Black Church Into Hell
You can see this storm of a few years ago
coming off the Rocky Mountains of Colorado,
the sign of today's Churches that has muddied
up God's Rocky mountain, and only filthy, filthy
water is coming down from her. The top of the
highway culvert shows the head of the black
Church in the black road way looking left,
showing this is the sign from God that these
Churches of today are going down the tubes
into hell if they do not not repent! The Open
vision below is a blown up of the man going
down into hell looking at you wearing dark
Looking across my front page to the left in red, you can see a man
and woman with the skin falling off their bodies because of
nuclear bombs, also seen in Zechariah 14:12 as this entire
chapter speaks about today and Nuclear war!
The last verses
speaks of Jesus passing out cooking pots to the survivors to
cook in, read in
! This chapter begins with the Chinese soldiers
taking over the houses and
raping the women! Some years past
the Chinese people killed most of their girl babies to slow down
their population which today is one women per seven men!

Read Revelation 9:16 to see these 200 million men army coming
into this nation that begins the
Battle of Armageddon! Also look at
the fiery image coming from God's volcano, showing the skin
falling off their bodies and also the man in hell, 2 Open Visions
from God showing what is about to take place yet
the sleepers see exactly nothing today! Take
another look at what God is showing to this last day
Church where they are going if they do not repent
of their evil ways! God is showing without fail they
are the dog Churches of today, walking their dogs
while the skin is falling of their bodies while they
are also walking over the Lake of Fire for their
purification from Almighty God. The man below
didn't make it and he went to hell. This is also seen
above from the dirty water flowing down from God's
Rocky mountain in signs! Both show people going
to hell, those who will not repent of their evil ways
when they left God and followed Satan into the
Abyss thinking Satan is the true God but is the little
god, Lucifer.

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