Bully Trump Bellows Tonight
Tonight at 6:00 PM Western time, 2/5/19 the Bull bellows out lies
mixed with some truth as he has always done from the White
House. The blond, red Headed Fiery Bull beast God shows in a
large rock pile close to my old home in the high wilderness area
Klamath soon to Fall USA ... Oregon. God gave me this Open
Vision in the wilderness some 20 or so years ago showing beast
Bully Trump laying on the ground and the 10 sleeping Virgin
Churches laying on his fat belly while hell is being Opened Up on
Earth, at that time Trump was unheard of as President.

I never made this image, but God burned it out with his fire finger
is solid rock!  God has written this end time message out in solid
Rock showing the Virgin Church of Matthew 25:6-7 are now in the
process of coming down but they do not see a thing!
Bully Trump
Above is the sign of Hitler of old Germany who killed the Jews, and now next to it God shows in his
cloud, the same image of Trump today as second Hitler who now goes after the Gentile Church!
Jesus said,
"What was good for the Jew is now good for the Gentile for God does not show favoritism!"

You can see the sleeping, 10 Virgin naked Church above without any pants on, stark naked and
circumcised only in the flesh and not the heart! God shows in this burned out rock in signs of Daniel
25 of the Matthew 25 Church of verses "6-7." Notice top right corner what happens at this time ...
the soldiers of
Russia and China and etc., are coming into the picture.
Bull DJ Trump
End time Billionaire Mad-Man
Left is the culprit Bully Beast who lights the fuse! It was the
sleeping, dirty, Republican Church who put this beast into
power as President over this once Godly nation now turned to
following Satan into hell. Look at Trumps face on the left, he
has the sign of the devil in his very angry face!

Today is the day after this beasts 90 minute long
winded message
... 2/6/19 ...
Partially bald headed proud Billionaire Trump 45 who combs his hair from the back to the front to
hide his bald head, is a liar deceiver to the nth degree who talks backwards, a liar from hell, gave
lies last night for 90 minutes, the longest speech from a President that I know about except for
Clinton 42 in 2000, another oversexed liar President who was impeached by the House but was
released by the Senate. Bill Clinton was the first head of the
"3" headed Lion Beast! George W.
Bush 43 was the second head and all
"3" presidents make up the "666" seen in Isaiah "66:6" that
God is using to take down his gone crazy
Temple Church who today are his ENEMIES, read it.

How does God show this for real? All
"3" presidents were born in year "46" ... "666." All three are
seen in Revelation 13:18 ...
18.     "This calls for wisdom. Let him who has insight calculate the
number of the beast, for it is man's number His number is
"666" Clinton-Bush-Trump!

Satan is a copycat who copies what God does! God is one but is also in "3" parts, "Father, Son and
Holy Spirit who created man in his own image, body, soul and spirit. God put his second Jer-
nation of "3" letters,
USA in middle of a "9" letter word! This USA is stuck in a nation with "3"
coastlines, "3" thousand miles separate East from West. "3" time Zones separate East from West.

First Jer-usa-lem had a golden Gate on the West and a first Gate was on the East just like this nation  
today. On the South was the
Benjamin Gate in first Israel, first Jerusalem, and today this last third
Gate is seen as
Corpus Christi meaning the Body of Christ. Now we put this nation all together
and we see the
Diamond, Jesus Christ covering this entire nation seen as the Diamond across this
land, the Eagle Bird who has gone down the drain of time.
Left you can see this diamond of a nation seen here
as second Jer-USA-lem who has gone crazy and the
beast of last night is taking her down with his huge
lying mouth. Left you can see what God told me to
do some years ago on my way home from Klamath ...
soon to Fall ... USA Oregon. God said, Paul when you
get home take out a map of the USA and draw a line
from the Golden Gate across this nation to the First
Gateway in the Hudson Harbor and then down to
Corpus Christi, Texan and back up to the Golden
Gate and you will see the
Diamond Jesus over this
second Jer-
USA-lem land.

Next, God said to me, now drop the Diamond, Jesus
Christ over the top of my great Pyramid Kingdom
and you can see the
"6" sided star of David.

Next, while driving into Klamath, soon to Fall Eagle
nation, I saw this cloud God put in his heavens, the
Bald Eagle of a nation crashing! At the time I wrote
over this Bald Eagle of a nation what you see and
what happened last night in Washington DC ... the
gross liar with the
HOUSE ... SENATE bringing this
nation down and Jeremiah
51:25 says she will be no

Jeremiah 51 added is "6" the end of the "6"th
Millennium and going into the "7"th Millennium,
"67." We see verse "25" added is "7."
Number 25 equals Matthew 25 and verses
The first two beasts are Clinton 42 and Bush 43
added together is
"67" as both came out from the
sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7 as did this final
beast Trump 45. Hold onto your pants ... I was born
"6" of "7" children in a preacher home in year 34 ...
3 + 4 = "7" preaching today at the
Hour of Judgment
to the
"7" Churches seen in Rev. 14 verses "6-7"
Above is the sign in rock from Almighty God from a huge rock close to
my old home that I had named Babylon Rock,
the sign of this Eagle Bird
nation now in the process of dying!
Left of this dead Eagle Bird nation is
the Cross of Jesus Christ also laying on the ground as I show below the
sign God gave in his Sandy Beach of the E
agle Bird Nation going down
the drain today.

You can plainly see this Eagle bird laying dead on the ground and left of
the Eagle you can see the
Cross of Jesus Christ laying on the ground
that this second Jer-
USA-lem nation has trampled down and now God is
flushing her down into the bottom of the Sea of Time seen left!

Below Babylon Rock is another Open Vision that God took this picture
several years ago over this nation on Election day, showing yours truly
preaching in cloud form from the
West Coast where I live, with this
Jesus Trumpet to my Mouth showing the head of my Jesus Trumpet
hitting this Eagle Bird of a nation in its head killing it over Florida.
The State of Florida is this last beast, Trumps favorite
state as he declares! God shows this in this storm! I
PAUL over my head in clouds the Lord shows in
this awesome tropical storm that hit this nation on
Election day a few years ago. Below the
hitting the head of this Bald Eagle nation seen over
the state of Florida, also shows the nuclear bomb in
cloud form going off with the Sleeping Church under
it in this open window of today, as I show below.

Below Jesus' head killing this Eagle Bird Nation, is a
mushroom cloud bomb God put in his heavens in
Florida, showing this
Mushroom Nuclear Bomb
soon to go off over this nation with the
under it. Notice under the Mushroom top nuclear
bomb soon to hit, you can see God made in this
mushroom bomb cloud, a window referring to ...
window is now open for this to happen

Now hold on to your pants again because God shows
who is under this nuclear bomb window in cloud
form, is the word ...
"Church." Below is a nuclear
bomb going off I laid sideways to show you this Goat
Church of today going up with his head seen at the
top looking to the right. Notice the head of this
Eagle bird nation looking to
the right and below it you can
see the white dead skulls of
the people looking at you!
Below the dead sleeping
people you can see who took
them down, the head of the
Serpent looking to the right ...

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
USA Eagle Bird Going
Down into the sea of time.
This is Beast Trump
666" favoite state.