Beast Trump Pushes Nuke Button
The 45th beast President Trump ties into past president Trum---an of year "45" when he dropped
two nuclear bombs on Japan and today ties into
Trum---p "45" who is about to push the nuclear pin
to stop himself of being impeached!  
(This ties into very proud golden rich beast Trump)

It was the Goat-Dog-Pig Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22  of the last days who put this bastard of Satan into
power! We add just the 2's as 2"s and we see the
"10" sleeping Virgin Church who soon goes up  
into the air by nuclear bombs caused by the
45th beast president they put into power saying he is a
good Christian man but who belongs to Satan just like themselves!  
Left God shows in one of his fiery volcano's this
goat Church of today talking to the beast President
Trump 45. Notice the Skull of the Beast over
Trumps Head and huge black Satan on his right
and all three are talking into a black microphone in
Trumps White Head.

Next we go to the nuclear bomb I show Trump
pointing at above. I turned this picture of a real
nuclear bomb sideways to show you what God
shows in this nuclear bomb coming in. First it
shows the Goat Churches going up in the air by
nuclear bombs soon to go off! Notice the goat
Churches long horn, a rocket sending this goat
Church looking to the right at the bald eagle man, trump who wears a golden hair wig made by man
and has a golden eagle beak! I put Trumps picture over his sign of the golden beak ... the sign of this
golden rich nation now on the verge of Bankruptcy ... the bald eagle today ... the bald eagle president
Trump pointing his finger at
nuclear war to stop this nation from impeaching a very proud man!

Trump is the president running his huge mouth seen below from God's Hubble telescope in his
heavens! God shows Trump with his arms held out as usual, and in his Huge mouth you can see a
large pipe referring to him as a
nuclear pipe now ready to go off and his finger is on the nuclear world
"3" button!
Looking again at the top right Open Vision of the Nuclear
bomb laying sideways, we see under Trump the head of this
gone crazy Bald Eagle Nation, a large
White Dead Skull Head
of people
he is responsible of killing soon and suddenly.

Below all these dead heads he kills you can see the head of
DRAGON ... SATAN that touches on the top head of Trump
as both are
Dragons ... Satan!

Quote:  "Republicans are trying to make the Ukraine
scandal about Joe Biden, left, as Democrats step up
impeachment efforts against Donald Trump, right © AFP" ...  

Quote:  "The whistleblower at the heart of the impeachment
inquiry into Donald Trump has agreed to appear “very soon”
before members of Congress, a top Democratic lawmaker
said on Sunday, tightening the screws on the US president
in the unfolding Ukraine scandal.

As White House aides and Republican allies struggled to
contain the political fallout from the case, Adam Schiff, the
chairman of the House intelligence committee who has
taken a leading role in the impeachment inquiry, told ABC
News that his panel would be receiving “unfiltered
testimony” from the whistleblower.
Here's  Beast Trump Running in
Smoking a Nuclear War Pipe!
Trump Smoking a Nuke War Pipe!
Big Mouth
Beast Trump
Nuclear Pipe
God shows
from Hubble
seen right
pointing finger
at Nuclear
bombs coming!
You can see golden  rich head Trump over
golden rich Eagle Jer
-USA-lem and dead
Skulls under him he causes!
The smug look on Beast Trump 45
will pull the pin for war to stop his
impeachment hearings!
The Die of
Death has been cast
Below God shows his West One Prophet Paul in a Tropical storm over this
nation on Election day several years ago, blowing his Jesus Trumpet over this
nation and the head of Jesus hits this Bald Eagle Nation in its head killing it!
You can see the State of Florida below Jesus' head looking down. Florida is
Trumps favorite state and here we see God using Trump to push the Nuclear
war pin over a nation who has turned away from him and follow Satan!
I show you below God's last day
Leo the Lion Prophet, yours truly in
a Comet flying in God's heavens
showing this Leo the Lion Ministry
in rock form as I removed the outer
dark substance leaving the head of
a lion with the white capital letter
"G" for Gerig, my last name. I was
born on Leo the Lion month of
August 22 ... this number refers to
the end of the Bible, Revelation 22.
I was born
"6" of "7" children in a
Preachers home ...
67P and I am
preaching today ... the "Preacher"
of today at the last hour seen also
in Revelation 14 verses
Comet Named
67P by USA
Below Comet 67P is a Leo the Lion Cloud God put over
Lion Rock that I had named some years ago when I was
living in the high wilderness area of Klamath County
Oregon of many old volcanoes.

Below this is a picture I took of a large storm at the
northeast corner of second Jer-
USA-lem. I put this
picture into my Adobe Photo section of my computer
and removed the substance away from this Leo the
Lion Prophet of God wearing glasses to hide my Identity
showing my heart for the people as God shows in black
of what is coming!

Below this God shows from a storm over Iceland this
same Lion ... Yours Truly ... with my eyes on fire for God
and also my two front feet, meaning my arms and hands
on fire writing these awesome messages to a blind and
deaf dog-pig-goat Church today! Look at the mid
section of St. Paul, God's last day Leo the Lion
Prophet's belly and you can faintly see his pocket watch
says ...
"Its time for War to happen is now!"

I have been accused of making all these Open Visions
from God myself which is not true! I end this message
with another huge Lion Rock which was less than a mile
from my home about 60 feet in the air I show below. Left
was also a rock of a lion about one mile from my home
with the Lion Cloud over Lion Rock.
First I show a fiery volcano from God, this
huge lion in fire form, yours truly with the
capital letter
"G" for Gerig as I show. Now
below I show the huge rock of this Lion
Prophet of God looking up into the sky to
God and you can see the large capital letter
"P" for Prophet Paul outlined in Gold!
Left of the golden letter "P" for Paul you can see
the last letter "
L" for PauL. Look closely and you
can see me riding in my wheel-chair also showing
the golden tint of Gold!
Today we see this nation going into a financial take down world wide. Some workers from GMC
motors are screaming out ... We are running out of food, help us! Before God destroys a nation he
takes away their money first! Now look at Lion rock Paul above and you can see below the word,
"coming" this black
Bull Market coming down!

About one inch below and one inch left you can see this Pig Nation and Pig Church looking down and
on fire! In the fire you can see the two capital letters ...
"DC" which refers to Washington DC! When
this happens then you can see the first head of the "3" president beast men ... Bill Clinton "42"
coming back along with the second head of the "3" beast President men ... George W. Burning Bush
43. We add these two past president men together 42 and 43 and we see

Ending this awesome message we see Paul, God's last day Prophet born "6" of "7" children and
God's world coming to an end as she was at the end of the "6"th Millennium and after the fire of
purification has ended we go into the 1000 year Kingdom of Jesus Christ the
"7" th day of the week
... number

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...