Barry Storm & Paul Gerig
Hurricane Barry
soon to Bury the
Dead forehead
Both Open Vision pictures above were taken by God's overhead camera of two Tropical Storm over
this nation. The Tropical storm on the left shows God's last day Prophet speaking from the
West Coast
where I live blowing my
JESUS TRUMPET loud and clear over the Western Southern Coastline where I
live! Tropical Storm Barry has come ashore on the Southern
Coastline and drowning out the people ...
as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man ... Jesus Christ!

The Tropical storm
, left and Prophet Paul, you can plainly see me blowing this Jesus Trumpet coming
from the
Southern West Coast! Right, Tropical storm Barry soon to bury this once good grape Church
who has turned to
sour grapes seen in Isaiah ... 5:5 added is "10" sleeping Virgins that God says in
this verse
... "I have lifted my hand of protection from around her and she will be destroyed!"
This is now happening!

The left side of the reddish, golden storm Barry you can see the dead forehead of this second
USA-lem nation looking upward. Right of the word "Dead forehead" you can faintly see the green
head of the
Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 and adding the 2's as 2's is "10" sleeping Virgins in this
huge storm from Almighty God ... not mother nature that does not exist only God who is in control!
Left is yours truly at the age of "67" when I purchased my GMC
four wheel drive truck ... meaning
God's Moving Church ... GMC.
This ties into the place I bought this 2000 truck at the
GMC dealership in Klamath Falls, Oregon
in 2001. (The West One
Prophet blowing his Jesus trumpet
, seen above, over this nation
from the
GMC Auto Dealership West One ... where I live in
Klamath soon to Fall ... second Jer-
USA-lem Oregon)

"67" ties into Matthew 25 added equals "7" Churches and
"6-7" ties into this message I am Blowing Out today in no
uncertain terms! Now listen to the kicker for I wrote a newsletter
and mailed them out about one week before I received this new
license plate from the State of Oregon ...
XYJ-892. The title of my
was: ... "Crossing Yahweh's Jordan 144,000."
age 67
You may say ... "So What." God said to me about my new license plate for my one year old GMC four
wheel drive truck that had
"19"000 miles on the odometer! God is the first and the last of his
numbering and Alphabet system ... "1" and number "9" equals
"19" and "A and Z" of his alphabets.
Looking at my new license plates was
XYJ-892. Here is the title to my News Letter I had written
before my new license Plate arrived ...
XYJ-892 and the 144,000 overcoming saints today that God
soon takes out with him ...
GMC ... God's Moving Church when all hell is opened up on earth soon and
suddenly seen in
Revelation 14:1-5.

Now the meaning of my new license plate:  X means Crossing ... Y means Yahweh and J
means Jordan
... Crossing Yahweh's Jordan!  Now for the numbers ... 8 X 9 = 72 and number "2" also
ties into the year of my GMC ...
2000 ... equals 144,000 overcoming saints known ONLY to the one who
receives this White stone with a new name written on it for the old name,
Christian, has gone down
the drain and is no more as good but turned bad also seen in Isaiah
65:14-15 at the end of days,
Here we see God giving a new name to his 144,000 who have overcome Satan today known
ONLY to the one recieving this white stone and a new name ... Revelation 2:17.

We add Isaiah
65:14-15 ... in single numbers and they equal the end time number Chapter of the
Bible "Revelation
"22" also the days God's last day Prophet was born on Leo the Lion month of
"22." The picture above of myself at "67" years of age, my old friend Leo who owns Leo's
Camera Shop in downtown Klamath, soon to Fall
USA Oregon, took this picture of yours truly at my
age of
Below Dead Head
looking up
This AM I turned on my TV set just before 8:00 am to
hear this message on the news of someone turned
a pet five foot
aligator-crockadile  loose in the
water by a very large city that surprised the people. They caught this large mouth beast and the
people could then go into the water to cool off. Above, I took this picture of a huge rock close to
where I lived for 28 years in the high wilderness area of Klamath county, Oregon. I marked the word
of this scene some years ago that now ties into today big time! You can see the head of this
heading to the right
, and under the head and body of a person I wrote Christain. The large mouth
Dragon Satan is heading to the sleeping Christian Church of today to take them down!

