Beast Comes From Church
The NT Bible says; the Anti -
Christ Beast is already in
the Church 2000 years ago!
Today he comes out as the
42nd beast president of the
USA gone mad today! Read
Matthew 1:17 to see the
2000 years of the Jews and
count the Generations they
This number "42" means REBELLION! It was 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus and also "42"
generations seen in Matthew 1:17 ... read it. It was these 42 generations which means REBELLION
when the Jews Crucified Jesus the first time around! From Jesus to today is another 2000 years
and another
"42" generations to when the Gentiles did the same thing ... FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING
seen in Revelation 11:8. The lying
DOG-WOLF preachers of today tells the gulible Dog Churches,
this speaks about old Israel and not the Church
which is a lie straight from hell!

These lying DOG-WOLF preachers of today re-define the Bible from their father, Satan, as Satan
said in Isaiah 14:14 that he would put his throne above the stars of God and rule over them! This is
exactly what he has done! The dead, sleeping Churches of today say the stars are God's Angels
which is a lie, for the angels live with God.

There are "3" heavens as the Church does not know about! The first Apostle Paul was taken to the
third heaven and was told not to tell what he saw. God lives in the third heaven with his angels and
Satan used to live there as well until God found sin in him and tossed him out, now Satan occupies
the second heaven!
The first heaven is where the angels are located with God! Satan is above the
stars, the Church! The saints in the first heaven is where Satan in the second heaven is above the
Churches of today! God shows the Church from his Hubble telescope in his heavens seen below ...
men and women alike!
The two witness are seen as a man and a
woman ... the man on top looking down and
the woman below looking to the right among
the stars of heaven! Why did God show this
from his Hubble Telescope in his heavens?
God said everything on earth belongs to me!

The two witnesses are not two old Jewish men
the laiars claim are coming back to preach
from the wailiing wall in old Israel for 42
months and are killed and come back to life
and go to heaven in a cloud. Where were they
for 2000 years in their old bodies? Heaven is
located in the
SUN-SON, and to get to the
Father you first must go through the SUN ...
SON. God is a consuming
FIRE and also the
light of the world and the SUN is where the
light comes from! How does two men such like
they say, Enoch, Moses or Elijah come back to
preach, a lie from hell.
The two witness comes from the Church and not old Israel!  Another lie these bastards of
Satan claim, the 144,000 that God takes out seen in Revelation 14:1-5 comes from old Israel. These
taken out has Jesus and the Father's name written on their foreheads! The Jews never did accept
Jesus as their Messiah, only the Church has ... why would God put Jesus' name on there
foreheads? He didn't and he wouldn't ... it was Labans two daughters who married Jacob, and Jacob
refers to God who married two women, Leah of "7" years seen in Revelation 7 ... the 144,000 sealed
before hell is opened up on earth. Then Jacob married his second wide, Rachel, meaning the
Church for another "7" years ... add 7 + 7 = "Revelation 14" ... the 144,000 taken to the throne room
of Jesus Christ and not the Jews as the lying Dog Preachers claim.

Jesus said in Luke 21:35-36 ... we are to pray that we may be
ABLE to ESCAPE all that is about to
happen, and we are to pray that we may be
ABLE to STAND before the Son of Man ... meaning in
heaven! This ties to the taking out of only the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 ... the Church that has
overcome Satan to-date! The rest of the Church
MUST GO THROUGH the fire of purification from
Almighty God before they can see him!
"God is a consuming FIRE."

We go back to the top of this message to see Bill Clinton 42 becoming the President of the whole
world. He is seen in Revelation 13:3-4. We add 1 + 3 + 3 + 4 =
"11" ... Bill Clinton as known, has "11"
letters in his name and so does Jesus Christ! Bill comes back as the
little rock, jesus christ to the
entire world. This passage says,
"One of the heads of the beast seemed to have a fatal wound, but the
fatal wound healed
." This fatal wound was the Impeachment from the House of Repersentives but
this wound to Bill's Administration healed a short time later when the Senate turned him loose and
his head wound healed!

The Jewish woman, Monica, who worked at the White House as an Intern, was sleeping with Bill! Bill
was asked about this and he lied to Congress! This lie caused the head wound to his administration
that caused his Impeachment from the House, but his head wound healed when the Senate
released him. Now today the whole world is following him as the head of the beast of Satan but they
do not know what the Bible says.

God shows Bill as the little rock who was governor of
"Little Rock, Ark"...ansas before he became
the 42nd president of this gone down the drain nation. Here we see Bill Clinton 42 with "11" letters
in his name like Jesus Christ. Here we see
Little Rock ... the little Ark of Satan, coming back seen in
the Baptist Church of today! Bill Clinton's past preacher says, Bill and Hillary are good Christians!
They have no discernment from God, only discernment from their little rock god, Lucifer, Satan.
The couple from hell getting ready to lead
the Church! Notice the two blue leashes
leading the large dog, the Catholics and
the littler dog, the Protestants in the sign
of the Cross.

Below left you can see God showing the
head of Bill Clinton on the top with his
chin against the tower going down in NYC
Babyon on 9/11/1. Below Bill is the head of
this second beast man ... Geo. W. Burning
Bush weariing dark glasses to hide his
identity. Both beast men are looking ot
the right. Right of this shows the two
towers going down as they will also go
down in man form after the 42 months of
wrath is over.
Left are the two
towers that fell
showing two men,
Bill left and the
Republican elephant
on the right with his
trunk handing down
on the right. You can
see BILL on the left
with a grey Bill and
with grey hair sticking out heading left and the Burning Bush
Elephant on the right both attached to each other! Below is a long
red rock about 2 or 3 hunded yards long close to my home. God is
showing these two beast men are together, notice the burning Bush
43, Republcan Elephant attached to the back of the head of Clinton.
The tail of this long Red Dragon Rock shows the heads
of the Preachers today preaching lies to the sleeping
Churches ahead of this tail end of the Dragon. The two
ears hearing these liars today which the right ear
looking at the dog-preachers head, is the head of
George W. Bush 43 who claims to be a good Christian
but belongs to the
"Skull & Bones" secret society of
the NWO ... Illuminati today with the Clinton's who are
also part of.

The bottom Open Vision shows the heads of the
sleeping Church and the head of the Republican
elephant, Bush. In front of this awesome picture shows
the Skull and in front of the Skull shows these Shark
men of today killing the sleeping Churches who do not
wake up and repent before they die and go to hell.

Below is in front of the sleeping woman Church with
beast Bush behind them. Notice over the Skull of
elephant Burning Bush, you can see where God put
this cloud over the Skulls of the Churches when I took
this picture some 30 years ago. This cloud shows the
head and body of an Elephant with its trunk in the air ...
Republican Elephant George W. Burning Bush of the
"Skull & Bones" secret society today! Also notice above
the Shark in cloud form, another shark shown by God!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist
- Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...