Bun Hairdo Soon Hides!
<----Bun hairdo
Below the head of
God is the Bun hair-
do of the woman
church of today
soon to be running
into the rocks and
holes in the ground
from the dread of
the Lord and the
splendor of his
Majesty as he rises
to shake the earth.
Isaiah 2:19-22.
God's Head
Naked Hairbun Church
and her children
The Upside down
naked Hair-bun
Church of today as
God shows in the
burning down of
the head of the
Church, the Roman
Catholic and the
Churches wearing
the famous hair-
Bun, your days are
over! Left is a huge
rock close to my
old home in the
high wilderness
area of Klamath
County, Oregon
showing the
Church wearing
this hair-bun
walking into the
Rocks to hide.
Isaiah 2:19-22
Left is a picture of Beast Trumps naked girlfriend, Kim Kardashian who ties
into nuclear bombs coming from
Kid-Kim of North Korea! Notice she is also  
wearing a
Bun-Hair-Do. God is now stuffing this naked black Church into a
black garbage bag and dropping her into the ocean of time!

Right top of this up to date woman Church soon to be heading into the rocks
to hide from God, you can see the legs of the "3" headed Lion Beast coming
down from above chasing the naked woman Church into the rocks to hide
from Almighty God when he rises to shake the earth now happening! Notice
left of the naked woman Church that i outlined going into the rocks, you can
see the head of this
NAKED, PIG CHURCH of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22.

Below naked KIM going into the trash bag of Almighty God, you can see Beast
Trump with his arm around Kim wearing the famous Bun hair-do the Church of
today are wearing as they head to the rocks to hide from God as Trump has
also got his arm around
KID-KIM of North Korea!

Below we see Trump and naked Kim and naked Kim of North Korea with his
arm around the naked woman Church and his same arm around naked Kim of
North Korea ... his arm to Kim of North Korea ...  
Arms of Nuclear war!
We go back up to the woman wearing a
hair-Bun soon to be hiding in the rocks
from Almighty God, and we see the legs
of a LION coming down from above and
chasing this naked woman Church into
the rocks to hide from God. Below is the
same picture of the one above but I had
to take two pictures of this because of
the size of this huge rock. Left we see two
large war horses, China on the far left and
Russia hitting the gay forehead of this gone
POT nation today who has gone GAY.
Notice God shows the homosexual act of
what Joe Biden who is running for President
today who was black Obamo's Vise President
who married two Gay men while they were in
office as I point out of what God shows in his
rocks burned out by his fire finger!

When this nuclear war comes about which is
very soon, it pushes out from the mouth of
this gay nation, the "3" headed Lion Beast of
also Bill Clinton 42 and George Bush 43!
Left is a Lave Flow coming from the "50"th State of this 50
State Union of the Republic, showing the old Hitler famous
Military Solute! Notice what God shows on his waist, the
Large white capital letter
"V" for "V"irgins that he goes
after. I added the rest of the word right of "V" for Virgins.
Notice right of the lion heads coming out from the mouth
of old George, I circled the image of the Swastika. I did this
a few years ago when this Lava Flow Volcano happened.

Now who fills the bill today of huge mouth Adolph Hitler? It
is the
45th President ... Donald John Trump who has "15"
letters in his full name! We add 15 + 45 =
"60." We drop the
zero and we see number
"6" that refers today to the end
of the
"6"th Millennium and we are going into the "7"th
Millennium ...
"67." We multiply 6 X 7 = "42" the first head
of the
"3" headed LION BEAST of Bill Clinton number "42"
from George Washington! The second head is
George W.
... for Washington 43 Burning Bush. Add 42 with 43 =

Below the solute of old HItler, came from the Hubble space
telescope of God showing the nuclear war bomb going off
and this red headed scarlet woman church of today
dancing to music
while second Rome, USA burns. You can
see the explosion of nuclear bombs going off and blowing
red hair, hair bun head to the left coming from the
nuclear bombs from North Korea and Russia! You can see
the red haired hair-bun woman Church far right, as bowing
down repenting! You can see her also in light red as the
Upside Down letter
"V" for Virgins as some repenting
before they die and go to hell.

The beast today, Donald John Trump is riding this Black
Bird Hot Rod seen below with dust billowing out behind
him as he roars down the road heading into the
White Hot
Nuclear Bombs beginning with
Kid-Kim of North Korea!

Below the nuclear bombs going off is another Open Vision
from Almighty God from the same Lava flow in Hawaii
showing the famous HItler Military Solute.
Old German Swastika
This one shows Donald Trump 45
setting in the drivers seat roaring
down the road with the dust flowing
out behind him!
You can see this
black-Bird from hell leaning back in
the drivers seat of this nation today,
roaring into the White Hot Nuclear
Fire from the Communist Party
. You
can see his lower jaw blown off from
bloody fire when this happens soon
and suddenly! Below on Election day
in this nation, God shows his last
day Moses Prophet from the West
HItler D.J. Singer Trump
Coast as you can
plainly see me
blowing this Jesus'
Trumpet from the
West Coast where I
live ... over this land!
At the head of my
Jesus' Trumpet you
can see Jesus' face
looking down over
the State of Florida
where the Beast,
Trump says is his
favorite state of this
50" State Union of
second Jer-
You can plainly see the head of my Trumpet today is the head of Jesus looking down over this Bald
Eagle nation and hitting the sign of this
Bald Eagle Nation in its head killing it!  Look closely at the
head of Jesus and you can make out his face looking down as he takes out this land of Milk and
Honey now turned to
Sour Grapes seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses "6-7" these the sleeping, dead
Churches of today seen in Matthew
25 added refers to the "7" Churches of verses "6-7." This
happens today at the end of the
"6"th Millennium and going into the "7" Millennium ... into the
1000 year Kingdom of Jesus Christ ... number

The first head of the "3" beast men is Bill Clinton born on Leo the Lion month of August "19" ... the
42nd president of this nation ...
6 x 7 = "42" and this number "42" means Rebellion as this once
Godly nation
of second Jer-USA-lem has now rebelled against God Almighty!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Liar Singer ... D.J.
Trump with mouth
wide open as normal.
Naked Hair
Bun Church
of today
going into
the black
garbage bag
of God
<---Hair-Bun Pig-Dog Church of 2 Peter 2