Right of this you an see a woman, the sleeping Church of today
in signs and this Crock in this picture
is heading to the woman Church of today with its
mouth open! Who is this huge open mouth dragon
beast today if not big mouth Donald John Trump the
"45"th Dragon Beast president of this gone
down to drain nation today
of second Jer-USA-lem?
This huge liar telling huge Crocks ... Lies is head of the largest and strongest nation on earth ...
head of the third and final Mystery Babylon seen in Revelation 17:1-7
who has killed the sleeping,
scarlet Church and messed up the entire world
! We add in God's awesome numbering system ... 1 +
7 + 1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.

What is Babylon? Babylon is the richest and strongest nation on earth! Second Jer-
USA-lem is this
last and "3"rd Babylon today and now God says ...
your days are over ... it is finished and you will
be no more as I am pushing your large Rock Nation off
the clift never to rise again as you were!
It looks like a red heart lover
the Church who put Trump
in office outlined in rich gold,
about to turn and give them the
deadly Punch of their lives!
Donald  Beast Trump blowing his
huge lies and calls the women
liars who talk against him
, that
he molested them, and
this lying
Crock-adile is the one telling
Crocks ... lies!
My old Indian friend of years passed, governor of Chiloquin,
Oregon ... Brother Joe Hobbs,
died last year from an
automobile accident at the age of
"67." This nation first began
as an Indian nation now governed by second Jer-
God shows this old Indian nation now at the clift ready to fall
down never to rise again as she was. God shows her again in
fire taken from this
"50"th state of this nation, Hawaii, from a
fiery volcano.

Top right
God shows this old Indian war bow in the heavens
and over the top shows the two dark eyes of God allowing this
to happen soon and suddenly
... War!  Paul in 1 Thes. 5 ... 1 + 5
"6" at the end of the 6th Millennium today going into the
7"th Millennium ... "6-7" ... says as he was speaking to the
Awake Church! Today at the end of days as we know them
Jesus said in Matthew 25:
"6-7" this Church is sleeping! God
has raised up another
"Apostle Paul" preaching this
awesome message today at the end of days as we know them
to the Church who went to sleep with
Dragon Satan and
committing adultery on Jesus!

Left shows in cloud form from Almighty God, this
BULLISH-HORSEMAN of war, Donald J. trump 45 running to the
right, notice his large black eye and on the end of his nose is
the nose ring of this huge Bully Beast
today, Donald J. Trump 45 that the
sleeping Church are laying on stark naked.

Left, from the area where I had lived for 28
years shows this large rock that shows the
naked 10 sleeping Virgin Church with their
hands in the air laying down on this end
time Bull ...  Bully Beast Donald J. Trump 45

worshiping him!
This happens at the very
end of days
today as we know them! When
this happens the soldiers of Russia, China,
North Korea and other nations now hating
this second Jer-
USA-lem ... come to war
soon and suddently
! God is allowing this to
 becasue second Jer-USA-lem
turned away from him and worship
who they think is Jesus but the devil

Today I ride my Electric Red Horse over
this nation like Paul Revere road out at
MIDNIGHT long ago on April 18, 1775 telling
this nation also today
on July  16, 2019 ...
"Red Coats are coming" ... Red
Russia ... Red China and the many nations
with them

Using God's awesome numbering system
we look at the day old Paul Revere and the
day this last day Paul Revere Gerig
Bully Ring in noes---------->
Donald Trump rides the golden
rich Bully - War Horse today
pulled along by God to punish
the Church of todqy gone sour!
wrote this message to second Jer-USA-lem at MIDNIGHT ... Matthew 25:6-7. Today is the "16"th of
July and added to the day the first Paul Revere road out on day
"18" and we add the two dates
together ... 1 + 8 and 1 + 6 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC!  God confirms this again in
this date I write this message, Day
"16" hundren Penn., Ave., Washington DC! We add again 16 + 18
34 = the year I was born on Leo the Lion month of August "22" meaning the end and speaking this
message to the "3 + 4 =
"7" Churches today at Kingdom time!

To end this awesome message from Almighty God we go to Romans
3:3-4. We add 3 + 3 + 4 = "10"
sleeping Virgins that I am preaching to today at Judgment time. We go again with Roman's
referring to the
"3" religions today, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.  To end this message of
the "3" Churches who are liars today ... the verses "3-4" is the year I was born in
19-34. I work for
God as his last day Elijah Prophet speaking for him as he says,
"Let God be True and every man a
!"  God speaks through his true Prophets ... let them be true and this last day Church are liars!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...