Before & After - 2 Beasts!
Two fallen beasts seen in Revelation
18:1-3 ... "Fallen ... Fallen" is Mystery
Babylon the Great
... she is full of Evil
Spirits and Devils from hell. We add in
God's awesome numbering system ...
18 + 1 + 3 =
"22" the end of days and
the end of God's Holy Bible ... Rev.
"22" also his end time Prophet, yours
truly born on Leo the Lion month of
"22." Today I preach this
awesome message from Almighty God
born year
"34" added is the "7"
sleeping Churches of Matthew
added again equals
"7" Churches of
"6-7." I was born in a family of
"7" children and born "6" of "7" and
today we are going from the
Millennium into the
"7"th Millennium
... the Sabbath day of God ... his 1000
year Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
Stay with me and the next "5" verses that ties into today at the end of the "6"th and into the "7"th
Millennium, the
"1000" year kingdom of Jesus Christ. Every nation on God's earth has two parts,
"Religion and Politics!"

Revelation 18:1-3 shows "2" fallens ... Politics and Religion!  Above you can see balding head of
Trump the
"45"th president of second Jer-USA-lem and below him you can see the balding head of
the Church,
Rich Dr. Mike Murdock, Murdering the sleeping Church today telling them lies to the hilt
just like rich Donald Trump
45 is also doing. Both have doctored up their hair, recoloring it ... rich
Trump 45 and rich Murdering Murdock and both are the same age ...
73 ... added lying to the
"10" Virgin Church who cannot tell right from wrong ... Gold and  Black.

The first three verses shows the two sides of this
Third Babylon nation, her Churches and her
. The next two verses "4-5" touches on Trump the "45"th President of this gone down the
drain nation. This passage states in no uncertain terms ...
"Come out from her my people lest you
go down with her when I destroy her!

Following Donald Trump 45 is verses "6-7" of Matthew 25 verses "6-7!" Here we see the Church of
25:6-7 saying ... "We set as Queen and am not a widow and will never mourn!"  Now
read on to the next verse
"8" as number "8" refers to a new beginning and God says the opposite
"Death, mourning and famine ... she will be consumed by FIRE for mighty is the Lord God
who judges her

Fallen ... Fallen are both, the Churches of this nation and the Politics of this second Jer-USA-lem
nation of
"9" letters as number "9" refers to JUDGMENT and the USA is stuck in the very middle
today at the end of time as we know it!

You can see Murdering Murdock giving a hand sign one finger above and "0" below showing the
sign of the
"10" sleeping Virgin Church of today they are killing. Here we see the before and after
image of
Murderer Trump and Murderer Murdock both of the end time lying Bastards of Satan.
Jesus called this man in the NT  Bible a Bastard for his father was Satan!

Both lying beasts of the
"666" above are seen in Revelation 13:18 stating ... "Let him with insight
calculate the number of the Beast for it is the number of man ... his number is
"666." God uses these
men of the
"666" to help bring down this enemies, the Temple Churches of today seen in Isaiah
"66.6." Both of these two men seen above were born the same year, "46" added is "10"  sleeping
Churches where they both came out from in year
4"6" of the "666" un-detected!

Murdering Murdock of Texas speaks from South Carolina often, an Assembles of God ... Goat
Church! Another Assemble of God ... Goat Preacher of black color also fills in at times which I call
Motor Mouth as he talks very, very fast telling much truth but ends his messages with $1000.00 and
all the money he says God gave him for his miniisfry, I don' t mean in the hudreds of dollars, I mean
close to the Millions of dollars!

South Carolina where these two bastards of Satan preach from is where I received a phone call from
this preacher in the year 2001 who was not an Assembly of God preacher. He received one of my
books I wrote and called me and asked me if I would talk to him on long and short wave radio and if I
would he would call me back in half an hour ... I said yes. He called me back in half an hour and the
first thing he asked me ...
"Who is the beast:" Now listen closely for I said the beast is Bill Clinton
42. Bill is the first head of the
"3" ... 666 beast Presidents of second Jer-USA-lem!

