Beginning True Church & Today!
After 2000 years of the life of the Tree
Church, this is the picture today! These
images speaks for themselves!
God is a consuming FIRE! Jesus said: "I will burn off
all the hay, wood and stubble, you will be saved
ONLY as one escaping through the flames of
"    (Notice right God is seen in Fire Form)
Todays Lying Preachers
The Open Vision on the left begins with
the two heads of the Red Dragon beast
and goes to the right and then below.
Behind the two heads of the beast,
crat Bill Clinton 42 and George W.
Bush 43 the Republican Elephant seen
attached to beast Clinton to the right we
see these two Sharks of Satan making
Skulls of the sleeping Churches of today
who are sleeping with this evil Elephant,
George, seen below the two heads
heading this passage.

Left you can see the lazy sleeping Church
of Matthew 25:6-7 laying down doing
nothing yet calling herself a real
Christian but is a liar instead.

On the end of this very long red rock
maybe 3 to 4 hundred yards long, not feet
long but yards ... you can see the
Preachers of today telling lies to the
people who listen to lies! The ear on the
left is the head of the sleeping Churches
and the ear on the right is the head of
Republican Elephant Beast, the beast
attached to the head of this Dragon of
Satan, Bill Clinton 42. This is the Church
of today riding the beast!
The Wolf-dog
Preachers of
today are seen
here with a
Pennochio nose,
the wolves seen
in Babylon rock
close to my home!
Below shows
JESUS pointed out
and below is his
Bible showing the
wolves preaching
out from the Bible.
These wolf preachers of today are seen in the left half of God's Bible, dragging this dead-head
Church of today behind them. About "3" inches right of the dead-head Churches is the abbreviated
IS for ISIS cutting off the heads of the Church under the Head-Ship of Satan! Right of the dead head
Churches you can see a mask as they have on their heads a mask of being a true Christian but are
under the headship of Satan!
Left is the full picture of Babylon Rock one
mile from my home that I named some 25
years ago. You can see on the left the cross
of Jesus Christ laying on the ground that
this Babylon nation of today has trampled
down into the ground as also seen in Rev.
17:1-7 ... and Rev. 11:8 figuratively speaking.
On the right side you can see the Eagle Bird
DEAD! This Eagle Bird is the sign and
symbol of this nation of second
USA-lem the richest and strongest
nation on earth dying!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...