Blood Red X-mas White House
Melania Trump's Blood-Red Christmas Trees at White House Set Internet on Fire!

Ummm ... is that blood on the White House Christmas adornments?

Melania Trump unveiled this year's holiday decorations at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and social
media had a meme breakdown over a forest of crimson trees in the East Wing hallway
. Unquote:
First, I will explain the Open Vision
from God seen left, the blood red
Christmas trees seen in the White
House with Melania Trump heading
this awesome message, shows Putin
of Russia in white over the black ...
the beast Putin spitting red fiery blood
from his mouth.

Left of white Putin of Russia you can
see him also as the Dragon of Satan
looking down into the black with his
mouth wide open and the red fiery
blood coming from both entities!  

We see Melania Trump walking among
Fiery Red Blood Xmas Trees in the
White House soon to burn! We see a
picture showing
XI in cloud form
which I took some year ago.
means no Jesus in Christmas. It was th
Roman Catholic Church who set up
Dragon Satan & Putin of Russia spitting blood
X-mas in the beginning and Donald J. Trump is part of them today who put into office another Roman
Catholic Judge that caused a big stink in Washington, DC and also around this second Jer-
nation. It is the Roman Catholic Church that has
"MASS" and not the Protestant Churches which also
includes the Pentecostal Churches. This word,
X-MASS refers to this ... there is no Jesus in X-mass!
And there is no Jesus in this X-MASS Christmas coming up ... nothing but blood-red Fire!

Right of Melania with her fiery red X-mass  trees showing bloody fire coming upon the White House, is
a picture I took of a cloud over my home area showing
X1 which means "11" in Roman Numerals. This
touches on this nation of
Second Rome soon to burn down by nuclear bombs coming from the
Russian bear ... Putin!  We add X + 1 =
"11." Jesus Christ has "11" letters in his name and X-mass  
excludes Jesus Christ
and the Roman Catholic Church setup this X-mass in winter time when Jesus
was born in spring time and not winter time.

While I am talking about
X-MASS let me also tell you about Easter also setup by the Roman Catholic
Church. Easter was named by this X-mass Church of today which came from the goddess, Ester!
Easter touches on Chicken eggs and today this Church God is taking out are no more than a flock of
Red Chickens and soon to be burning. My mother raised
Red Chickens and they were called, "Road
-Island Reds."
Left is a large rock close to my old home in the
wilderness, of God showing today what is now coming
upon this Sleeping Church nation. You can see the top of
the cross, left hand upper corner, and the naked Church
of today wearing a dark witch hat riding the Billionaire ...
Goat Golden Donald Trump, she is seen on the upper
right corner naked. This third and last rich golden goat
beast President seen left, as the
Golden Goat this last
naked breasted woman Church is riding on ... top
right hand corner

Below this naked little girl Church of today is the
Pile, as the second head of the three headed Lion
Beast is
George W. Burning Bush number "43" from
Washington ... adding 4 + 3 =
"7" Churches that he too
goes after ... after Russia strikes with her nuclear bombs

Below the golden mussel of golden Goat Donald J. Trump
and the silver mussel of the Russian goat Putin, the
battering Ram of Russia, you can see the little girl Church
of today! You can see this little girl Church setting over
BRUSH ... BUSH pile wearing a black neck tie and
dark red hair. Left of the Golden Head of Trump,
you can see the silver Goat Head of Putin coming against
this golden goat ... USA in nuclear war. Under this naked
Church of today in the Bush pile, is
US upside down.  
Left God shows from his fiery volcano the
nuclear bombs coming from Russia is
sending this Church into the air by
Nuclear Bombs. You can see this woman
Church of today on both sides on the top
of this nuclear bombs coming from the
Russian bear. In this message I give
today, you can see her on top of this
nuclear explosion sticking her tongue out
at you, left side, saying, this will never
happen which is now in the process of
taking place. You can see her again on
the right side looking down as God is
taking these out in death.
Below the
safety ring you can see the baby Church
also seen above over the BUSH
pile of soon coming nuclear fire. She will
be partially saved but most will die, but
before they die of nuclear radiation they will repent laying on the ground as God shows in this
nuclear explosion above in signs!  Matthew 24 tells us many will die ... their hearts will fail them!
Meaning, dying of nuclear radiation poison also seen in Revelation
8:8-11. This is seen as the star
falling from the heavens in nuclear radiation form, seen here as the star! This star
Wormwood in the
Russian language means Chernobyl.
It was some years ago when the Russian nuclear power plant
melted down killing thousand of Russians due to radiation poisoning. This Russian sign is now at the
door of this gone mad, crazy second Jer-
USA-lem nation! The Dolly Church of today God shows many
will be saved, but only as one escaping threw the flames of fire as his is what Jesus said,
"I will burn
off the
hay, wood and stubble will be saved but ONLY as one escaping through the flames of fire!
It was the year 2008 ... 2 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7 ... also seen above laying down under
the small overhead cover from the nuclear bombs
coming from Russia over her head. Jesus is saying
today in his storm named
DOLLY, this little DOLLY
Church of today seen here in
Storm DOLLY, is now ready
to happen! Jesus said in this storm, I am coming and I
will save some of the Dolly, baby Church but they must
repent before they die laying on the ground poisoned by
Nuclear radiation! God is the third Adam ... man Adam ...
Spiritual Adam Jesus, and now the "3"rd fire
Adam, Atom
Father God ... for God is a consuming FIRE.    
"11" in Roman numerals USA Today
Second Rome ... Rev. 17:
9-11 ...
The above in Revelation 17:9-11 that ties into the towers falling in Babylon NYC on 9/11 shows God
beginning to take down this second Rome now ready to burn while this nation plays the
Sound of
like first Rome did, and now second Romes is doing! This passage speaks about this nation
today as I show below.  

“This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. They are
also seven kings.
Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must
remain for only a little while. The beast who once was, and now is not,
is an eighth king. He belongs to the
seven and is going to his destruction."
Revelation 17:9-11 ...

Five have fallen, one is, and the other ... the "7"th has not yet come. The "7"th is George W. Bush 43
added is
"7." George H.W. Bush 41 added is "5" has fallen to Beast Bill Clinton 42 in years "92" and
3" ... adding 2 + 3 = "5" has fallen to beast Bill number 42 from Washington DC! This overhead
passage speaks about the first Beast,
G.H.W. Bush 41 added is "5" has fallen to Bill Clinton #42 who
was the "6"th and G.W. Bush 43 ... added was number "7" who had not yet come

The second beast was Bill Clinton
42 added is number "6" that Bush 41 added is number "5" fell to!
Beast Bill is seen coming back as number
"8" but of the "7." Number "7" is G.W. Burning Bush 43
added is
"7." The beast who once was and now is not, meaning Bill Clinton number 42 when he
comes back seen in Revelation 17:
8 ... he will be the "8"th king seen in Revelation 17:9-11. This
passage states;
the beast who once was, now is not and yet is coming ... the "8"th in Revelation 7:9-11.
This passage says, those who will be surprised when this happens soon and suddenly ... their names
have not been written in the Lambs book of life ... read it ...
will this be you?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...