In almost the same breath I said ...
"Russia is going to nuclear bomb this nation." We talked for
half an hour and hung up the phone and I picked up my Bible and opened it and it fell open to
Revelation 8:1 ... 8 + 1 =
"9" means Judgment and this passage said ... "Heaven was silent for
about half an hour
Both Rich and
both proud to
the hilt ...
Politics and
Religion both
liars and both  
gone to POT.
Left was a huge storm named Pam over
this nation a few years ago. This first
seen in Revelation 10  could not walk
when he wrote the book of Revelation
while on the Island of Patmos and had to
be carried.

This second
John Paul writing this
passage in Revelation 10 sleeping Virgins
"9-11"... as Paul Gerig and Jesus
Christ are seen here with
9 and 11 letters
in their names! God says in this passage,
"You must Prophesy again about many
peoples, nations, languages and kings

The image left of storm Pam shows God's
Leo the lion prophet of Revelation 10:9-11
laying in bed due to loosing the use of his
legs to walking, and God shows you the
face of a LION looking at you and above
the LIONS face is my face looking at you with my arm and hand
on the two letters, SC ... for South Carolina where I had
preached from for
"Half an Hour" some 19 or 20 years ago!

Below my hand is a heart shaped rock showing this ministry
has a heart for the people as I tell them the true short. At the
bottom you can see another rock the map people put under
this Pam storm, pointing to God's end time Prophet!

Left is another picture of the storm showing Pam left of my
head looking at you
wearing dark glasses as she often does
when the sun is bright. She is looking over my head as I set in
my wheelchair blowing my Jesus Trumpet downward from
heaven above to the people below looking upward into my
face, as they are also seen
wearing Dark Glasses.

Below God shows his West One Prophet on Election day a few
years ago blowing His Jesus Trumpet over this land of second
USA-lem. Notice I have put the Jesus Trumpet to my lips,
as tiy can plainly see and the head
of Jesus looking down over the
State of Florida hitting this bald
eagle nation in its head killing it.
This tropical storm came over this
nation a few years ago on Election
Day of God showing his last day
true John Paul the second true
Prophet showing what God is now
in the process of doing ...
this Eagle Bird Nation

I was born on Leo the Lion month of
August "22" year "34" referring to
the end of the Holy Bible ... Rev. 22
and year "3 + 4 =
"7" Churches I
preach to today. God shows this
Lion ministry looking up to God with
the large letter
"P" for Paul
outlined in

Left of Letter
"P" you can see the
last letter of Paul ... letter
"L." Now
go up the lefter
"L" and you can
see me riding my wheel-chair
preaching this awesome message
today to the Sleeping Church!

Below the word
coming you can
see the black Bull Market coming
down as what is happening today in
this nation, GMC ... Ford ... Penny's
... Payless Drugs ... Sears ... and
many others are going bankrupt!
The old black Bull Market is
crashing coming down as God
shows left in rolid rock form ...
the hand writing is on the rock
wall of God burned out by his fire

Left of the Bull is the head of the
this PIG and DOG nation! The dog is
seen below barking to the Dog and
Pig Churches of this nation. Above
left and below left of the Bull
market coming down, you can see
the Pig looking down with fire over
its head with
DC in the fire!

This Open Vision above of Lion
Paul was less than a mile east of my
home in the wilderness. Left is a
large rock also close to my old
home, showing in burned out rock
form from God, the Bull Market
down as what is happening today!
You can see I pointed out this
message of the naked Church with
their hand in the air showing "V"
for Virgins. They are circumcised in
the flesh but not their hearts as
Jesus warned up. The black Bull
market goes down and then the
soldiers come in ... the Red Bear
Market appears ...
Red Russia and
Red China
!  This game is Over!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...