Beasts Trump - Bush & Bill
Three beasts of the last days are seen in Rev.
13:18 ... "Let him with wisdom calculate the
number of the Beast for it is number
"666." All
3" beast President men were born in year
6" of "1946."  Rev. "6:7-8" shows these "3"
beast men, Trump born month "6" ... Bush "7"
and Clinton "8" seen here as the
Pale Rider of
just before hell is opened up on earth.
First white
head is Bill  
the other 2
are seen in
black looking
God shows these three beast "666" men of Isaiah "66:6" that he is using to take down his enemy
Temple Church of today ... what is that sound in the
Teimples, meaning the Churches, it is the sound
of the Lord repaying his
enemy Church all they deserve ... Isaiah "66:6."  This volcano above God
shows these "3"
Beast President men ... Clnton 42 ... Bush 43 ... Trump 45 ... all coming out from the
Abyss, Hell if you will becoming the three
"666" beast presidents of Revelation 13:18.

The first Lion beast to come out from hell, is now
White head Bill Clinton 42. You can see his white
hair head laying sideways with his chin pointing to the right. Left of his white hair head you can see
the black head of
Bush 43 and Trump 45 looking to the left. Under these "3" Lion Beast Presidnt Men
you can see the head and neck of the
Pale Horse ... these "3" Horsemen of the Apocalypse seen
in Revelation "6:7-8."  Right of the head of the Horse, you can see "3" faces!

The first face is Bill Clinton 42 ... the second face is Bush 43 and the third face is a Ghost with two
black eyes looking at you
... the Ghost beast who gave his lying State of the Union Address that he
continued to deceie many of the people.
This black and white beast, Ghost Bastard of Satan told the
people of this nation and world, this nation is now in better shape since he became President,
another lie from hell!

Anyone with brains in their heads and ears and eyes know better. This lying deceiver told this nation
and world said we are in better shape today, when the largest Business in this nation, "General
Motors" are and have laid off many of their workers because business is all but a standstill.
We look
at one of the largest businesses other than GMC ... Sears filling for bankrupcy. Another huge
business going down the drain, is J.C. Penny
. Now Liar Trump .... gross liar Trump who believes you?
Only the blind and the deaf ... the sleeping, devil filled Church who put you in office!
 Bill      Bush  Trump
Second Jer-USA-lem going bankrupt while lair Trump spews out
lies like this nation as never seen before telling them things are in
good shape when this nation goes to hell in a handbasket! Storms
all over this nation ... ice ... snow ... flooding ... winds ... Tornadoes
Hurricanes and you name it! Airplane, Buses, trains cars crashing!
Murders like never before ... What is happening? Isaiah 5:5 added
is "10" sleeping Virgins as God says in this verse:
"I have lifted my
hand of protection from around her and she will be destroyed

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...