Baby Moon Church Day-dreaming!
Jesus God is the SUN....SON that gives
the light and the
Moon refers to the
Church that can
ONLY give a reflection
SON...SUN God the Father.  Notice
the moon left you can see the woman on
the right setting on a cloud ... the  Baby Church today who has never grown up to maturity setting
on cloud
"9" still sucking her thumb stark naked looking left to the Moon who she represents today
at Judgment time ... also notice her two
naked breasts. Notice the dark blue woman Church of today
in this picture of the Moon and right shows her as a baby still sucking her thumb never to have
grown up to maturity! You can see her looking to the left wearing an up to date
Bun hairdo ready to
go into the rocks to hide from God below as he rises to shake the earth seen in Isaiah
2:19-22.  We
add 2 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 2 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC second Jer-USA-lem!
Notice the woman Church, second
USA-lem in this huge rock
close to my old home in the
wilderness, showing she is
wearing an
up to date bun hairdo
as she goes into the rocks to hide
from God! I outlined her looking
back at you wearing a warm winter
coat. Notice her dark pants and
checkered coat, as God did all the
rest shown in solid rock he
burned out with his fire finger.
Only one thing we see the legs of
the Lion beasts coming down, top
right to go after her as she hides
from God in the rocks and holes
in the ground but it will be of no
Isaiah 2:19-22
The blue Moon woman Church can only give a reflection from the Sun God! Last year God shows
her as the Moon Church got in front of the
Sun God, referring to God last year one day before my
birthday ... August
"21" over the small county of St. Paul, Oregon ... my birthday is August "22."
Turn 21 : 22 around and we see the end of the Holy Bible ... Revelation 22:21 added ...2 + 2 + 2 =
"6" plus "1" equals "7" equals
"67" the end of days as we know them! We are at the end of the
"6"th Millennium and going into the 1000 year Kingdom of Jesus Christ the "7"th day of the week,
the coming in Sabbath ...

What happens next when God shows over the small county of St. Paul last year when the Moon got
in front of the
SUN ... GOD? It shows the bears of Russia and China moving down from the North
covering the eye of this PIG Nation and Pig Church as they do not see anything
! God shows this
PIG with the bears covering its
EYE ... and below the bear you can see the head of the PIG ... this
Pig Headed nation and Church
 screaming out bloody murder! You can see her today in 2 Peter
still swimming with a FISH tail as what she used to be called, Fishers of Men's souls!
The Red in the Oregon map left is the county of
St. Paul and they also enlarged St. Paul showing
my mouth wide open in surprise and the Russian
and China Bear covers the eye of this Pig headed
Nation of second Jer-
USA-lem Church of today
who see exactly nothing until it literally happens
... war with the two bears!

You can see this Pig Headed Nation and Church
still swimming with a FishTail as the Church
began as a Fish Church and turned into a Pig
head Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22. Notice the black
faced Preachers telling lies ... far right.
Hair-Bun Church -------------------->
We add 2 Peter 2:20-22 and adding just the "2"s as "2"s ... we see "10" very asleep ... Virgin Pig
headed black in heart Churches of today all going to hell if they do not repent of their evil ways!
Pig headed Black faced Preachers ---->
Churches Face Nose---->
Naked Baby Church on cloud 9 sucking
Isaiah 2:19-22
<-------Hair-Bun - means today
Lions legs Chasing her
Notice the Blue woman Church of today, as
God the SON the SUN gives the light and
the Church can only gives a reflection from
the Sun! Left God shows this
Blue Woman
Church of today
seen above wearing the
Hair-Bun today, not 10 years from
today, but refers to today, as a GOAT Church
as Jesus said, the
GOATS will be on my left,
meaning Judgment and my sheep will be on
my right meaning Mercy.

Left we see in
"BLUE" the Blue Goat
Church seen above in the Moon. God shows
this in his fiery volcano left, the Goat Church
talking to red pants Satan from Hell!  
Far left the Lord took me to this red
headed woman facing left wearing a
grey low cut shirt wearing a famous
hair-do with a smug look on her face.
The cloud picture right of her was a
storm over Florida. I put this picture
from the Internet into my Adobe Photo
section of my Computer and drew
lines around this smug looking woman
Church looking the same direction as
the Red headed woman far left, both
having a smug look.
Notice God shows both are wearing the famous BUN hairdo! I did this image of the Witchcraft
Church before this hair bun hairdo was so popular. I outlined the head hair bun and neck of this
cloud showing the eye of this
Witchcraft Woman Church under her eye as you can plainly see.

Now that you can see the
Blue Moon Church of today is going down ... Jesus said people are seen
as trees!  God took me to this tree above showing the
REAR-END  of the naked woman Church
today, her
END! She is also seen in Revelation 17:1-7 adding 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 = "16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC. She is seen here as
Mystery Babylon the Great ... a Mystery to the sleeping
Church ... this nation who she rides today as the scarlet ... red headed naked
BUTT woman Church
that this scarlet beast nation of second Jer-
USA-lem kills and also kills the whole World ... read it!
God continues to flabbergast this sleeping blue naked woman Church seen above also naked. Far
left God shows this naked tree
BUTT WOMAN Church riding the beast Presidents of this going
to hell Pig Church nation of 2nd Peter 2:20-22. Add the 2's as 2"s and we see
"10" sleeping virgins
of Matthew 25:6-7 riding the beast like she is sleeping on the beast ... right Open Vision. The left
one came from God's Volcano and the right one came from his Hubble space telescope in his
heavens showing this
RED HEADED scarlet naked woman Church as laying down on the beast,
Trump she is riding on today and who they put into power. Notice the naked rearend woman
setting on the white hat of the White House President with his head turned around looking at you
as he sets down on his hind legs.

Notice the top cloud picture God made showing this naked Church of today riding cloud
"9" stark
naked sucking her thumb. Now look again as she is also sleeping as she rides the beast, Donald J.
Trump 45 still a baby Church! Look right of her red head as she lays sleeping and riding naked on
Sex Maniac Beast Trump!  You can see the head and face of a BABY this last day Church is,
because she has never grown up to maturity, but is still a Baby!

She is seen in Zechariah 5:5-11 in a measuring basket with lead covering her mouth, the dross of
silver as silver of Jesus means redemption and lead is the dross of silver the nessage the Church
of today are preaching. She is seen here being carried in mid-air by two women with
Stork Wings ...
meaning they are carrying a
BABY Church!  After she has been in mid-air purified by the nuclear
bombs of God by the Russian Bear, she then sets down in her New House in Babylonia when this
White House is built where Jesus will set on earth for 1000 years with his overcoming baby
woman Church who has been purified by
Nuclear Fire! God is the "3rd Adam ... Atom!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Left the Baby