Big Mouth On Cold - Hot Plate
Quote: The ice disk is seen
spinning on the Presump-scot River
in drone video image provided by
city of Westbrook, Maine.
Tina Radel/AP

There is more than just January's
cold currently gripping the city of
Westbrook, Maine. An immense, icy
disk doing a solitary pirouette on
the Presump-scot River is dazzling
observers, local and distant alike
beast Big Mouth Donald Trump with his huge mouth wide open as
usual, is on the cold, cold plater showing his big head and big
WIDE OPEN. Today he is in ice cold ... hot water with this
nation ... taking away the food, medicine and finances form the
people living from day to day on their money he took away from
them while he fills his big stomach with food of all kings.
This big fat BULL ... BULLY Trump seen left BLUE is
seen in cloud form with the two bears of Russia and
China raising up on one side seen in Daniel 7:5 added
are now raising up and coming against this 12 Apostle
nation. Bully Trump 45 is raising them up today big
time! He is seen here walking to the right with his big
mouth looking at you and his large Horn, Trump-et
over his big
BULLY HEAD and has his Billionaire gold
on his fat belly with the
Red Bulls Eye in the middle.
It is this  Big Bully Bull who starts Nuclear war soon!

This Cold-Hot-Plate above is soon to leave the picture
above when God opens hell on earth! God is the third
Adam ... ATOM ... God is the third and last FIFE Baptism
... Man Adam was number "1" ... Jesus the Spirit was  
number "2" Adam, and Father God was number "3."
God is the FIRE .... Fire Baptism, as God is the last
ADAM ... ATOM who created all thing out from ATOMS!

Big Bully Mouth Trump 45 ... the Bull walking out and
letting in the bears of Russia and China above, ties
into the "33"rd president of this gone down the tube
nation of second Jer-
USA-lem ... Harry Trum---an in
"45" dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan and
this ties into Donald
Trum---p number "45" of today
soon to cause the same thing!

Left is a storm over Florida, Trumps favorite State!
Florida is least as the 47th state in 18
"45" as I will
show below.
"Quote: Florida, constituent state of the United States of
America. It was admitted as the
27th state in 18"45." Florida is
the most populous of the southeastern states and the second
most populous Southern state after Texas. The capital is
Tallahassee, located in the northwestern panhandle.

God is showing in no uncertain terms in the Nuclear cloud above
in Florida,
"The Window for Nuclear Bomb is now at hand ...
this window is OPEN."
God also says I show in this Open
Window i cloud form, the Word
CHURCH! You evil Church of the
last days seen in Isaiah
"66:6" that I am using to take you out,
these three presidents all born in year "4
6" ... Clinton 42, Bush
43 and Trump
"45." We add all three of the beast men of the
presidency of second Jer-
USA-lem and we see number "21" the
last verse of the Holy Bible ... Revelation 22 verse
"21." I was
born as Leo the Lion in the month of August
"22." I was born "6"
of "7
" children in a preaches home in year "34." We add 3 + 4 +
"7" Churches I am preaching to today who do not wand to
believe God's last day Prophet! I preach this awesome message
at the
HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14:"6-7."

Now do i get your attention? I am preaching from my third and
final website, known as my last Angel flying in mid-air website
seen in Revelation 14.
Above I show this nuclear bomb going off laying sideways to show you what God is showing you..You
can see the
GOAT CHURCH OF TODAY going up in fiery blast as she listens to the beast ... Donald
Trump number
"45" that ties into Truman in year "45" nuclear bombing Japan and Obadiah 1:15
states this is now ready to happen to you ...
"O" but U are About to Diah! We add Obadiah 1:15
added equal
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC!
Left shows from one of God's fiery volcano's, his
goat Church of today is talking to the Burning
Bushes who claim to be Churches but God
shows over their white heads the white head of
the beast, Satan who rules over the Goat
Churches of today!

We go back to the mushroom cloud bomb laying
sideways, and we see this goat Church going up
into the sky from rocket form, nuclear form with
it head pointing to the right. Now you can see
the head of an eagle bird, the sign of this
nation! Below the eagle you can see a white
skull looking at you ... Dead goats.
Below the dead goat Church of today you an see a dragon, Satan who took the goats out of position.

Today as I write this awesome message from Almighty God, Big mouth trump 45 is on the news  with
his huge mouth wide Open Lying to the people of this gone down the drain nation! You can see his
above in cold weather with his huge beastly mouth wide open as usual telling lies to the world. God
shows this above today in
winter cold as he speaks today hotly from Washington DC.

Now I wonder who made the big mouth Donald Trump 45 on the cold hot plate above? Was it Satan or
was it God? Who made the image of the
GOAT CHURCH OF TODAY talking to the devil preachers if
not Almighty God? I serve the God of all creation and not the Goat Church of today of Satan!
Left is the last and third final beast of Isaiah
"66:6" speaking out today with his hot and cold
mouth wide open telling lies to the people
listen to his devil filled lies and loves them! Now
he is telling this nation he wants to build a
inferential missile system to stop Nuclear bombs
coming in while this Bastard of Satan, his father,
takes away the people's food, medicine and you
name it, telling them he loves them while he fills
his big fat belly with food ... seen above ... soon to
walk out from this picture. This nation as never
seen a president like Trump, he is the last one
and when God finishes with him ...
he's DEAD!  
The people looking at this last day Ministry from Almighty God and say ... "He is a false Prophet,"
are the goat Church of today soon to go up in
Fiery Smoke!  God made these images, not me! The
hand-writing is on the wall as God shows in the rock walls in the area where I lived for 28 years
added, preaching today to the "10' sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7. Jesus said,
"If my people do
not speak out then the rocks will cry out
" ... which they are doing in the 28 years where i had once
Big Mouth Trump
Lastly I show the Virgins Goat Churches of
today laying down on the
Bully, Bull Trump
"45" with their hands in the air worshiping
him. You can seen them stark naked like
their beast father today, trump, a sex
maniac circumcised only in the flesh and
not their hearts.

Now look at that is coming in soon and
suddenly! This clam shell trap Jesus talks
about in Luke 21:34 is soon to happen!
Now look in Luke 21:20 we see  when
USA-lem is surrounded by armies,
south Mexico and north China and Russia,
Jesus said to his true people, look up for  
your redemption draws near! This solid rock showing this awesome message was burned out by the
fire finger of Almighty close to my old home in the high wilderness area ...
"The hand writing is on
the Rock Wall
." Daniel 5:25. This does not speak of the goat Church of today, it speaks to the
144,000 saints who has overcome Satan to date, seen in Revelation 14:1-5 that soon fly away to
heaven to be with Almighty God ... Jesus on his throne.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...