Beast Of Revelation Here!
Elephant Bush 43
Below - the 2 black eyes, the
two horns & black nose of
second beast Clinton 42.
Left of the left black eye is the
eye of a man looking to the left
... his nose & other black eye.
Above shows a fire in
California of
Burning Bush
and on the end of his
trunk is the first head of
the beast,
Bill Clinton 42
the ball of fire
. Bill is seen
below in front of the left
tower in NYC Babylon 9/11.
Bill wears a Red Fire hat with a GREY BILL as
chasing the dog Churches
, notice the poodle dog's
nose in front of his smoky grey hair
... soon to be
 Now look at the right side of the back of
the head of Bill Clinton 42 and you can see the
head of Elephant Bush 43 with the
ball of fire on
the end of his elephant trunk

The two towers going down that the two Boeing
767 airliners took down on 9/11/1 ... shows these
two beast men of today ... their numbers are seen
in the
767's that also ties to this ministry revealing
who the beast of Revelation 17:8 really is! We see
this by using God's awesome numbering system.

, we look at the cloud over my home above the
word Daniel 9:24
, as this passage begins with "77"
is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning
... and then God removes this ministry, of
and Prophecies
and then we anoint the most Holy
Jesus Christ into his 1000 year kingdom on earth
read it for this is for today

This Boeing 767 begins and ends with two "7"s
making up
"77." Next, we see "6" in the middle as
we are going out of the "6"th Millennium today
quickly ...
Boeing 767. These two beast men are Bill
42 and Geo.. 43 added together is
"67." The "3"rd
tower to fall was tower number
"7." We add this to
the beasts number
"67" and we again see "767."

About 10 or so  years ago the Lord had me go to
Klamath Falls to buy a large handgun and I ended
up buying a used 38 Colt Police Special, with ID
numbers ...
716167. Two number "16"s in the
center and two number "7"s on the outside. Both beast men came from the White-house that sets at
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. These two "716167" men, beast Clinton 42 and Beast
Bush 43 are the two beast men who takes down the
"7"th tower, the "7" Tall Towering Churches of
are soon to disappear before the entire world that they have decieved ... Rev. 17:1-8!

These two towers were
110 stories tall added together without the zero, we see 11 + 11 = 22 for
today ... meaning the end and the last chapter of the Holy Bible, Revelation
22:21. This ties to the
Open Vision above by Almighty God in cloud form, showing the beast ready to fly into the picture.
Now hold onto your hat while I show you what God has
also shown me!

August 21 of this year God showed a
Solar Eclipse of the Moon and the Sun which means a new
! This Solar Eclipse began in Oregon coming over Salem the capital of Oregon that is
beside the small county of
St. Paul that ties to this ministry, and the two Bears of Russia and China
are soon to take over this nation. I was born one day after this Solar Eclipse of August 21 and I was
born August 22 that ties to the end of days seen in Revelation
22:21. Standing at St. Paul you can
see the track this Solar Eclipse went over and left
, over this nation at South Carolina.
Left is a map of Oregon made by Oregon, and the
red part is St. Paul
. They blew up this image of St.
Paul as looking at the Solar Eclipse going over
my head, and the grey Bears of Russia and China
are going down past
my head covering the eye
of the
Pig Church and this Pig nation as you can
see the
Pig beginning to squeal while this Pig
Church of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 still
swims with the tail of the
Fsh, as it used to be a
fishing church that 2000 years later has lost her
message and now is a
PIG ... Money Pig Church!

South Carolina is where the
Solar Eclipse ended
and this huge storm the weather people named,
Pam ... is the name of my in-home care lady who
cares for me two days a week in my home. You
can see my face on the top left side with my left
arm reaching out to the capital letters
"SC" for
South Carolina. Below my head is the head of a
LION, as I was born on Leo the Lion month of
22 year "34" added today preaching to
"3 + 4" = "7" Churches bringing them a
horrible message today what is soon to come
upon them
! Below the cloud the weather people
shows the rocks below and the bottom rock ... as
Jesus is the Rock is pointing to this LION
inistry ... the Lion above.

It was 17 years ago when I receive a phone call
a ministry in South Carolina which I spoke
to on regular and short wave radio
for half an
hour asking me who the beast was, I said Bill Clinton ... and I also told him in the same breath,
Russia would nuke this nation which is now beginning
to be put together today! After we hung up
the phone I picked up my Bible and it opened to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent for about half
an hour
." Below in another storm picture, shows Pam pushing me in my wheel-chair while I blow
this awesome trumpet of wrath to a sleeping Church who
can see exactly nothing of truth today!

You can see Pam pushing me with her head looking over
the back side of my cap that I often wear
, she is wearing
dark glasses. God shows her pushing me in the center of
this storm with my trumpet pointed downward from my
third, flying in the air Angels website seen in Revelation
6-7. In front of my head you can see the head of a man
also wearing dark glasses laying sideways hearing what
they really do not want to hear ...
a message of doom!

Who made these awesome miracle messages and Open
Visions if not my God Almighty? This is the only Ministry in
the world showing such awesome things
! There is no
s period showing miracles after miracles from
Almighty God doing such things that comes from this last
day Ministry of Almighty God!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist
- Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ....