Black Devil Fires Burning People
God uses black Satan to do his dirty work. Moving up from Brazil in South America you can see from
Almighty God Satan in black with his arms and legs wrapped around the Red Fire man and woman
Church and people who are soon to die. Smoke and fire goes up and here in South America we see
the red fire and black smoke going up to North America of the side of the round globe Father God

You can plainly see the people burning with their head and body pointing to the left on fire, and
two arms reaching out in front while the black devil has his arms and legs wrapped around them with
no way out for the people if not going with Jesus Christ! If they don't give their hearts and lives to
Jesus Christ then Black Satan rides them into hell fire and brimstone for eternity with him which is
forever and ever a hell without end.
People Burning in Hell
Black Satan
Hi way going into hell
Above in light smoke you can see
the head, face and lower jaw of the
woman Church being blown out of
commission. I put a white X on her
lower jaw.
Right is another Open Vision from Almighty God
the smoke coming from the fires burning in
South America and the smoke is  rising up to
North America where God's second Jer-
lem is located and God is beginning to burn her

Smoke rises as everyone knows and is no
secret! Above right of the woman Church on
fire with black Satan's arms around her, God
shows faintly the woman Churches head also in
light smoke form as I put a white X on her chin
for your viewing. Right I also put a white X on
the tip of Father God's nose for your convince.

Angry Father God is bring
ing his fire from
South America
up to North America to burn her
down because she went astray on him and this
rock of a nation will never rise again as she
once was seen in Jeremiah 51:24-25.
The real picture below
of these Churches of
today burning down
also shows the face of
Father God in the
smoke and in the Fire
for God is a consuming
Fire! Below the dark
smoke you can see his
two white eyes. Below
his white eyes you can
see his red fire beard
burning down the
es today who
have left God and
follow Satan into hell!
This is the picture
heading this awesome
message today with
Black Satan wrapped
around the Church!
God's Head in smoke form
with his nose pointing to
the right as he heads up
to North America!
Where are you going to be heading for real soon
O' stubborn, Pig Headed
Dog, Goat Church of
today in the days when the Famous Hair bun
Hairdo is popular, referring to today
?! God said in
Isaiah 2:19-22 and show
s the Church in the days
this famous hairdo, today, the Pig Headed
on the left headed into the cracks of the
rocks and hole in the ground from the dread of
the Lord and the Splendor of his Majesty when he
rises to shake the earth!

Below close to my old home in the high wilder-
ness area of Klamath County
, shows the woman
Church in the days when the Bun Hairdo is
popular, meaning today, this Pig Headed Church
heads to the Hills Brothers, the pot is boiling!
The Church woman that I outlined in
my Adobe Photo section of my
Commuter is wearing a warm winter
coat as she heads into the rocks.
Now look at who follows her into the
rocks to hide from God when he
rises to shake the earth which is
happening now! Old Hitler comes
back in signs as the Lion's legs are
coming down from above who
chases the naked woman ... Pig
headed Church!

Below from the Lava Flow in Hawaii
God shows the Hitler Regime comes
back into the picture! The lava flow
above from Hawaii shows Adolph Hitler and his famous Military solute with the large white letter V for
on his side ... I added the rest to Virgins! Right of Hitler and his famous Military solute, God
shows this black bird of a nation today run by black
bird beast President Donald J. Trump 45 roaring
down the road as he sets in the drivers seat of this nation with the dust billowing out behind him
showing in the dust the
DEAD HEAD OF PEOPLE that is killed by his administration.

Notice what this large mouth President does that kills the people seen setting behind Trump while
he roars down the road into
white hot nuclear war with Russia! It was the sleeping Church of the last
days who put this Hitler in office! Notice when this beast Hitler President brings in Nuclear war it
blows the lower part of his administration off, notice the Red Blood
under his black bird jaw!
Balding headed Trump
seen left is facing Black
Satan top right corner.
Notice Black Satan's face
is facing pink faced
Trump as Satan is seen
here wearing a warm
winter wool cap
suggesting war will be
breaking out in winter!
Left of Trumps thinning
hair is the Military hat of
Hitler with his white face
looking to the left. Below
his white face you can
see his white face when
lowered fits into the Red Lion Beast President Donald Trump ... the Lion going after the Red Tongue
Dog Church seen right. Notice the lava flowing down from balding head Trump above as his words
goes into the heads of the Dog Church who put this Hitler beast Trump into power
who soon goes
after this sleeping
PIG-DOG Church with their tongues hanging out!

The sign above again shows balding hair Donald J. Trump who talks to Satan who wears the old
Hitler war hat
, is the white face of Hitler Trump dropping down into the middle of the Red Lion soon
to run after the very naked dog Church who put
this Bastard of Satan into power! Notice the red tail
and red hind leg and
Trumps white head dropping down into the middle of the lion and making up
red head and red front paw of Lion Trump heading towards the Dog Church! The white face of
Trump goes down and makes up the red lion headed for the Dog Church with their RED Tongues
hanging out screaming out today ... we love you Donald Trump 45 for you are part of us today ... all
good Christians but are all full of the devil!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Far left from God's volcano
shows the black hearted
woman Church standing on
Rock Jesus while the hot
fire burns out the gold she
took from Satan while she
slept with him committing
adultery of Jesus Christ.
Left you can see the nuclear
poison Gas coming from the
nuclear bombs hitting this
naked Church in her head
blowing her backwards
seen in
Isaiah 28:13-15.
Notice God shows this from
his Hubble telescope her
naked breasts and her dark
area below, her sex organ!
Notice the Church in Red fire I pointed out above
Notice the white line of poison gas from the black
Church left that God uses to cleans up the Church
tie together, she stands on Rock Jesus & nuclear
fire purifies many of them ...
they fall backwards!