Beast Hurricane Dorian & USA
Beast Head
Moves in!
Dog Pig
Head USA upside
down looking left.
Lion Paul
Left is Prophet Lion Paul
seen in storm Pam above my
Lion's face looking at you
with my arm reaching out to
SC where I preached from
on radio about war coming
from Russia in year 2001.
Storm Pam also refers to my in home care
lady nurse who helps me out a few days a
week after I lost the use of my legs and feet
to walking due to diabetes 9 years ago. I
was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" meaning the end and also the last
chapter of God's Holy Bible, Revelation

The above Open Vision from the Hubble
camera in God's heavens shows storm
Dorian heading towards Florida with the
head of the beast of God seen here in
cloud form! Notice Florida looks like the
head of a man pointed downward and beast
Dorian face looking at the
USA ready to
take her out, this second Jer-
USA-lem who
has gone to the devil!

On the tail end of Dorian you can see the
head of this Dog-Pig headed Church
getting killed. Left is another picture of Pam pushing me in my
wheel-chair while I preach this awesome message from my trumpet
from heaven above to the dog pig Church below! Left of my head as I
am wearing a cap is Pam wearing dark glasses looking at you pushing
me as I ride in my wheel-chair talking to the people below looking up
at me also wearing dark glasses for the sun is very bright. Notice my
trumpet is pointed downward.

Below is another Open Vision from God Almighty showing this last day
Leo the Lion Prophet of God walking out on top of God's clouds in his
heavens wearing my cap with a dark image on the other side of my
head, showing this end time Ministry is the Apple of God's eye! The
Open Vision left shows Pam Pushing me while I preach this awesome
message today at Judgment time!

Back to this Leo the Lion end time Prophet of Almighty God above and
South Carolina, an old prophet of God received one of my books in
South Carolina
2001 speaking about the first head of the beast Bill
"42" and that Russia would eventually nuclear
bomb this nation! We spoke for half an hour and when
we hung up the phone I picked up my Bible to have it
open to Revelation 8:1 when my eyes laid of this one
verses saying ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an

While I was speaking to the world on long wave and
short wave radio for
half an hour, heaven was
listening! While this end time Prophet of God was
walking across God's heavens left ... preaching this
Eternal Gospel of Revelation 14:
"6-7" heaven was
Six days ago this image of Storm Dorian
was seen in
God's heavens! It show the
head and face in the eye of this storm ...
two black eyes and nose of the beast
marking his spot over second Jer-
lem. The beast Satan has been turned
loose taking out second Jer-
who has turned away from God Almighty!
You can see God speaking in Isaiah 5:5 ...
added to the "5" wise and the "5" foolish
Virgins saying today ...
"I have lifted my
hand of protection from around her and
she will be destroyed."
What just sank in the ocean a day or two ago? It was a ship loaded down with new automobiles! One
huge thing after another is happening today and yet the blind people see nothing! Vacation ships
burning down in the middle of the night and man cannot detect why! One ship just burned and sank
killing 34 people who were on vacation and woke up to burning hot fire that killed them. Long Trains
being derailed ... why? Large and small aircraft crashing like never before ... why? God has lifted his
hand of protection from around second Jer-
USA-lem who has gone crazy who will be destroyed!

The Bible says as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus
Christ! Billions were killed in the days of Noah and today Billions will be killed which has already
begun to happen! Things are not going to get better but much, much worse!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
From space station here's Looking at you from
above O' second Jer-
USA-lem your days are over!