Bear Sleeps - So Does Church
Coming from God's Hubble Space
Telescope the first thing you see is
HH34. This is the Home of the
Hot ... Hot bears of Russian and China
sleeping in bed and the Hot soon to be
burning 34 =
3 + 4 = "7" Churches still
in bed asleep seen in
Matthew 25:6-7.
This also shows this Ministry born on
Leo the Lion month of August 22 and
"34" showing truth.

First, you can see the bear laying on
the bed with the
Husband and Wife
Church still sleeping in the same bed
seen in Matthew
25:6-7!  Above the
golden mouth of the sleeping Bear, you
can see the
two heads of the man and
woman Church of Matthew 25
: 6-7 still
in bed sleeping and not seeing what is
going on around them today
! God is
tearing down this second Jer-
USA-lem nation seen in Isaiah 5:5 ... 5 +
5 =
"10" still in bed sleeping Churches!

God plainly says to the Church in this
passage ...
"I have lifted my hand of
protection from around her and she will
be destroyed
."  This is happening today
without a shadow of a doubt
! The next
two verses of Isaiah 5 ....
"6-7" and
Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" God says this
"I will stop watering these 2 Vineyard
Churches and I will stop Pruning and
Cultivating them and they will turn into a
thorn patch!
" This is what they are
Dead head---->
Below I point to their nose
Far left coming from God's Hubble
in his heavens we see God
throwing out from his purifying five
fingered hand, is
Adam---Atom nuclear
coming from Russia and China
bears! I put a white "X" on the head of
the bear
above in bed and on the two
Churches heads both in bed sleeping
as I pointed out! Far left shows the fire
lion with his mouth wide open showing
two large teeth going after the "2"
Churches, the
Catholic and Protestant
who have turned away from God and
follow the devil who they think is Jesus!

You can see God's Fire Lion left
running to the right with his mouth
wide open and you can see below his
open mouth showing two number "1"s for two Churches! Below these two number "1"s you can see
the capital letter
"G" for Gerig also born on Leo the Lion month of August "22." This number is the
end chapter of God's Holy Bible .... Rev.
"22." This capital letter "G" is also seen as the capital letter
"C" for Church that the Lion of Satan is going after!  

Right of the two lions, one from God and the other from Satan goes after... is the Church of the last
days seen above
now setting on the ground wearing dark glasses looking down as the black smoke
burns behind them! God is now beginning to burn the
Catholics and the Protestants at the STAKE!
She is setting on the ground with her two burning feet sticking out in front of her as this fire tells
"She has been wrong and must repent or go to hell with Satan and be in hot fiery hell for
X             X
X's on head of
man woman
Church &
Bears head
God's "5"
fingered hand
ties into the "5"
wise and "5"
foolish Virgins ...
Left God shows behind the sliver of the Moon, the Church ...
as the Moon in Joseph's dream referred to the Mother,
meaning the Mother Church that can only give a refection
from the
SUN that refers to Father God! The Stars refer to his
10 older brothers that ties into the 10 sleeping Virgin
Churches today.
The dark moon can't see the bear coming!

Below this is a huge rock close to my old home in the high
wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon where i had lived
for 28 years
! Add 28 preaching this message to the 2 + 8 =
"10" very sleeping Virgin Churches of today still in bed
! This awesome Open Vision shows Hillary Rodham
Clinton with her hand in the air as I outlined in my Adobe
Photo section of my computer, as she ran for office of the
Presidency but lost it to the big mouth beast Donald J. Trump

You can see the bear of Russia and China sleeping today
now beginning to waking up! Notice the bears eyelid is
closed in this Rock Open Vision that God burned out in solid
rock showing Daniel 5:25-28 is happening again. God is
saying ...
"The hand writing is on the Rock Wall!" God said
in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ...
"What was before will be again,
and what is now was before ... there is nothing new under the
." Notice what God also put in solid rock, the capital letter
"C" for Clinton! I added the rest ... linton to Clinton! Below
Clinton you can see the two bears of Russia and China today
but now in the process of waking up!

