Big Mouth Fire Head Trump
Fire head Donald J. Trump 45
God shows left from his Hubble space telescope
in his heavens the main beast of today, Huge
Mouth Beast Donald John Trump of Revelation
13:18 of Satan ... 1 + 3 + 1 + 8 =
"13" the top
number of Witchcraft and his top man president
today, huge mouth Donald John Trump of the
"666" and his "666" building in NYC, Babylon
seen below. This passage in Revelation 13:18  
"Let the one with Insight calcuate the
number of the beast for it is the number of man
and his number is

"Hear that uproar from the city, hear that noise
from the temple
! It is the sound of the Lord
repaying his enemies all they deserve."
Isaiah 66:6
Above in Isaiah "66:6" we see here in the Temples, meaning in the
Churches from God's temples today crying out and they
are enemies of
God Today!
The beast is also seen as having "3" heads ... "3" presidents
of fallen second Jer-
USA-lem ... 666 ... Clinton first ... Bush second and
Trump "3"rd and all "3" of these beast presidents were born in year
6." "666."

It doen't stop here but moves into the NT of God's Holy Bible in Revelation
6:7-8. Here we see these "3" beast president men all born in year "46" of
"666" all riding the Pale beast of DEATH seen in this passage of
6:7-8. Now we go from the last beast, Trump who was born
month "6" ... next we go to the second beast, Bush who was born on the
"7"th month and lastly Clinton born on the "8"th month ...
"6-7-8" that
touches on Revelation
The Trump Tower
Left is the storm of the "666" in cloud form from God showing the
"666" president men sucking into the washing machine of
God, the dirty goat Churches of today. Notice the center of this
storm you can see its eye, and coming into the eye is the baby
Church who has never grown up to maturity. Notice top left the
head of the baby
, infant Church screaming out with its black mouth
wide open as God sucks the baby Church into his washing
machine and cleans her up. God uses his good vessels to do his
good work and he uses his bad vessels to do the back work.

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
Gods Washing