Boiling Pot Trump Smokes
Left shows two pictures of lightning striking the Trump tower in
Chicago when Trump was announced the candidate for the
Presidency of the US.
God is the one showing this!

Quote: Is someone trying to tell us something? Lightning
strikes Trump Tower in Chicago and tornadoes hit nearby towns
as Donald wins Illinois primary.

The above center shows fire coming from the top story of the
Trump tower a few days ago and the smoke coming out shows
the face of Trump
looking down soon to burn! You can see this
the boiling pot of Golden Trump also smoking a PIPE below as
he sets over the boiling pot of Jeremiah soon to start smoking.
On the right of Trump you can see the black president, Obama
44 with his head in a corners seeing exactly nothing! On the left
side of Trump looking Trump in his face, is Putin of Russia.
The boiling pot of old
and now this new
Jeremiah Ministry
, is
now at a boil
below Golden President
"45." It was the
33rd President of this
nation, Harry S. Truman
who dropped two atomic
bombs on Japan in year
"45" that killed
thousand of Japanese
people. More signs from
God's Holy Bible. What
was before is now again
seen in Rev
elation 1:19
NT & in Ecclesiastes
1:9-11 of the OT.
Black Obama
Golden Trump
Smoking Pipe
Father God
looking down
Russia Putin
Jeremiah - Paul ... Cooking Pot
The boiling pot of old Jeremiah is now smoking ... cooking again shown by God through his second
Jeremiah Ministry
... yours truly. Verses 13-16 says ... Prophesy again ... this time for second Jeremiah
for I am coming to take out these people who left me and serve Satan today!

"The word of the Lord came to me again: “What do you see?” “I see a pot that is boiling,”  I
. “It is tilting toward us from the north.” The Lord said to me, From the north disaster will
be poured out on all who live in the land
. I am about to summon all the peoples of the northern
kingdoms,” declares the Lord
.“Their kings will come and set up their thrones in the entrance of the
gates of Jer-
USA-lem; they will come against all her surrounding walls and against all the towns of
 (Judah means land of Jesus)   I will pronounce my judgments on my people because of
their wickedness in forsaking me, in burning incense to other gods and in worshiping what
their hands have made
." Jer. 1:13-"16" ...  

This is the land of second Jer-USA-lem that her Leadership White House sets at "16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC! She is also seen in Revelation 14:19-20 as setting at
"16" hundred Stadia ... NIV
...where God tosses into his
winepress of wrath the wild grapes from this gone mad Church and
nation today! I was baptised into this Jeremaih Ministry in 1985 one day after Mother when to be with
the Lord, in Lebanon, Oregon. We had a stack of Mother's Bibles on the table where our family
gathered at her home and shared things and pasted out her Bibles to all of us siblings.

On the bottom of the stack was mother's old Bible she bought Oct. 15, 1942 the one I wanted and got.
My sister Grace three years older than myself, took the Bible from my hand and opened it to a piece
of paper mother had written out Jeremiah's calling and handed it to me saying, Paul, this is for you! At
that time I wept and wept and did this for many years after when I would think about it, when the lot
from Almighty God had fallen on me of Jeremiah's calling for the Church at the end of days as we
know them.  
Jeremiah 1:13-16 states: "You must Prophesy again!" This was my calling from God's OT
and then he showed me again of this calling from the NT witness in
Revelation 10:11.

God said in this passage,
"You must Prophesy again about many peoples, nations, langangues
and kings.
" God confirms this fact also in Open Visions that he shows me in the area where I live in
Rock forms ... as Jesus said in Luke 19:39-40 ... "If my people do not speak out, then the Rocks will cry
out as they are doing in the area when I have been living for 28 years in the 43 hundred elevation,
God's last day prophet born in year "34" added with "43" hundred feet is
"77" the cloud God put over
my home some years ago seen below.
Trump face
looking down
God is showing
the "3"rd Beast
of the 666 ...

Trump born "46"
Bush born "46"
Clinton born
"46" ... the "666"
of Satan also
seen in Isaiah
"66:6" ...
Top floor catches on
fire shows this beast  
soon BURNS!
This ties to Daniel 9:24 which begins with "77" is
decreed for your poeple and land to stop sinning

... now read on. This same one verse, shows
next this Ministry of Open Visions and
Prophesis will then come to a close and after
this we
Anoint the Most Holy, Jesus Christ into
his 1000 year Kingdom on earth
. Now we add
Daniel 9 + 24 =
"33" the age of Jesus when he
died and rose again and is still
"33" years of
age coming into his 1000 year kingdom on earth.
I wonder who arranged this to happen like this
if it wasn't God Almighty who created everything
and also his numbering system that controls the
entire Universe, and not Satan!  
Ever since I was a child I had heard, "Don't look at Numbers for they are of Satan!" This is nothing
new for Satan has put this in front of the Church many years ago, telling the people not to look at
numbers for the are not from God but from Satan, and this has worked for him for it is numbers that
controls the entire world coming from Almighty God and not from Satan himself. All Satan can do is
copy God and this has worked for him down to the nth degree!

Where would we be without time clocks? Where would we be without numbers in God's Holy Bible?
Where would we be without numbers on our money? Where would the calender come into play?
Speed limits, miles on roads, numbers on prescriptions, numbers in telephones, calculators,
computers and you name it, for number controls God's entire creation! Wake Up "O" sleeping Church
your days are now at hand! The last large book I wrote to the Church and published it, was in 1993
having "19" chapters and was called,
"Wake Up O' Sleeping Church," and was over 300 pages. Here
we see numbers again ... over and over alike, showing things that only God can show truthfully and
not from Satan.

The book before this I named,
"Return To The Early Church," I published in 1988. I also printed a
news paper titled, "The Gerig Chronicles." I put out messages on tapes and CD's all through the UK
and also this nation. I was on short-wave and long wave radio's and spent 13 months in Kenucky and
seven months on television once a week with another man at a table talking about many of these
Open Visions coming from the area where I lived then and also today. I tell you this to let you know I
did not just fall off a pumpkin wagon but I hear from God all the time.

I worked for Satan for a little over "30" years and came back to the Lord loosing my wife of 18 years
who told me when I turned my live around looking at 50 years of age which means, a new beginning.
She said, Paul, I know you so well, when you start something you don't know when to stopl! She was
referring to this end time ministry and she didn't want nothing to do with it! I built many things, boats,
a 11 1/2 foot camper, a 26 foot motorhome, Jewelry, a hot tub attached to an in ground swimmig pool,
commercial fished my 50,000 dollar Tolly-craft Boat. I was building or doing something all the time for
God had put this in me; not a lazy man to say the least.

After I worked for the devil for all these years, God turned me around to work for him as I am doing
today without fail. Showing miracle after miracle in rock and cloud form to the Pharaoh Church of
today seen in Revelation 11:8 ... Sodom and Egypt, meaning the worldly Church of today, figuratively
speaking where also our Lord is crucified, this time figuratively speaking by the Church of the last

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...