Burning Beast Bush & Bill
The top left Open Vision is from
God's fiery volcano showing the
Goat Churches of today tied into
Burning Bush of the last days.
God first talked to Moses through
Burning Bush and today he is
doing the same thing, talking to
his last day Moses, yours truly,
through a
Burning G.W. Red
Pants Burning Bush
the 43rd
president of this second Jer-
lem nation now on its way down
the tube of time. This bird is also
seen below as a LION seen on
the NE corner of this nation in a
Nor-Eastern storm from God. I
outlined the Lion wearing dark
glasses to hide his identity, and
God is also showing
he wears his
heart on the outside of his body,
meaning not for real
. God is
showing this
BIRD ... red pants
burning bush 43
will go down the
drain after he is finished with him
punishing his Church who has
gone down the tube of time today
seen in Isaiah

GW Burning Bush 43 added =
Churches that he goes after!
Notice over white faced red
pants burning Bush 43 you can
Bird Bush
see the Skull of a Beast as G.W. Bush 43 belongs to the secret society of the "Skull & Bones." This is
also part of the
NWO also seen as the Illuminati of Satan that Bill and Hillary Clinton are also part of, as
Bill is the head of this two headed lion beast with Burning Bush bringing up the tail!
Below is the dark
top of Lion Rock when God had told me to go to this rock one Sunday afternoon only to see this face of
a Lion over Lion Rock.
Goat Church                         & Burning Bush
Now how do you think I get these Open Vision
pictures? God shows them to me just like this one
Sunday afternoon when he put this Lion's face over
Lion Rock! This shows on Sunday, the day Christians
gather, that the LION is soon to go after the Goat
Church of today having two heads, Bill Clinton 42 on
the left and George,
Red Pants Burning Bush 43 on
the right. You can see the lion's head, Clinton, and
on the far right you can see the head of this second
Burning Bush! Next, we go to the top right
showing a close up of this Burning Bush showing
his iron teeth of Satan. Above his lip you can see
Satan setting, meaning he speaks for Satan! Close to this Lion Rock sets another Rock with the
picture of Burning Bush in the center of this rock wearing a hat with Gog written on top. You can see
Gog if this picture is blown up. Below his hat you can see his nose and mouth. Right of this you can
see like yellow X's going to the tree right of GeOrGe of Ezekiel 38 ... this land of Magog, meaning three
GeOrGes in all, GeOrGe Washington, GeOrGe H.W. Bush and lastly GeOrGe W. Bush!
Notice G.W. Burning Bush is seen
here in the Bushes pulling in the
first head of the Beast, Bill Clinton
42. Notice right of the only tree, you
can see in rock form, God showing
the word
LION. Left of the tree you
can faintly make out the head of
this LION beast
Bill 42 coming in to
work with G.W. Burning Bush 43
added together is
"67" going after
the Goat Churches of Matthew 25:
"6-7." The top right you can see a
man, yours truly, climbing this large
rock, telling the world today what is
now facing them, are you ready?
The end is here! Below this God shows
this Bush man in another Open Vision
close to the one above, showing
GeOrGe hiding behind a
BUSH with the
Cross of Jesus Christ seen in the
BUSH, only a deception. You can see
him wearing a Crown leaning to the left
as he hides his true identify from the
Church he soon goes after. You can
see the large head of Bill 42 looking to
the right setting on his shoulder. Right
of Bushes head is the picture of the
smaller LION, GeOrGe W. Burning Bush
43 with Bill 42 right of him, and both are
looking at the cloud God put in his
heavens showing Satan is over them.
Above is another very long rock showing this picture of today. This devil rock is about 3-4 hundred
yards long. Left is the picture of Democrat Beast Bill on the left with Republican Elephant Burning
Bush 43 on the right with his elephant trunk attached to Bill 42. Notice behind Elephant Bush the rock
goes on and on showing the Shark behind GeOrGe. Behind the Shark sets in rock form from Almighty
God, a dead
SKULL that Burning Bush belongs to today, "The Skull & Bones" secret society. God
confirms this message by looking over the head of the dead
SKULL in cloud form, the picture of an
elephant, G.W. Burning Bush 43. Below is the sleeping Churches of today riding on the tail of the
Dragon along with the head of the elephant Bush 43.

Behind the head of Elephant Bush, is the head of the
dog-wolf preachers today telling lies to the sleepers.
I pointed out the two ears of the wolf-dog preachers
as the head of the sleeping woman Church and the
head of the beast,
GeOrGe W. Burning Bush. The
heads are seen in the above Open Vision of the
sleeping Churches today riding with the beast!

Below the tail of this
Red Dragon Satan Rock is a
large picture of Yours Truly blown up so you can see
the first two heads of the Beast on this hillside
picture of Bill Clinton 42 and GeOrGe W. Burning
Bush 43 ... added together is
"67." This end time
Moses ... Jeremiah ... John Paul the second Prophet
of Almighty God, was born
"6" of "7" children in a
preachers home in year
"34." I preach today to the "3
+ 4 = "7
" Churches of Matthew 25 added is "7"
Churches and verses "6-7."

You can also see me preaching from my "3"rd flying
angel website seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." I
preach this awesome Eternal Gospel message at the
HOUR of JUDGMENT today seen in this same passage.
We multiply 6 X 7 =
"42" the number of the first head
of the two headed Lion Beast. Now if this does not tie
into God Almighty something is drastically wrong
which it isn't.     
Bill left - Bush Right
Now we look at what the first
Apostle Paul says in Roman's
"3:4" when he spoke for God
as well as I speak for God
today without hesitation.
God be true and every man a
" Who speaks for God
today if not this ministry
showing hundreds of Open
Visions made by the Almighty
hand of God? In closing this
awesome message from God
Almighty, let me tell you I live
at an altitude of
hundred feet and was born in
"34" added together is
"77" the cloud God put over
my home ...
"77" seen below
my picture. This ties to Daniel
9:24 that begins with
"77" is
decreed for your people
and land to stop sinning! At the end of this passage you an
see yours truly and this ministry of Open Visions and
Prophecies coming to a close and then Jesus Comes into his
1000 year kingdom on earth.

Below is a Boeing airliner that crashed in San Fransisco
California some time ago, showing on the wing of this airliner
"7742." This means today, Daniel 9:24 is for now as
it was for the Jews in their days. Number
"42" is also seen in
Matthew 1:17 the 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus when
they crucified him, now count the generations they are
Number 42 means Rebellion when the Jews rebelled and had Jesus
crucified the first time around! Now 2000 years and 42 generations
later, the Church are re-crucified Jesus Christ all over again
figuratively speaking, seen in Revelation 11:8 ... this time by the
end-time goat Churches of today also seen in Revelation 17:1-8 and

This Church is also seen in Revelation 18:8 going into the fire of
purification. Now we add the last verse of both Rev. 17 and 18 ... 8 + 8 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC as it is finished for this last
day mystery Babylonian nation forever!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...