Beast Trump Lt. Prophet Paul Rt.
Big Mouth Trump
smoking Nuclear Pipe
Prophet Paul right nose to
nose with beast TRUMP and
his Nuclear Pipe!
From God's Hubble Camera
in his Heavens & big mouth!
X          X
od and Gerig
I put X's on the
Foreheads of  
Trump smoking a
Pipe left and
Paul right.
This is the picture of my front page! God is showing he is using the 45th beast President to bring
about the hot fire of Nuclear war to burn off all the
Hay, Wood and Stubble from his Church and
Jesus said, "You will be saved but only as one escaping through the ...
"Flames of Fire."
hurch on fire
This tall dark mountain above ...  the Lost Church of today is sinking to the
bottom of the ocean of time and will be no more as she was! You can see God
showing in this Open Vision, the top of this Black  Mountain of God is on Fire
and Fire will burn off all the garbage from his Church and Sink to the Bottom
of the Sea of time!
Mountain of God on Fire
Left God shows from one of his fiery volcano's that
this Dog Church of today is soon to be experiencing
the fire from the Abyss burning off her filthy back
side, as God holds her over the fire from the Abyss,
Hell if you will to clean her off! This will be done by
God's third Adam ... Man Adam ... Jesus Spiritual
Adam and today Father God who is the last and "3"rd
Adam ... Atom as God created everything he created

Left we see God with the white Head standing on his
white Mountain with the red fire under him with his
black arm pulled back ready to hit the white headed
naked Church off his white mountain. You can plainly
see the woman looking to the left showing her naked
breast and her this waist as God is knocking her off
his mountain soon be on fire by Nuclear Bombs.
Read my two messages about Hawaii and
my in-home care lady who helps me out
now in Hawaii, also shows the Open
Vision on the right after Nuclear bombs
fall down upon the heads of mankind!
Hawaii Touches Oh Nuclear War ... Click on the left side of your mouse to see the above Open
Vision explained for it will blow your mind!  

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Beast Trump above
with huge mouth
wide  open smoking
a nuclear Pipe.
3 Lights, 3 Religions,
Catholic, Protestant
and all false
Religions of today!