Below the sleeping bears now beginning to wake up, was this
storm over the East Coast of God showing the
beginning to Wake Up
! Notice their two black eyes and black
nose raising up looking at the rich billionaire Trump 45 with
RED BULLS - Eye as he today is seen as a BULLY ... and
around his
Red BULLS eye show all his gold that he is soon to
loose to the bears coming in! Notice this huge
BULLY today
walking out of the picture!

The last four beast Presidents are all tied into this last day
beast system when the Russian Bears attack this nation of
second Jer-
USA-lem who has gone to POT.  It goes back to
Bill and Hillary Clinton the first head of the beast system and
his wife ...
Hitlery!  Next came Black Obama the first black
man ever to rule over this
white nation! We see Obama "44"
in Matthew
24:20 added is "44" the number of this beast!
Jesus said,
"Pray that your flight moving out from the cities
does not happen in winter
." This is the hardest time to move is
in winter!

Left in cloud form over my home in Klamath County, Oregon
is the picture of the sleeping bear raising up on one side
seen in Daniel 7:5 who had
"3" ribs in its mouth!
The open vision left was taken from Lake Washington in the State of
Washington snowing this same black bear, the one above in cloud form
over my home and the one below in rock form both from Almighty God. God
said signs would appear in the heavens above and also on the earth below

before the return of Jesus Christ.
If you look closely you can count "3" ribs
in both bears mouth
, one in cloud form and the other in rock form!

What does
"3" ribs refer to? God took one RIB from Adam and made his wife
EVE. Today 6000 years later this one rib
that made Eve has broken into "3"
parts ... Catholic ... Protestant and Pentecostal.

Now we bring in Obama "44" again to see him as long eared ... he has big
... raising up the black bear of Russia the image seen left over my 42
day camp on top of Bly, Mountain in year 2001. You can see Obama 44 as a
two colored rabbit ... black and white, his father was black and his
mother was white ...
the two toned Rabbit with big ears lifting up
the black bear of Russia
seen left! Below this you can see golden
trump smoking a pipe over the hot cooking pot of Jeremiah 1:15
added is
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. Notice right
of Golden Trump you can see the black beast Obama with his head
in the corner seeing nothing and his beastly tail sticking in the

pony tail of Beast Trump.

Trump 45 and Obama 44 you can see God showing in one of
his fiery volcano's, the fire coming out from this mountain USA and
black Russia on the left! We see USA in the middle soon to be on
fire, and the white mixed with some black ... the Panda Bear of
China on the right with their mouths wide open ready to come into
the picture and devour this nation!
This is also seen in Zechariah
14:1-2 when they come into this nation and rape the women!

The next Open Vision from Almighty God, shows this big eared
black and white Obama 44 rabbit also coming out from fiery hell
showing his large
Rabbit Ears and his large long lying Pennocho
Nose laying across the top sign of the best beast given out in
animal fairs

The last four presidents of second Jer-
USA-lem, shows this
nation is 100% filled with the devil
along with her Churches! Rev.
14:1-5 shows God getting ready to take out his 144,000 saints who
has overcome Satan today and has Jesus and the Father's name
written on their foreheads while the rest of the Church remains
behind to have God's Hot Adam ... Atom fire burn off their sins.

God created his world and people all from Atoms ... he is the last
and third
Adam ... Atom! Man Adam was first ... the second Adam
was Spirit Jesus and now the third Adam ... Atom is Father God! He
is now getting ready to toss out the fire by his Almighty
Fingered Hand seen below!
God shows from his Hubble space telescope in his heavens he is
now getting ready to toss out upon the once sheep Church seen
on the right and on the left are the goats meaning Judgment
Notice the man on fire above and on the left shows the head
of a
GOAT on Fire! Notice his two horns and Billy Goat beard ... this
is your day O' Sleeping Goat Church of today!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist
- Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
First prize of beasts - state fairs
Above you can see the two black eyes of Satan looking to the
right and below, shows the heads of the Church pointed out
as Dead Head who think they are white but are really black in
heart! Left of Dead head you an see the dark glasses on the
heads of the Churches seeing nothing of light only the black
of Satan.

Below shows God throwing out his third Adam ... Atom fire of
Purification for God is the third Adam that he created he
created everything out of Atoms!
Dark glasses
The Thorn Church
The two beafrs are waking up