Below - My New Electric Horse
Two weeks ago I took my first trip in my new electric wheel-
chair-cart horse down town
Klamath soon to Fall USA ...
Oregon!  I live about half a mile or so from down town
Klamath Falls. This first trip down town I shared this
message and ministry cards of this Web-site Ministry, to
people in town this one special evening when they closed
down main street for advertising all sorts of things. This
gave me an opportunity for this last day Prophet of
Almighty God, to share this end time message to people on
the streets of Klamath
soon to Fall, USA ... Oregon.

My new electric cart is just like an automobile. It has "3"
speeds and a reverse. It also has turning lights, a horn, a
head light, tail lights, and goes up to 19 mph of a distance
of 45 miles per battery charge. God said to me, now it is time to take this message to the streets of
klamath ... soon to Fall ... USA ... Oregon ... America  ... in signs and more signs ... it is over.

The Red Fire has already begun to fall and this city of Klamath Falls you can see the smoke from
the fires burning in California and Oregon, and the air has been unhealthy to breath now for some
time without wearing a mask when outside. Today, as I write this message the winds has moved out
from over Klamath Fall, most of the dirty air and bringing in electric storms from God that starts
more forest fires to burn and more dirty air for man to breath.

Now on the East Coast of his nation you do not need an
Electric Cart as seen above, you need a
boat like a Noah boat ... as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of
Man, Jesus Christ
. Jesus is the fire from the Lion tribe of Judah ... Jesus! I ride a Red Hot Fiery cart
showing this
Red Hot Fiery Ministry today telling the people God says ... It is finished!
Right shows a tropical storm over this nation on Election day a few years ago, showing God's
last day Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig who lives on the West Coast of this second Jer
nation, blowing this Jesus Trumpet! Notice Jesus' head looking down over Florida and his
head hits this Bald Eagle Nation in its head killing it. (As most know the Bald Eagle is the sign
of this bird nation now in the process of crashing with beast Trump 45 at the helm.
God shows on one of his sandy beaches, this Eagle bird nation is going down seen far left.
Driving into Klamath Falls one morning, I took this picture of an Eagle Bird ... the symbol of this
nation, crashing in cloud form.  The fiery picture of an eagle bird on the right, God is showing
this Eagle bird nation on fire! You can see its head in the middle bottom going up in flames as
it has already begun to burn across the west coast in severity.

The Car ... Carr fire burning out of control in California is one of the largest Idols in this nation
and God is showing it was a Car that started this nation burning like never before ... driving
thousands out from their homes and burning them down! The fire Eagle seen on the right is
now burning down and will not stop as seen in Ezekiel 20:45-49.

"The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, set your face toward the south; preach against
the south and prophesy against the forest of the southland
. Say to the southern forest: ‘Hear the
word of the Lord. This is what the Sovereign Lord says:
I am about to set fire to you, and it will
consume all your trees, both green and dry. The blazing flame will not be quenched, and every
face from south to north will be scorched by it.
 Everyone will see that I the Lord have kindled
it; it will not be quenched.
’” Then I said, “Sovereign Lord, they are saying of me, ‘Isn’t he just
telling parables?’”
Ezekiel 20:45-49 ...        (We add in God's awesome numbering system ... 2 + 0
+ 4 + 5 + 4 + 9 =
"24" equals Matthew "24" the Church of today seen in this chapter of the last
day Church, and not old Israel that the sleeping Churches say this is talking about)

Where are the fires burning mostly? In old Israel or in second Israel, second Jer-
They are burning in this nation who calls themselves people of God but are people of Satan
today! Matthew 24 and 25 speaks about the end time bald eagle Church going down the drain
as seen above by Almighty God. Now we add Matthew 24 and 25 =
"6-7" and we see this in
Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 =
"7" Churches and verses "6-7."  God's last day Prophet, yours truly was
born in a preachers home
"6" of "7" children.

I preach this awesome message today at the
HOUR OF JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14
"6-7." Revelation 14 speaks about the "3" angels flying in mid-air proclaiming the
Eternal Gospel at the Hour of Judgment today! This is my last and third Angel website at the

The Vineyard of God is burning down! California's Vineyard and wineries are soon to be no
more! God showed this the other day of a semi truck coming into Oregon over the pass
Turning over with a load of grapes aboard. God says, the Vineyard of the Church is over!  
This took place on freeway
"I-5" God now confirms this is Isaiah "5:"I-5." To begin with we see
God has had two Vineyards .... first the Jews and second the Gentiles.

This passage begins with God digging up his first Vineyard, the Jews! He removed the stones
and took the choice vines,
the Apostles, and began his second Vineyard, the Church. First
Israel had 2000 years and also
42 generations seen in Matthew 1:17 ... from Abraham to Jesus
was 2000 years and 42 generations, count them. Number
"42" means Rebellion when the Jews
had Jesus crucified, and now 2000 years and
42 generations later to the first head of the "3"
headed Lion beast is soon to go after the sleeping Church!  Bill Clinton is number
"42" from
Today the Gentiles re-crucified Jesus Christ all over again figuratively or
spiritually speaking
seen in Revelation 11:8. (1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping virgins of Mt. 25:6-7)

Now we go back to Isaiah
5:1-5 that ties into the grape semi-truck that turned over on freeway
"I-5" that refers to the Church today upside down and will be no more as she was. (Add I-5
and we see
"6" the end of the "6"th Millennium)  God is spitting her out from his mouth as
seen in Isaiah
5:5 ... add 5 + 5 + "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 24 and 25 added together is
67." We are leaving the "6"th Millennium and going into the "7" Millennium of the 1000 year
kingdom of Jesus Christ ...

"Now I will tell you what I am going to do to my vineyard: I will take away its hedge, and it will be
destroyed; I will break down its wall, and it will be trampled."  
Isaiah 5;5 ... added is 10 sleeping
Virgin Church of today!  Next, we see these 10 sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" in
Isaiah 5 verses
"6-7" being destroyed by God ... read it below.

"I will make it a wasteland, neither pruned nor cultivated, and briers and thorns will grow there.
I will command the clouds not to rain on it.”  The vineyard of the Lord Almighty is the house of
(Second Israel the Church) and the people of Judah (Meaning Jesus) is the garden of his
delight. And he looked for justice, but saw bloodshed; for righteousness, but heard cries of
"Isaiah 5:"6-7"  that ties into Matthew 24 and 25 = "6-7."

The Bible begins with '"6-7" and ends in "6-7." Genesis says that God created man on the "6"
th day of a "7" day week ...
"6-7." The end of God's Holy Bible is Revelation 22:21 ... add 2 + 2 +
2 equals "6" plus 1 equals "7" =
"6-7." Now was this just another accident going someplace to
happen or what?

God's Ring of Fire Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig of "67" ,,,