BabyWoman Asteroid Church
Top center you can see the face
of the Baby Church of today who
has never grown up to Maturity
looking at you! You can see her
walking to the left with white hot
nuclear bomb going off over her
head wearing a white hot fire
shawl she is walking with the long
lying nose of lying Beast
Pennochio Trump and his lying
prostitute wife under her.

Now to blow your mind God
shows this awesome image of
Asteroid blowing up in his
heavens seen as the Church and
Donald and his wife nation soon
to disappear! The dog face
Church is seen on the left and on
the right you can see the open
bill of the lying Chicken Church.

Now hold onto your pants O'
Naked Church for the white shawl
with the top black X is the same
Open Vision below taken from
God's Hubble space telescope
also in his heavens of
Trump and
his huge mouth wide open as
usual and smoking a nuclear
. Notice the lower black X
shows his Pipe of Nuclear War he
brings in killing the Dog Church
seen above him who put this man
into power. This is the
dog-pig-goat church of 2 Peter
2:20-22 and adding just the 2's as
2''s equals the
10 sleeping Virgin
First there was man Adam ... second was
Holy Spirit Jesus Adam ... third is Father
God Adam ... Atom who created all
things from Atoms! There are "3"
Baptisms ... Water Noah ... Holy Spirit
Woman Church
Head Below
Over the head
of todays
Church is the
nuclear bomb
of God and
under her
head you can
see Donald
Trump and his
huge mouth
Wide Open!
Jesus .... lastly Father the Fire. Upper left you can see this last Fire Baptism
from the Father and the cross below. Right of this
is fire trump who lights the
... as God uses his good vessels to do his good work and he uses his bad
vessels to do his back work. God shows here the huge mouth Trump with his
arms spread out as usual running in with the nuclear pipe in his mouth and left
is what happens ... the old Noah's ark that ties into the new Noah's ark for the
Church of today gone Bananas ... blows up in the ocean of time!
The image above also ties into Trump face to face with Prophet Paul is seen on the front page of my
website! It is Almighty God who is showing what is about to happen to the Dog-Pig-Goat Church of
today who has gone crazy and are following Satan into destruction!
 It was "33" years ago when I
came back to the Lord at the age of
"50" as this number refers to a new beginning! We are at the
end of the
120 Jubilees as what began 6000 years ago with Adam and Eve and goes to today at the
end of man's number which is
"6" ... 120 ... 50 year Jubilees is "6000" years and then we see the
Golden Jubilee of Almighty God, his Golden Jubilee Kingdom set up!
Church on old-new
Noah's Ark Blows
Left we see the face of Almighty God in cloud form looking down
from heaven with a heavy face upon the Church today being hit in
their face with nuclear poison and falling backwards
, seen in Isaiah
28:13. You can see her naked breasts and below her stomach you
can faintly see her hairy lower sex area. God shows this from his
Hubble telescope in his heavens! Read this passage for it says she
falls backwards!

The next two verses 14-15 says she has made a lie her refuge and

false hood
her hiding place ... a must to read. We add Isaiah 28 ... 2 +
8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 added is "7" Churches of

I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." I
preach today to the 3 + 4 =
"7" Churches of Matthew 25 added is
"7" Churches of verses "6-7." We are leaving the "6" th Millennium
and going into the
"7" th Millennium ... "6-7." I preach today at the
Hour of Judgment seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7."

God created man seen in Genesis 1:27 that touches on the 10
sleeping Virgins today ... 1 + 2 + 7 =
"10" sleeping Virgins! God
created man on the
"6"th day of a "7" day week ... "67."
Now we go to the last chapter and verse of the Holy Bible of Revelation 22:21 and we see God
adding up in his awesome numbering system another
"67." We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" ...

Now we multiply 6 X 7 = "42" equals Judgment and we go to the first chapter of the NT Holy Bible of
Matthew 1:17! We see
2000 years of the Jews and 14 generation and 14 generation and 14
generation added is
"42" that this passage speaks about. This passage also speaks about the
Church 2000 years later and also
"42" generations later when the Church followed in the footsteps
of the Jews ...
they also crucified Jesus Christ all over again figuratively speaking seen in
Revelation 11:8. Add 1 + 1 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins!

Remember what Jesus said ...
"What was good for the Jew is now good for the Gentile for God does not
show favoritism
!"  Hitler and the Jews is now Hitler Trump and the Gentles! It was the Roman
Catholic Church who put Hitler into office and it was the Roman Catholic and the Protestant Church
of today who put this
Second Hitler Trump into office now getting ready to take out the Church of the
last days also seen heading this awesome message from Almighty God.
The above sign of old Hitlers famous military solute and his military war hat and white headed beast
Trump ... talking to Satan ... is seen above coming from the
"50" th state of this "50" state Union of
the Republic ...
Hawaii ... God's second Jer-USA-lem that God is now taking down! I got these
pictures from the volcano rocks from Hawaii that God shows what is happening today with the Trump
Administration and the end of days ... today!

You can see the Military Hat of Trump left giving the old Hitler Military solute and going after the
"V"irgin Church far left and far right. God shows in this burned out rock ... the Hand writing of
God is on the rock Wall!
 Left of white haired head of Trump above you an see the white face of
Trump below his old Hitler Military hat! Right of old Hitler's military hat, we see the pink face of Trump
talking to
Black Satan! Notice God put a white line around Satan's nose for your viewing. Below
Trump talking to Satan you can see the lava rock showing waves going down to the Happy Dog
Church who listen to lies from Satan with their red tongue hanging out enjoying what is happen
today as they are blind as a bat at high noon!
Left close to my old home in the high
wilderness area of Klamath county
where I had lived for 28 years among the
many rocks that God has showed the
Church of today, soon to be running to
hide from God seen in Isaiah
This ties to second Jer-
USA-lem of 2 + 1
+ 9 + 2 + 2 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave.,
Washington DC. The only thing i added
to this rock picture close to my old
home, was outline the pig headed
woman Church of today wearing a
famous hairdo and also a warm winter
coat turning her head around looking at
you. Notice top right the two legs of the
LION Beast of the old German Swastika
Isaiah 2:19-22
chasing her! This rock was so large I had to take
two pictures of it! The lower picture is above the
upper picture that shows the legs of the lion beast
Trump coming out from the mouth of old George
Washington being hit in its gay forehead soon by
the two bears of
Russia and China! Notice left of
the Lion Trump coming out from this nations
mouth, you can see where I circled the faintly sign
of the old
German Swastika!

I am not of old German Hitler but I am of German
decent and I also have Jewish blood running in my
veins from both my parents!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig