Boeing 737 In Water - End
Quote:   A Boeing 737 plane
arriving from Naval Station
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, skidded
into shallow water of the St.
Johns River in Jacksonville,
Florida, on Friday night, May 3,
2019. (Twitter/Jacksonville
Sheriff's Office)   

We add in God's awesome
numbering system ...
Boeing 7
plus 3 plus 7 equals 17 Equals
"17" verses 1-7 who
has messed up the entire world
and has killed the scarlet, Red
headed Church of these last
Old John the Revelator
could hardly believe his ears
when God told him this would
happen at the end of days!
Now John Paul the Second is told by Almighty God to Prophesy again about many peoples, nations,
languages and KIngs who takes first John's place in prophesying again! God also confirms this in his
OT of his Bible in Jeremiah 1:13 ... when God told Jeremiah to prophesy again, Now we drop down to
"16"th verse that touches on today at "16" hundred Penn, Ave,, Washington DC ... the land of
the Boeing
"737" that is seen above sinking to the bottom of the sea of time in signs above.

It was two Boeing
"737"s that crashed into the waters killing hundreds of people not long ago. It
was then they grounded these
737 Boeing airliners for a while. Revelation speaks about the Bow ...
Boeing given to the man setting in the White House today ...
Donald Trump! The next horse to ride
was the Red Horse of War! Donald riding the white horse from the White House, now bringing in the
Red War ... Boeing Horse of RED WAR!

Here we see this White horse of today, Donald Trump with the Bow ... Boeings riding out as a
conquerer bent on conquest as the entire world can see! He then gets aboard the Red Horse of War
now being put together by large mouth Trump from the White House and to Trump was given a large
sword that takes down the gone mad dog-pig-goat Churches of today and other people who curse
the name of God who created all things.

The next horse to ride is the Black Horse meaning starvation! The next horse to ride is the Pale
Horse of DEATH ... with Hades, Hell following close behind! Trump, Bush and Clinton all
"3" were
born year "4
6" and are seen in Isaiah "66:6" killing the Church, God's enemies today, read it. All
three beast Presidents are seen in Revelation
6:7-8 riding the PALE HORSE OF DEATH seen
in Revelation
6:7-8. Beast Trump from the White House as all three came out from, was born month
"6" Bush was born month "7" and Clinton was born month "8" ... Revelation 6:7-8.

The Boeing 737 also touches on the "3" Churches of "7" churches of today now being destroyed by
God seen in Isaiah 5:5 added is "10" sleeping once Virgins! God says in this passage , "
I have lifted
my hand of protection from around her and she is being destroyed
!" Now we see in the next
verses ...
6-7 of Matthew 25 added are "7" churches of verses "6-7" ... "I will take away my water
from her and take away my cultivating and pruning her and she will turn into a thorn patch."  
This is
what she is today

Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 both state;
"What was before will be again and what is now was before." The
Jews messed up at the end of their time as God's first Vineyard, their 2000 years and their 42
generations when they crucified Jesus the first time around seen in Matthew
1:17, This speaks from
Abraham to Jesus was 2000 years and now count the generations in this passage as they are
when they crucified Jesus the first time around. Now from Jesus to today we know was another "42"
generations and another 2000 years when the Church of the last days crucified Jesus Christ all over
again seen in Revelation

This passage states; Sodom and Egypt where our Lord is crucified, spiritually speaking! This gone
down the drain Sodom nation and Egypt meaning this worldly nation today has done what her older
sister did, crucified Jesus Christ all over again spiritually speaking. We add Revelation 1 + 1 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins! We add the other way to see 11 + 8 =
"19" the day the first head of the three
headed Lion Beast, Bill Clinton 42 was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19." Now I wonder
who the God of Numbers really is if not Almighty God of creation who shows the world today who use
his numbering system in clocks, adding machines ... money ... highway signs and you name it for God
is the God of number not Satan the sleeping Church of today claim.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...