Both Churches - Setting Ducks
The beast below is looking
down over the ball game of God
ready to devourer.
<-----The setting Ducks in
the Mouth of the Dragon
The 3 baseball games of time, Adam---Jews---Gentiles ... 3
strikes and your out! The last ball game is now over!
First off I am pointing to the head of the
dragon above, showing a
DUCK in Satan's
... as the "3" Churches above Catholic
and Protestant are seen as "3" Churches
when we add the Pentecostals to the list
which they are part of the Protestant Church
but a different category. You can plainly see
the duck God put just right of the overhead
rectangular white light. Notice the Duck in the
dragon's mouth that God made in signs.
(Awesome to say the very least!)

Left is another baseball game that was played
just outside the large city of Chicago where a
tornado came close to a couple of years ago.
Notice again above the rectangular white lite
in the center of this picture, shows in cloud
form the
Head of the Dog Churches of today
of 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... add the 2's separately and
they add up to the "10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7 who do not
! Notice the
nose of the dog Churches of today looking
right over the bright light! Notice its two eyes
and ears showing these dog Churches
baseball game is over! This was made by the
tornado hitting over this baseball game of
it is finished!

Left is another Open Vision of the fires
burning in California's Vineyards, notice the
"3" fires burning on top of Gods mountain
now burning down the Drunk "3" Wino
Churches of today ... the "3"rd baseball game
is over and Satan is moving in on the
that God has shown in the top Open
Vision! This baby Church seen in small white
form, is seen looking this way under these "3"
hot fires now burning, and is wearing a
witches hat, the cloud picture below from
God. She is seen riding the witches broom.
Notice God shows the capital letter "V" for
Virgins below the witch riding her broom,

Below the "V" in cloud form, you can see over
the volcano in Iceland, the form of another
"V" for Virgins of today, ice cold to Jesus
Christ who are soon to be crying out ...

Bloody Murder." God made this Open Vision
to show where this gone mad "3" Churches of
today has gone ... down the tubes of time!
Notice her mouth wide open soon to be
screaming out!
Now look over her wide open mouth above her eyes, you an see the
face of Jesus Christ who is
OVER THIS CHURCH! Left of Jesus and the
Churches face, you can see the
head of a pig, the pigs and dogs of 2
Peter 2:20-22 adding just the 2's we see
"10" sleeping Virgins! Right
of Jesus' head we see the capital letter
"C" for Churches!

Below the Virgins soon to be screaming out bloody murder, is
another Open Vision from Almighty God in cloud form. God shows in
his cloud, the Kingdom coming in hitting the top of
his high mountain, meaning the 1000 year Kingdom of
Jesus Christ is now on its way in! Notice the top right
corner shows the
FISH CHURCH of yesterday
swimming away from the kingdom of God because
they are now seen as

Below this picture of the Fish Church, now
, is a blown up picture of these fishes who do
not make the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ.
Below this large fish is the small county of St. Paul,
Oregon where the solar eclipse went over on August
21 one day before my birthday, August 22! Now we
see the end of days as we know them in Revelation
22:21 as we see the solar eclipse. We add 2 + 2 + 2 =
"6" plus 1 equals "7" and we see "67" as I was born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home and I preach
Eternal Gospel at the Hour of Judgment seen in
Revelation 14 verses

I preach today from my "3"rd flying angel website
spoken about in verses
"6-7." Back to St. Paul,
Oregon that God is showing what is soon to happen
to this
Pig Head nation! The Solar Eclipse refers to a
new beginning!
This Solar Eclipse went over St. Paul,
Oregon and left at South Carolina
. First, notice the
State of Oregon map and St. Paul is seen in the red.
St. Paul was also blown up by the State of Oregon,
showing him as looking at the Solar Eclipse over
head with his mouth wide open!

Below my chin you can see the grey bear of Russia
and China coming down to take out this
nation and Church today! Notice this bear covers the
eye of the blind
PIG CHURCHES of today as they see
nothing! Notice this
PIG CHURCH still swims with a
Fish Tail as the Church started out a FISH CHURCH
and ended up a
PIG CHURCH seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22!

Below St. Paul of Oregon, yours truly, was a huge
storm they named
PAM. (Pam is also the name of my
in-home-care lady who helps me out two days a week
while I ride in my wheel-chair today like old John the
Revelation on the Island of Patmos could not walk
either, but had to be carried while he wrote the
prophetic book of Revelation. Now we seen in
Revelation 10:11 ...
"You must prophecy again about
many peoples, nations, languages and kings
." Old John
isn't coming back to prophesy again, for God has
raised up another what we call today,
John Paul the
to stand in the gap today for old John.

You can see this St. Paul Ministry laying on top of his
hospital bed ... notice my head a little left of center
looking at you with my are reaching out to the right
holding onto
SC ... for South Carolina where the Solar
Eclipse left this nation on August 21 one day before
my 83rd birthday. Notice below, the weather people
put under this huge storm cloud, the rocks! On the
bottom shows the rock, as a hand, pointing to this
last day Prophet of Almighty God. Notice under my
head is the head of a LION, as I was born on Leo the
Lion month of August 22 and number 22 refers to the

In closing,
it was the year 2006 when there were "3"
hurricanes on the east coast which points to this
John - Paul the Second Ministry at the end of days
The first storm on the north side of the East Coast was named "John." The next storm south of John
was named
"Paul." The third storm south of Paul was name "Rosa" ... which refers to the Rose of
Sharon Jesus Christ
. Here we see God confirming this last day "John Paul the Second" speaking for
old John who also could not walk either at the end of his ministry and had to be carried. I am being
carried today in the modern wheel chairs, and Pam at times pushes me as seen in this huge storm of a
few years ago seen below.
Notice Pam pushing me in my wheel-chair to the right looking
over my head as she wears
dark glasses when the bright sun is
out. Notice me wearing a cap that I usually wear when outside.
Notice the center of this storm,
Storm Paul today, is blowing the
Trumpet of God downward to the people below who don't want to
hear what is about to happen to them! Notice the head of a man
in front of me with his head sideways and wearing dark glasses
as if falling. These are the people this ministry is speaking to, a
Church of the last days ... Catholic and Protestants alike involved
in Witchcraft that they think is Jesus but is the devil himself!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
<-----The Baby
Church wearing
the Witches hat.