Big Nose Smoking Elephant
Republican Elephant
The top two Open Visions came from God's Hubble space telescope in his heavens showing
Republican Elephant Trump with his big Elephant trunk nose in other people's business. The top
right also came from Almighty God showing Trump in white who claims to be clean but is filthy
instead with his two black eyes and his arms stilling out as usual, running toward you smoking a
pipe ready to set the world on fire. (Trump came from a fiery whore-house background, his grand
father and fathers money came mainly from Brothel's)

Below this God shows from another one of his fiery volcano's, this golden whore-house
Billionaire Trump in the middle above,
is setting over Jeremiah's Boiling Pot of Jeremiah 1:16
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington  DC as he takes down this nation gone to
POT.  Notice in
Trumps mouth facing Putin of Russia on the left, has a
PIPE in his mouth ready to smoke this
. Notice both men are wearing Ponytail hairdo's showing we are in the days of the
Horsemen of the Apocalypse of Revelation 6:7-8.

Notice the only black president ever to rule this white nation is black Obama 44 with his head in
the corner and sticking his beastly tail in the tail of
Donald soon to be Smoking Trump! You can
see above Golden Trumps face is the face of God looking down on the show and letting it all take
place because he has gotten his belly full of all the garbage going on in this nation and around
the whole world she, this second Jer-USA-lem has messed up big time.

I have stated about Trump some time ago that he is the
PIMP in Washington and today I really
found out he came from a family of
PIMPS as this is where his money came from, not from him
being smart but him being a
GROSS LIAR THAT HE IS and most people know this for real!

Quote:  Donald Trump’s Grandfather: German Immigrant Friedrich Drumpf
Amassed Fortune Setting Up Brothels

Donald Trump steadfastly remains the Republican presidential front-runner and has a hard-line
stance to deport illegal immigrants. Ironically, his own grandfather was an immigrant who left his
native Germany for New York City at the age of 16. He boarded a boat headed for America in 1885
to join his older sister where they could find work.

According to the report, Friedrich Drumpf — who later changed his name to “Fred Trump” —
came to the U.S., where he went from being a barber who lived in a small apartment for six years
to setting up a number of brothels and restaurants near mines in the northwest and Canada at
the height of the Klondike gold rush.

After he settled in Seattle in 1891, the Trump patriarch
launched the brothel, The Poodle Dog. It
was situated among liquor stores and opium parlors. From there he took the business a few miles
closer to where workers were in the mining town of Monte Crisco. It was only the first of many
profitable decisions he made.

When the gold rush emerged, Trump and a friend — Ernest Levin — moved on starting their
business in a tent located where travelers had to reach the mine on White Pass, also known as
“Dead Horse Trail.” The area was known for being incredibly difficult for horses to travel on due
to narrow trails, steep hills, and atrocious terrain. Up to 3,000 horses died from starvation,
injuries, or falling off cliffs.

The former Friedrich Drumpf and Levin made use of the dead animals by cooking horse meat for
businessmen who ventured into the region to inspect mines. Eventually, they moved the
business to a two-storey building in Bennett Town and called it New Arctic Restaurant and Hotel.
Twenty-four hours of liquor and women on sale translated into a big success. A vast array of
foods, drinks, and so forth made it a raging hit since it was a pinnacle of luxury over what the
other two restaurants offered patrons on the trail.

This ties into Trump from a German HItler background God shows in solid rock that I show below
from the 50th state of this Union of second Jer-
USA-lem of "50" states.
Big mouth Trump getting ready to Smoke taken
from God's Hubble in his heavens.
Pipe ---->
Jeremiah 1:13-16 ready to Burn
Taken from God's Hubble
Several years ago in Hawaii this Old Hitler sign from
God in a lava flow happened showing Trump from
Germany and his famous military solute soon to go
after the Sleeping 10 Virgin Church who put this
Bastard of Satan into power ... the Republican
Elephant Party.

Below is from the same Lava Flow from Hawaii,
showing this Black Bird Pimp Trump driving his
Black Bird hot-rod administration down the road with
the dust billowing out behind him as God shows in
his Hot Rock Lava Flow from Hawaii.
God is saying today, "My
hand-writing is on the wall
" as
seen in Daniel 5:25. You can see
Pimps Trumps white face with his
hand of the steering wheel and
his legs on the throttle with the
dust billowing out behind him
while he races his black bird head
into the white nuclear bombs
coming from the Russian Bear!
Notice the lower jaw of Trumps
administration turns bloody.

Above we see the
spoken about in the
family, and the Poodle dog God
shows in shadow form close to my
home in the high wilderness area
where I had lived for 28 years. I
had to put my little Poodle dog
Tina down when she was
years of age tying into
Washington DC at
"16" hundred
Penn. Ave.
You can see God put my little Black Dog Tina seen here in Shadow form and not real, chewing on
two bones, both Catholic and Protestant. Notice over this Poodle Dog's back which refers to 2
Peter 2:20-22 the Church of today, are two beast heads ... the first one is shaped like the letter
for Virgins
with two large black eyes, nose and mouth of the beast images inside the Poodle Dog
Church of today that also ties into Donald J. Trump 45.

Right of this demon head is the head of the Red Dragon and behind the Red Dragon is the first
head of the "3" headed Lion Beast, BC burned out in Rock by the fire finger of Almighty God. I put
the yellow BC under the black BC burned out by Almighty God. The rock I put GeOrGe on shows the
head and paws of
Black Poodle Tina chewing on two bones ... two religions today, Catholic and
Protestant alike.  I Put GeOrGe from Ezekiel 38 showing "3" GeOrGes ... Washington number "1"
Bush number "41" and Bush number "43" showing "3" GeOrGes in all that shows this land of
Magog ... meaning the land of "Many GeOrGes."

The beast has "3" heads! First Clinton 42 ... second Bush 43 and third Trump 45. Over the top of
black Poodle dog are the two heads of the beast and also the Dragon Satan looking over this last
day Babylonian nation now ready to take her out! Left of the large tree, referring the Church as
Jesus said, people are seen as trees! Over the Dragon's head, Satan ... you can see on the left the
head of the PIg, Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 and on the right side of same tree is the head of the
Dog with its mouth wide open. Under this you can see a broken rafter referring to the houses in
this nation torn down by the letter
"N" for Nuclear. Notice the little "n" above yellow N.
You can plainly see the
Dragon, Satan looking at
Babylon Rock, second
USA-lem on the left side
of this Dragon, Satan, that is  
attached to the picture of
Babylon on the left not seen
in this Open Vision.  God has
written on his rock wall with
his fire finger, the Dragon,
Donald Trump is now in the
process of taking this third
and last Babylon nation down
along with its Churches.  

Below left is the left side of
Babylon rock and this right
side shows the Dog and Pig
Church of today soon to go
down are the same rock and
are seen in two large pictures.
Why is God taking this dog,
pig ... goat Church down?
Notice left the Cross of Jesus
Christ with him on the cross
laying on the ground this last
day "3"rd Babylon has done to
our Jesus! Notice right of
Jesus' Cross you can see the
sign and symbol of this nation,
the bald Eagle laying dead on
the ground ... taken down by
the Putin Russian Bear!  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope word Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
Pig Head   
Dog Head