Captain Diapers Flying To Hell
Right notice the black hell hole
the baby man's face looking at
you is heading for. The tail end
of this baby Church of today,
show they are Goats, seen on
the left side of God meaning
Above shows the face of this baby
Church who has never grown up to
maturity heading for black-fiery hell. Right
of her, her rear end ... shows the horns
and head of the Goat, as God said, the
Goats will be on the left, meaning Judge-
ment and my sheep will be on my right,
meaning mercy. God shows us left in his
fiery volcano the Goat Church of today
seen in smoke and lightning form talking
to the beast of hell.
"What was before will
be again, and what is now was before,
there is nothing new under the Sun
."  per
God seen in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19.
Fiery Red Pants Burning Bush!

Notice above
fiery red pants burning
with the black microphone seen in
his white head, as he shows he is a good
Christian but is a gross liar instead.
Above his deadly white head you can see
Skull of a Beast as he and his family
belong to the
NWO ... Illuminati the Skull
of Satan

The fiery Open Vision from God above
showing G.W. Bush 43 talking to the Goat
Churches ... 4 + 3 = the
"7" Churches of
today heading to the black hell hole
above. The Open Vision left in solid rock
form close to my old home, shows Bush
Black head
looking left is
Bush seen
below leaning
to the left.
leaning to the left and God is showing this red pants G.W. Bush 43 ... a past Republican President
hiding behind the Cross of Jesus Christ in the BUSH above
. His father who just died ... G.H.W. Bush
41 was also the first beast President and these last day beast Presidents, are seen in Daniel
2:41-42-43 -44-45 which states:
"In the days of those kings the God of Heaven will setup a
kingdom never to be destroyed or left to another people
." God also confirms this in the NT in
19:41-42-43-44-45. Jesus first spoke this to the Jews and now it goes for the Gentile Church
headed for Black Hell as a Goat. (Bill Clinton born on Leo the Lion month of August "19" and was the
head of the "3" beast men of today number "42" from Washington ...

Above right of Burning G.W. Bush "43" added going after the "7" Goat Church ... are the two heads
of the beasts alive today, Bill Clinton 42 and Donald Trump 45. Bill Clinton 42 and Donald Trump 45
are riding on the back of G.W. Burning Bush 43 and all "3" go after the sleeping Goat Church of

GeOrGe W. Bush has
"11" letters in his name as does Jesus Christ who he claims to be. We see
him in Ezekiel 38 ... 3 + 8 = "11"  of this passage seen as MaGOG ... the land of Many GeOrGes ... "3"
in all! The first GeOrGe was number "1" ... Washington ... the second just died recently, GeOrGe
H.W. Bush 41 and this last and third GeOrGe is "43."
The Open Vision above was close to the Open Vision above this close to my home in the wilderness,
showing Gog on the top of GeOrGe hat in the center of this huge rock. You can see the capital
letter "G" for George and behind the capital letter "G" you can faintly see
eo for Geo. Below Geo's
hat you can see his nose and below his nose you can see his closed mouth. The yellow brush right
of his mouth you can see a tree. Trees refer to people per Jesus Christ. Right of the Tree you can
faintly see the rocks spelling out LION. Left of the tree and a little higher you can see the head of a
beast which refers to Bill Clinton born on Leo the LION month of August
"19 the "42"nd President
of this gone down the drain nation. G.W. Bush 43 pulls in the LION! This also touches on Donald
John Trump 45 who is today also a LION BEAST with a big mouth LYING to this nation and world.
It was my mother, Bertha S. Gerig who
led me into this end time Prophet
Ministry before she died. Mother
purchased this KJV Bible in year
The rest of this date is Oct. the 10th
month tying in the
"10" sleeping Virgins
these "3" beast men came out from the
Church of Matthew 25 verses
"6-7."  The
head of the beast today is Bill Clinton
number "42" ... verses "6-7" multiplied is
"42" where he came out from as did the
other "2" beast men, as the NT says, their
spirit was already in the early Church.
The next number is "15." Donald John Trump has "15" letters in his name! The next set of numbers
refers to Bill Clinton
"1942." Next we see the two bottom line and the bottom line shows Matt. 12
added is
"3" beast President men! The first verse is "43" the number of Beast GeOrGe 43. The last
number is
"46" the year all "3" beast men were born of the "666."

Lastly we add the numbers of letters in Bertha S. Gerig and we see
"12." This number "12" touches
on the Church of today, the "12" apostle Church who has gone down the drain ... gone down to POT
which she is today ... a nation soon to be destroyed, flushed down the toilet of time.
God confirms this awesome message left
coming from his last day Moses Prophet, yours
truly. This picture came from one of God's
camera's in his heavens! It was taken over this
nation from a tropical storm on Election day a
few years ago. God shows without a shadow of
a doubt, yours truly over the West Coast of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation his last day Moses
Prophet blowing his last day message about
Jesus Coming, and the Arrow head is Jesus
hitting this Eagle Bird nation in its head killing
it. This happens over the state of Florida below
Jesus head looking down and also the white
head of this Bald Eagle nation now on its way
Left I took out the rest of this Open Vision picture from God to
emphasize God's last day Prophet showing what is now happening
across this nation ... now going down the drain!

Below me blowing this awesome Jesus Trumpet is a picture of me
at the age of
"67" standing in front of my 2000 GMC ... God's
Moving Church!
I purchased this vehicle from the West One GMC
dealer ship in Klamath Falls, Oregon. When I was in the process of
buying it God spoke to me saying ... GMC means,
"God's Moving

One week before I received my new license plates I had written a
news letter and mailed them out titled ...
"Crossing Yahweh's'
Jordan 144,000.
" When I opened the package containing my new
license I had gotten to the
22 mile marker on highway 140 when I
pulled over into the parking lot of a small store at the intersection
Squaw Flats Road. Number 22 is the last chapter of the Holy
Bible and my birthday number of Leo the Lion month of August
"22" year "34." Add 3 + 4 = "7" Churches I preach to today.

I opened my new License Plate to see this:
XYJ-892. This license
plate shows the title to my newsletter I had just written,
"X" for
Crossing ... "Y"  for Yahweh ... and "J" for Jordan.
A little later
the numbers came to me. My new vehicle was a year 2000. God
told me not to add the numbers following XYJ but to multiply them.
8 X 9 = "72" times 2 the 2000 year of my GMC equals 144,000 that
God soon takes out to his Throne in heaven while the rest of the sleeping Church stays behind to go
into the purifying fire from Almighty God ... for God is a consuming fire! God soon takes out his
144,000 saints of today who has been in the hot fire of purification, seen in Revelation 14:1-5. These
taken out are seen with Jesus and the Father's name written on their foreheads. The Goat Church of
today say these are the Jews, another lie from hell for the Jews hated Jesus Christ their Messiah
and crucified him. Today the sleeping Church has done what her mother the Jews did, crucified
Jesus Christ all over again seen in Revelation
11:8 ... figuratively or spiritually speaking ... 1 + 1 + 8 =
"10 sleeping Virgins ... added again is 19 the first head of Beast Clinton born on da
y "19" the "42"nd
beast president
... Bill Clinton! God uses the "3" LION beast Presidents all born in year "46" to purify
his gone down the drain Church, his enemies today ... read it in Isaiah

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...