Bear Russia - Eagle USA - War
Bear Russia
Eagle USA
Trump and Putin ... Nose
to Nose and Toe to Toe
. I
pointed out above from
two pictures from outer
space from Almighty God,
showing the map of Eagle
USA left and the Russian
Bear right going to war ...
seen left
Nose to Nose
and seen below Toe to Toe of nuclear war kicking each other in
signs! You can very well see the Bear of Russia on the right and
the head of the
Eagle Bird, this USA nation on the left both
looking at each other today
! On the left you can see the two ears
above the head of this bald eagle bird nation ... our symbol ...
and below you can see the birds beak which refers to the State
of Florida ... Trumps favorite State of this 50 State Union.

Below Black Trump and White Putin the nuclear bomb soon to go
off ... we see a storm over the 50th State of Florida showing the
The freeway under the nuclear cloud bomb
"3" automobiles referring to the "3" so
called Christian Religions today, Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal all under this
nuclear cloud bomb from the Russian Bear
soon to go off
! The white cloud in the Open
Window spells out
Church from God  Almighty
and refers to these
"3" Churches today and
other ones not near as large as the
"3" listed
above ... are also all full of Satan!

Jesus said, my Sheep will be on my right,
meaning Mercy, and the
Goats will be on my
left, meaning Judgment!
God shows below the
nuclear bombs soon to go off, the head of the
Goat head Churches of today over the top of
the White head preachers speaking into the
black microphone telling lies to the Church
and world today seen in Revelation 17:1-7

God shows from one of his fiery volcano's the
Goat Churches telling the world lies! God
shows them from the top of his high mountain,
Red Fire is coming out from below and
burning down these Churches who have gone
with black Satan seen on the right

Below I show you a picture of a real nuclear
bomb going off and taking down this second
USA-lem nation of God Almighty! I laid this
nuclear explosion sideways to shew you
where the
Goat Churches of today tie in with
God Almighty

Notice the Goat Head going up in the air by
nuclear explosions from the Russian Bear!
Notice it's one bright horn ... a rocket ...
sending this Goat Head Church up into the air
and at the top shows its head looking to the
Right of this Goat head Church is the
head of his Bald Eagle Nation led today by
Golden rich Donald Trump 45
. Notice the
Golden beak of Donald Trump

Looking below president Trump you can see
where God put the
White Skulls of the dead,
sleeping Churches soon to happen
under him
the dead skulls of the dead sleeping
. Below these dead Skulls is the
head of the dragon, Satan, looking right they
are following today! God has had
games ... the first was Adam, the second the
Jews and the third the Church!
All "3" have struck out!  Left you
can see a base ball game outside
years ago. You can faintly see
in white on the field tying into the
three ball games of time from Adam
to today. Above the bright light on
the left you can see in this storm
cloud from God, the devil looking
down on this setting Duck Church
of today with its mouth open.
Directly right of this bright light you
can faintly see the head and body
of this setting
DUCK Church in the
mouth of Dragon Satan
... also seen
above in nuclear form!

Below is an Open Vision close to
my old home in the high wilderness
of Klamath County, Oregon. This
shows in burned out rock from
Notice Dragon
Notice Eagle Trump
also with his black
mouth wide open
God's fire finger, the naked "10"
sleeping Virgin Church of today
laying down on the old
Bull Market
as God is showing this naked Bull
Market Church nation going
rupt today
! When this happens the
Red Bear Market comes in ... Red
Russia and Red China
. Notice the
Soldier above that God also burned
out in solid rock close to my old
home ready to come ashore.Open
your eyes as this nation is now in a
bankrupt situation!

Below left over the Ocean God
shows his unhappy face having to
bring in the
old Indian War Bow to
take down this second Jer-USA-lem nation gone to
POT. Left you can see God showing in rainbow form
his two dark eyes over his unhappy mouth as he
brings in
Nuclear red-hot War to a nation of Grapes
gone Sour
... "3" strikes and your out ... Adam ...
Jews and lasly Gentiles

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ....

Below I am standing below Red Dragon Rock
close to my old home in the high wilderness of
Dragon Rock  riding out today on my
red horse of Paul Revere telling the
people at

Jesus told us in Matthew 25:6-7 this
sleeping Church of the last days Wake
up at
MIDNIGHT! This means we are
now in the midnight time and this
Church of Matthew 25:6-7 are about to
Wake Up to nuclear bombs going off!
<----Head ... Skull Satan