>
What I show above from Almighty God words cannot describe! Run you Chickens your days are
here, prepare to meet your God whomever he may be! Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ... pray that
your flight out from the cities does not happen in winter!
Why winter? Winter is the worst time to
try to move ... as winter is the sign of when this takes place, the nuclear bombs come!
C  h  u  r  .  .  .
Left is seen TRUMP PENCE
Miami, Florida
... the state
showing the nuclear bombs
coming in cloud form speaking
about the Church, and this
window is now Open! So called
Christian Donald, Lying Trump
with his godly arms open wide
... little god Satan ... and the
real God is saying, this Bastard
of Satan is not a Christian man
to say the very least! Trump
"45" ties to Harry S. Truman
who dropped two Atomic
Bombs on Japan in year
and Obadiah 1:15  says ...
deeds will return upon your own
!" O' But "U" are about to
diah ...
Obadiah --- USA.
The Window is Open for Nuclear This Winter!
The Kid of US Shoots the Gun
Two Kids go to War that brings in Russia and
China without a shadow of a doubt this winter
God is showing the Mushroom cloud bomb goes
after the Church in Florida and across this nation.

It was Harry S. Truman in year 19
"45" who
dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan
their skin and flesh to fall off their bodies while
they were still standing on their feet!
14:1-2 speaks about the Chinese soldiers coming
into the homes of this nation raping the woman!
China killed most of their girl babies at birth to
slow down their over populated nation and today
there is one woman per 7 men who rape the
women here in the USA!

This entire Chapter of Zechariah 14:
1-21 refers to  
today! Verse 12 shows the skin falling off their
bodies, their eyes rotting in their sockets and
their tongues rotting in their mouths. Here we
see Zechariah 14 added is
"5" fingered hand of
God upon this last day Church and world. We add
verses 1-21  and we see the end of days, today
and the last chapter and verse of the Holy Bible,
Revelation 22:21 ... in reverse 21 + 1 =
Miami, Florida------>
The last few verses we see Jesus passing out cooking pots for the survivors to cook from. Left
we see a fiery volcano from Almighty God, showing the skin falling off the woman, dog Church of
today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. Notice the woman Church walking her dog with the dog leash still
attached to her meaty arm that is falling off her body, and her man looking at it from behind while
the meat has falling off his body. God is soon to be holding this dog Church of today over the Lake
of Fire to purify her. Notice those who will not repent are in hell, seen below the Lake of Fire.
Left is a real picture of the hot Nuclear Bomb going off.
On the top
dark red fire you can see the head of the Goat
"Virgin Churches going up in smoke." Notice the "V" for
Virgins laying sideways and you can see its dark eye looking
to the right. Below the head of the Goat Church you can see
the head of an Eagle pointed downward. Left of the head of
the eagle you can see a
Skull looking at you with its lower
head pointed to the left. I wonder who made this image of a
Real Nuclear Bomb going off if not Almighty God?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...