Basket Of Over-Ripe Fruit
Go to 2 Peter 2:20-22 and you will see
the Dog Church of today going into
Ring of Fire to be purified! Johnny
Money Cash
made this song popular
before he died of complications due
to Diabetes some years past ...
"I fell
into a burning Ring of Fire and went
down, down, down and the flames
went higher ... the Ring of Fire, the
Ring of fire
. God took me to this blue
automobile soon to be the
Church, the DOG Church
! Notice its
black nose at the head of this fire
coming upon them soon. Notice the
people making up the
Ring of Fire
behind this Dog Head Church!
My name is Paul Gerig who has been in this Hot Ring of Fire for
" years, the age of Jesus Christ when he died and rose again
for our sins, soon coming into his 1000 year Kingdom on earth
seen in Daniel 9:24 just after this Ministry is closes down by God
Almighty  ... Daniel 9 + 24 =
"33." This is a must to read for it
speaks of this Ministry of
Visions and Prophesies coming to a
close! This means today coming soon and sudden and after the
months of wrath is over then we see Jesus
"33" coming into his
1000 year kingdom on earth.

You can see me, Gerig ... inside this Hot Ring of Fire five years
before God moved me down to this Klamath Basin to the area
where the rocks exposes what is coming right down to the wire.
Left, this huge rock stood close to my home that
God burned out this image of the Dog Church of
today walking to the left ...
Gold ... money Johnny
Cash Church with her human face looking back-
wards into the black face of Satan who she thinks
is Jesus but is the devil himself
. I didn't make this
image, God made it! This shows the "3" beast men
of the
"666" past and present Presidents of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation! These "3" beast men
are also seen in Isaiah
"66:6" that God sends to
the sleeping, Dog Churches of today to punish
them, read it.

Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 and Trump 45 were all  born
in year
"46" ... "666." Trump born month "6" Bush
born month "7" Clinton born month "8" and now
we see
"6-7-8." We see these three men as the
Pale Riders of
DEATH in Revelation "6:7-8." The
top right is Clinton ... the second below is Texan
cowboy Bush and the bottom with the X is Trump.
Trump is the Shark who eats the Dog Woman Church as you can see the scarlet red head of the
Church of Revelation 17:1-7 in the mouth of Trump 45, going up the naked leg of the Dog Church of
today to his gold mine where his middle name is located
"J" for John. The Shark X in this Open
Vision from Almighty God, shows these "3" beast President men going after the sleeping, Dog
Church of today. Notice where the golden "J" is located, by the sex maniac President "45" of today,
Pimp Trump setting in the white-black house of this gone to pot nation of second Jer-
Now to show you these first "3" beasts of
Satan in this first long red rock burned out
by the fire finger of Almighty God close to
my home in the hills of Klamath County,
Oregon. You can see Republican Elephant
Bush 43 with his trunk attached to the back
of Clinton's head as part of the first two
president beast men of the

Behind Bush 43 you can see the Shark,
Trump and behind the Shark you can see a
dead Skull referring to the sleeping, Dog
Churches soon to be
SKULLS. Notice over
the Dead Skull in cloud form from God, is
the sign of an elephant with his trunk in the
air, Bush 43 ... added is "7" as they go after
the "7" Churches.

Behind the dead SKULL is the Church seen
below! Behind the laying down, sleeping
Church of the last days seen in Matthew
25:"6-7" ... we again see the Elephant Bush
with this sleeping Church as he claims to be
a Christian but is a liar along with the
sleeping, Dog Churches of today.

Behind the Skull of the Sleeping dead
Churches and Bush 43 both laying down, is
the head of the Dog-Wolf Preachers looking
to the left. Notice the two ears of the
Preachers ... the right ear is the head of the
beast, Bush 43, and the left ear is the head
of the sleeping Churches of today, both tie
into the beast system and both riding the
tail of the
Red Dragon, Satan.
Right of the sleeping dog, naked, woman Church
is her
NAKED behind setting on the head of these
three Presidents shown above. Notice her fanny
setting on the white hat of the president setting in
the White House as he turns his head around
looking at you. He is a beast as you can plainly see
as he stands on his front two legs and sets on his
hind legs looking at you. This Open Vision came
from Almighty God from one of his fiery volcano's!
Notice right of this Dog Churches rear end is
nothing but
Red Fire as God is getting ready to
burn them both down
Far right shows God giving us the message plain and clear, of the naked fiery rear-end woman,
Dog Church of today, showing it to the whole world! Right of her dirty rear-end on fire in white,
shows the "7" Churches, not just the "7"th Church Laodicea, but all "7" of them which is also seen
in Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3. Add the two passages together and we see "10" sleeping
Virgins of Matthew 25 added is "7" and verses
"6-7." These are the seven Churches today
heading into the Fiery Furnace of old King Nebuchadnezzar and the three Hebrew Children with
the fourth man in the fire, Jesus Christ! who is number
"11" and has "11" letters in his name still
"33" years of age! Jesus soon rides at the head of his army seen in Joel 2:"11" and his forces are
beyond number who obey his command ...
verse "11."

This picture of these last days is very plainly put by Almighty God through his last day Prophetic
Ministry! The blue automobile and the Dog Church on fire with its black nose and the ring of
People behind the head, refers to the Dog Church behind the fiery head of the BLACK NOSE DOG
CHURCH of today ... going into the ring of fire for purification. God made these images of truth, not
Paul Gerig, all I do is show them to you in this
Show and Tell End Time Ministry.  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...