Chicken Church Egg - & Lion
The chicken Church and her
egg is on the top burner now
and going into the hot mouth
of the "3" headed Lion beast!

You can see the egg in the
open lion's mouth in the
white circle in the center of
these two Open Visions from
God's Hubble Telescope in
his heavens, as all things
under the SUN belows to him
as he has told us!
Left is an Open Vision taken from the Paradise Fire
in northern California showing the Apple Pie of God,
as he once said she is the Apple of my eye, his
people who went astray! You can see the Apple Pie
of God's eye now on the top of the fire stove
cooking and right of the Apple ... Cherry Egg Pie you
can see the Rabbit Church standing in the fiery
reddish color ready to run! God confirms this below
in his white cloud picture as God confirms his end
time Elijah Ministry of Malachi 4:
4-5. Numbers "4-5"
touches on the last day Lion Prophet President,
Donald J. Trump
"45." I represent this last day
Elijah Prophet seen in these two last verses of Malachi 4:
"4-5" and verse "6" refers to today the end of the "6"th
Millennium today.

Below the Rabbit and Easter Egg ... Chicken Egg Church
you can see God's last day
Elijah Prophet he showed in
cloud form one day when I was coming home from Klamath
Falls. Below God shows Trump
"45" from his Hubble
telescope in his heavens, Large Mouth Trump smoking a
pipe meaning he is ready to set the fires to smoking!
This Bully of a man they are calling him is running towards you as you can see his two legs running
with his two arms sticking out as usual when he roars his lying message from his big mouth today as
if he is God!
God shows Trump above with his fist
ramming towards you and right came
from God's Hubble telescope in his
heavens showing this monster evil
beast man with both arms sticking
out as he runs his evil agendas!
Notice his white head sticking over
his shoulder seen on the top left.
Under Trumps arm on the right you
can faintly see the head of a DOG,
the Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22.
You can see the dog Church of today who put this Bastard of Satan into power who is responsible
for taking out this Dog, Pig, Goat, Church of today as seen below ... the blue Goat Church of the last
days talking to Red Pants Beast Donald J. Trump
Beast Trump
carrying Dog
Church above
Above White head Donald J. Trump you can
see another skull head of a beast who Trump
is with today, Satan ... as the Goat Churches
of today along with Beast Trump are
speaking into a black microphone to the
whole world telling them lies mixed with
some truth as they are seen in Revelation
17:1-7 spoken here of this scarlet woman
Church being killed by this beast nation
today, and also killing the entire world, this
third and final Mystery Babylon nation of
second Jer-

God's Ring of Fire Elijah - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig