Bright Lite - Lion Eating Man
<--man's head
Left is a picture of the
LION Beast eating man, the
red headed Church of Rev.
17:1-8 shown by God from
his Hubble telescope in
his heavens. I point out
this red head woman
es black eye
looking  slightly to the left.
Below I show more Open
Visions of the Lion ready
to eat the scarlet red
haired Churches of today.
The first one was a picture
of a storm on the north
east corner of the USA. I
sort of outlined the lion
wearing dark glasses as to
hide his identity. You can
also see his heart on the
outside of his body, as
hiding his love to the
people as it is fake
, a
president from the east
coast side of USA.
The next
Open Vision is from a
volcano from God showing
in cloud form
, the large
"C" top right corner
and the mouth of a
You can see this man Church
laying back with his arm stuck out
holding him up while the Lion
begins to eat him
... the sleeping
Church of Matthew 25:6-7 ...
Lion with the dog Church in his mouth. Below this I
took this cloud picture coming into the city of
Klamath Falls, showing
"One Lion" having two
faces, Clinton 42 left and over its Bushy tail the
other face looking backwards ... G
.W. Bush 43.

Below this two faced Lion is another Rock I named
LION ROCK some 20 or so years ago close to my
home. The other end of th
is rock shows the face of
the Lion and this east end shows their teeth in
solid rock form with Satan riding their upper lip.
Notice how God make their teeth in solid rock form. Below
e large teeth of this Lion Beast is a cloud I took from my
, a lion laying down eating the dead head

Below the cloud that God is showing the Lion eating the
Christians, is the full picture of Lion Rock close to my
home. The head is Bill Clinton 42 and the tail is Burning
Bush 43 added together is
"67" who goes after the
sleeping Church of Matthew 25 added is "7" Churches
seen in verse

The next Open Vision of this lion came from Iceland! It
shows the lion coming in with fire on his front two feet
and fire in their eyes
! You can see a pocket watch on his
waist as it is time for this to happen to a
Church Ice Cold
to the true Jesus Christ as they worship Satan today who
they believe is Jesus but is the wrong jesus, Satan who
comes as an angel of light per Jesus Christ
. God shows
this awesome image from his lightning strike over this
volcano in Iceland.

Now God is saying, it is time for this to take place!
Below the Lion in lightning form from God
Almighty, is a picture I took coming home
from town when God told me to go by Lion
Rock one Sunday afternoon. You can
plainly see the top of Lion Rock. Look
over the top of lion rock shows the face
of a lion cat man looking at you in cloud
! The head and tail of two men, two
lions today getting ready to eat the
Sleeping, Harlot ... Scarlet ... Red Haired
Woman Churches of today

The head of this two faced Lion is
Clinton 42 who was born on Leo the Lion
month of August "19."
The man God
chose to reveal this to the world was also
born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22." Both are seen in Isaiah 2:"19"-"22."
The first head of the beast presidents
was George H.W. Burning Bush
"41." We
add the two verse of Isaiah 19 + 22 =
the first head of the beast presidents after the 40th
president, Ronald Reagan 40 died
brain dead ... then this
nation went into the end of their 40 year wilderness trip
Next, the last five beast presidents came in as seen in
Daniel 2:
41-42-43-44-45 where God says today; "In the
days of those kings
(Their numbers are seen above)
God of will setup a kingdom never to be destroyed nor
left to another people

This is also confirmed in the NT in Luke 19: 41-42-43-44-45
telling the Jews first, and now it goes for the
sleeping, Scarlet, Red haired Church of today. This
passage says, because you did not
recognize when God
was coming to you, then it will be a surprise. The stones
will fall down upon you and your children! Jesus also
said, what was good for the Jew is also good for the

Wake up O' sleeping Church you have come to the
end of your days on earth!  
Repent and live is my
arning to you and the Open Visions from above is
from God Almighty!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...