Bald Eagle USA Crash Landing
Yours truly is known as the West One Prophet
who purchased my 2000
GMC ... meaning ...
"God's Moving Church" at the West One GMC
Auto Dealership in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 2001
Below the head of Jesus hitting this Eagle Bird
nation in its head killing it, I show myself in front
of my 2000 GMC four wheel drive truck. I
enlarged my license plate for you to see what
license letter
s and numbers God gave me to go
along with my GMC truck
, it is XYJ - 892. I wrote
a news letter about one week before I received
my new license plate and mailed them out titled
"Crossing Yahweh's Jordan 144,000."
This ties into Revelation 14:1-5. We add in God's awesome numbering
system ... 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" equals Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in
his name and Jesus Christ ... God ... has his name written on the
foreheads of his overcoming
144,000 saints soon to leave this planet and
go to heaven with God Jesus just before hell is opened up on earth
Here we see GMC ... God's Moving Church
... the 144,000 leaving the rest
behind to be purged from their many sins!

Now here is the kicker! This ties into the Newsletter I had written just
before God mailed me my new license Plate for my ...
"GMC ... God's
Moving Church
!" ... "X" means Crossing ... "Y" means Yahweh ... "J"
means Jordan! Now we go to the numbers!
XYJ-892 in God's Numbering system!  Now We multiply 8 X 9 = "72" times "2" my 2000 GMC ... God's
Moving Church and we see
144,000 overcoming saints soon to leave this planet.

Top left and the Open Vision below it show a tropical storm over this nation a few years ago on
Election day. It shows
God's West One Prophet of the last days ... Yours Truly blowing this Jesus
Trumpet over this land soon to be removed by God and never to rise again as she was
! You can
plainly see yours truly over the West Coast ...
The West One ... where I purchased my 2000 GMC
showing this Ministry blowing my Jesus Trumpet over this nation with Jesus' head on the end of my
trumpet hitting this
Eagle Bird Nation in its head killing it looking down over the state of Florida, the
beast Donald J. Trump
"45" favorite state!

The center picture heading this awesome message, I took while driving into Klamath soon to Fall USA
Oregon with my
Cannon Telescopic Lens Japanese Camera. It shows this Eagle Bird Nation ready to
crash land and this is now happening today across this nation and in Washington DC! I put on the
picture some years ago what you read today what is happening Washington DC. Far right God shows
this message of this
black bird eagle nation coming down and crash landing in cloud form.
Notice above the Open Vision from Almighty God
showing Jesus' head hitting this bald eagle nation in
the head
KILLING IT over the State of Florida. Left was a
picture in cloud form over a freeway in Florida of a
nuclear bomb going off.
God shows the window for this
to happen is now open
! In the window now open you
can see a white cloud in this window now open, the
word ...

Now we go back to my Japanese Camera ...
Cannon ...
Cannon touches on the
Nuclear Cannon bomb soon to
go off! This takes us back to the beast heading this
nation who is number
"45" ... beast Donald J. Trump!
This takes us back to year "45" when the "33"rd
President Harry Truman dropped
"2" Atomic Bombs on
Japan killing thousands of innocent people. Here we
see year "45" and Trum...p "45." Number
"33" ties to Jesus Christ God who soon drops Adam
Nuclear Bombs down upon his second Jer-USA-lem nation
who has gone
Bananas today. Where is this beginning of
God showing his fierce  anger ... where does it come from?
How about in the
Virgin Islands the land of Banana's! This
also ties into the
"Virgin Church" of Matthew 25:6-7.

Above you can see me standing in front of my 2000 GMC ...
Gods Moving Church, the 144,000 soon to leave this planet
to be with God while he destroys the garbage, the
turned rotten. Left from God's fiery volcano shows the Goat
Church of today talking to the beast
... Donald J. Trump 45
who they put into power. Above his head you can see the
white head of the
"Skull of a Beast who Trump 45 is!"

Left I put this image of a real nuclear bomb going off I turned
sideways to show you what God is showing in this coming in
Nuclear Atomic bomb war soon to hit. You can plainly see the
Goat Church soon to be flying up in midair by a rocket seen
on the one horn of the Goat Church. At the top you can see
this Goat Church of today who put this beast
"45" president
into power. Notice his head right of the Goat Churches head,
this bald eagle nation with a golden beak referring to golden
rich Billionaire Trump
"45" soon to be nuclear as in the days
of Harry S. Truman year of year
Notice below golden rich Donald Trump "45" showing his golden rich bill, you can plainly see the
White Skulls he soon leaves behind! Now notice above and below the White Dead Skulls of the
People of this nation
is the head of the Dragon ... Satan that matches the Head of this Eagle Bird
Nations President ... Donald John Trump
"45." Here we see the White Dead Skull Head Church
in between Beast Trump and Dragon Beast Satan that Trump is working for today in no
uncertain terms!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...