Black Eye - Goat Church Goes
3 fingers------------------------>
<---Church Head ... Goat
From the West Coast of second Jer-USA-lem
USA ... God shows West of Los Angels the
sign of fire burning this last summer from
to Paradise
now burned to the ground with
snow cold covering her today from
East to
. You can see her two black eyes
looking at you from the West Coast as
pointed out, the "3" Black eyed Churches of
today going down looking at you. This second
Open Vision from God Almighty, shows the
head of the 3 Churches going into the black
hole of fiery hell.You can see the Churches
3 Churches Catholic
... Protestant
head going into the BLACK HOLE OF HELL with the sign of the goats ... far right looking
downward to hell if you will. God is showing this in smoke form caused by his

Above ... the
Red Fire Pants of the Preachers of today and also fiery red Pants of George W.
Burning Bush who claims to be a Christ but is a man of Satan, is talking to the
GOAT Churches
of today
. God made this in his lighting, fire and smoke showing over the heads of the beast
Goat preachers of today, the
Skull Head of the Beast!  Right of Burning Red Pants G.W. Bush
"43" from Washington added, refers to the "7" Churches of thess last days.
This shows
the black
head of
Left is a picture I took close to my old
home in the wilderness in rock form,
burned out by the
fire finger of God
It shows G.W. Red Pants
Burning Bush number
"43" added ...
preaching to the
"7" Churches of
today. You can see above the black
head right of
Red Pants Burning Bush
talking to the
. This 43rd Goat President is
seen left hiding behind the
BUSH, the sign of G.W. Burning
BUSH 43. You can see the other two
lion beast presidents, riding his back.
The two Lion's heads riding Burning Bushes
back, are Bill Clinton 42 and Donald Trump 45.
Left God shows in cloud form, the lower part
of the huge storm named
BILL ... George W.
Burning Bush 43 in cloud form! You can see
Burning Bush as the
fake lamb of god with
horns and face with large Iron teeth looking to
the left. You can see this in Rev. 13:11-18.
This passage speaks of these first two
President men, Bill and George coming from
the same land and both having the same
power ... both Presidents, and both from
second Jer-
USA-lem and both Presidents! We
G.W. Red Pants Burning Bush causing
FIRE to fall from heaven in plain view of man,
for Burning Bush when he was the "43"rd
President caused fire to fall from heaven
when he was president.
George W. Burning Bush sat his war ships off shore from Iraq and
shot guilded fire missiles into Iraq while the world watching it
happen on TV..  Fire falling from Heaven!

Left we see in Revelation 13:14 in the passage above of
Revelation 13:11-18 ... George puts up the image of the
Bill Clinton 42 who is waving his hand at you in this seven foot
bronze image of the first beast. You can see
"77" on the left side
of Bill's chest, and right of this you can also faintly see number
"22" meaning the end!

We see in Daniel 9:24 ... added is
"33" the age of Jesus when he
died and rose again still
"33" years of age coming into his 1000
year kingdom on earth. Number
"77" begins Daniel 9:24 saying;
"77" is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning! Now in
the same verse shows this
Ministry of Open Visions and
coming to a close soon and suddenly and then we
anoint the Most Holy Jesus Christ into his 1000 year Kingdom,
Left is the "77" cloud that God put over my 28 year
home in the wilderness preaching to the 2 + 8 =
sleeping Goat Virgins headed for the black hole of
hell. Jesus said, the
GOATS will be on the left,
meaning Judgment, and the sheep will be on the
right meaning

Below cloud
"77" over my old home, is another sign
from God of
"77" seen on the Boeing "777" that
crashed on landing in San Fransico coming back
from Korea!
Korea touches on today and Donald Trump with Russia and
China preparing for Nuclear war against this second
USA-lem nation. Number "42" touches on the first head of
the "3" headed Lion beast ... Bill Clinton number
"42" at the
end of days taday.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
riding his Red Horse telling the
people today ...
The Red Coats Russia, China and North  
Korea are on their way to burn down this Goat Head
second Jer-
USA-lem Church nation.
I ride the Red Horse of Paul Revere shouting
out,  "The Red Coats are coming at Midnight
seen in Matthew 25:6-7 ... 6 + 7 =
"42" equals
the beast Bill
42 coming back, Rev. 17:8 added
1 + 7 + 8 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC and those surprised when this
happens, this passage states,
"Their names
have not been written in the Lambs book of life
Goat head  
looking down
PS:   Above top left under the two black eyes of the Church, you can faintly see the head of the
Church with the
black X on their foreheads falling down ... the goat Churches of today. Right of
this you can seen the very small head of the Church headed for the bladk hole of hell and right of
this you can plainly see the head of this Goat Church having horns looking down into hell in
smoke form! Below this on the left shows these
GOAT Churches of today talking to the BEAST.