Beast Dorian Paws Up To USA
God is the God in storms!
This Monster Storm
Doriain  wiped out the
Bahamas and now coming
up the south side of
Florida and hitting the
nexts states north of
Florida, means busness! I
enlarged this Huge
Monster storm and you can
plainy see God's face on
the right side of this shorm
pushing Dorian into his
second Jer-
nation who has gone to
POT. Notice Father God
not no mother nature the
world calls God, and his
large nose pointing to the
right.with his mouth seen
below pushing this huge
beast Hurricane on the
outskirts of second Jer-
USA-lem! You can see
monster Dorian and his two
front paws now climbing
into this Vineyard nation
who has turned sour on
God. God says in Isaiah 5:5
added are the "10"
sleeping Virgin Church
Vineyard God says here, "I
have lifted my hand of
protetion from her and she
will be destroyed!
God is now in the
process of
destroying his
second Jer-
Vineyard Nation,
USA! We look at
Isaiah 5:5 the
sleeping Virgins
under the Judgment
of Almight God and
not no mother nature
as he is taking her
out in verse
"5" with
"5" finger fire
hand! Here we see
Matthew 25 added
equals the
Churches of today
seen in verses
Following verse "5"
is verses
"6-7" of
Matthew 25 and God
says here,
"I am
taking away her
water ... and
removing my
prunning and
cultivating her and
she will turn into a
thorn patch
!" This is
what she is today to
Right is a picture of God's face in the clouds not happy to
have to do this to his Church who left him and today are
following Satan into hell. Right of unhappy Father God you
can see what his Church of these last days has thurned
a thorn patch saying they are following God in his
BLUE HEAVENS but are the
of unhappy Father God!

Under Father God in his clouds, shows the Goat Church of
today going down into the black hole of
hell. Right of the black hole God shows
from his Hubble telescope in his
heavens surrounded by white ... you
can see in a fire the smoke showing
this goat Church of today with two goat
horns over his white head having two
black eyes and his wide open black
mouth preaching lies to the black sleeping church and world who
believe him! The right end of this white goat cloud God also
shows this Goat Church of the last days now huge and looking
down to hell. Below this last day hell bound Goat Church you can
see God shows this in one of his fiery volcano's, the soon to be
very Blue Goat Church of today who put beast trump 45 into
power both talking together! Notice where White headed Trump is
settng over and talking to the Goat Churches of today. He is
... fire burning Donald J. Trump "45."
Now look closely at white head the president beast man Trump who calls himself a Christian but is
Satan's top man for the Hour who speaks for the Gone to Pot
"7" Churches and gone to Pot
Government ... you can see over his white head the white skull of the beast Satan who is instructing
Trump what to say and what to do!

Under the black microphone seen in Trumps white head and red fire burning pants seen above over
the Abyss of Hell as he talks to the
"7" Churches and people who put this fiery beast into power, we
see the huge black devil ... Satan with his huge nose in the works today and the
"7" Churches
believes them.

The ONLY WAY that God can get the sleeping Churches attention is to bring upon them and their
second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone to POT ... is what is happening now along with the other storms and
accidents happening ... trains running off the tracks ... buses, trucks and car accidents like never
before! Killings like we have never seen before and yet the sleeping Church knows nothing until the
heavy, heavy stuff comes in that is now in the process of happening!
The Open Vision right of the "V"irgin Church in
Iceland, shows this Church of today are
to Jesus Christ. In the center is the head of Jesus
Christ who is head over the 10 sleeping Virgins
Church of today! You can plainly see the Pig of 2
Peter 2:20-22 adding just the 2's as 2's we see
sleeping Virgins! On the right of Jesus' head you can
see God put in cloud form the large capital letter "C"
for Church! Under Jesus' face you can see the large
letter "V" for Virgins now beginning to run like
scared Rabbits! The long eared scared Rabbit God
shows in cloud form of the
"V" Church seen above
are beginning to
RUN, RUN Church RUN the devil
is after you today big time!
Pig Head
"V"irgins Beginning to scream out!
Left is Hurricane Matthew
showing "2" dark white
circles referring to the
Catholics and Protestants.
The first is the eye of
Matthew. Notice the lower
right of them you can see the
Dead Skull looking at you
crying out! God also shows
left of the dead skull
Churches. the Capital Letter
"V" for the Ice Cold "V"irgin
Churches seen above
screaming out Bloody Murder
which is now and has been
happening in fires across
this second Jer-
"v" and Skull
Below the Rabbit Church is the
huge sign of God speaking out
Loud today, it is finished!
Hurricane Matthew above took the same exact path as Hurricane Dorian is taking today in year
"2016." Today is 2019 three years later coming into second Jer-USA-lem ... "3 USA" letters in
second Jer-
USA-lem referring to the "3" USA letters in Jerusalem. Again the top Hurricane Dorian
and this bottom one Matthew tie together seen in Matthew
25:6-7. God shows in storm Matthew
25:6-7 heading to the mainland of second Jer-
USA-lem above "2" bright lites, referring to "2"
Christian religions today in this storm Matthew spitting out lies as it moves westward and turning up
to the north on the East Coast of second Jer-
USA-lem. The third bright lite is its Main Eye with the
dark dot on it. Under its eye you can see it spitting out the two running rabbit Churches!

This storm Matthew of 2016 that has
"3" white heads God shows them spitting out lies from their
mouths below the first white head seen left over Matthews lying mouth as they spit out lies today!
Again under the back of all "3" lying Churches of the last days, you can plainly see the Capital letter
"V" for Virgins! The top right end of "V" you can plainly see the whitisth dead head of people ... the
sign of God taking out this dead head Church of Matthew 25:6-7 today!

Go back upto the top Open Vision of Hurricane Dorian and look again at God's face looking to the
right and this time the left side shows God spitting out from his mouth in this storm Dorian, the green
Church of the last days no more to rule just like Adam and Abraham both messed up real bad as well.
God says today without hesitation ... "3" strikes and your out ... Adam ... Abraham and thirdly the
green Church!
Left on the outskirts of Chicago in
God's third and last baseball game
played in cloud signs above the
players ... above the left bright light
you can see in cloud form Satan
lookind down over this third and
last baseball game of God. Right of
the left bright light, you can see this
setting Duck Church of today in the
mouth of Dragon Satan! God made
this image in cloud form and not
man. The two bright lights, the
Catholics and the Protestants are
both going out being shut down

Gods Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Beast Satan
Above Duck in Dragons mouth
between 2 bright lights from the 2
Churches today seen in the Open
Vision above of storm Matthew  
25:67 in 2016.
The first round circle also refers
to the eye and the other two are
the two Churches Catholic and
2 Churches
spit out
2 bright lites below
are Catholic and
Protestant Churches
showing they both
are full of the
Dragon Satan!
Above God spits
the green Church
out from his mouth!