Babylon US - Red Woman Goes
<--- Red headed Church
Scarlet Woman Church looking left and down - Rev. 17:1-7
The man standing with his
legs spread apart shows the
letter "V" for Virgins upside
down today
! The red headed
scarlet woman Church is seen
left, downward as this
lava flowing from the 50th
state in this Union, also ties
into the
"50" states of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation
going down. God is showing
is pushing his second
nation off his high mountain
and she is flowing out into the
sea of time.
She will disappear like the Jews disappeared from God because of what they did to his Son Jesus
Christ ... both mother and daughter has crucified Jesus on the cross
! The Church has done this to
Jesus figuratively speaking ... seen in Revelation 11:8 ... read it for it is
true and it is real!

This Red headed, Scarlet woman Church of the last days is riding the beast ... this nation of second
USA-lem. She is not only riding the beast, but she is also killing God's Saints Spiritually
speaking. John the
Revelator who wrote the book of Revelations could hardly believe what God
was showing him about this last day Church killing the true saints of God. God is showing above the
red headed woman Church of today is looking downward
to the left and ready to flow into the ocean
and be no more! Below is this picture from another one of God's fiery volcano's
, showing the naked
has turned into a naked woman who rides the beast, the president of this gone down the
Church flows out to sea and is no more!
drain nation.

You can see
this last day Churches naked rear-end setting on
the white hat of the presidents in the
"White House." Notice
right of her naked bottom, you can see the red fire coming
upon her and this White House nation soon and suddenly
Notice below her naked bottom you can see his White House
Hat, and below this you can faintly see his forehead, nose and
mouth as he stands on his front two feet and sets down on his
hind legs ...
the beasts of Revelation.

Remember what John
the Revelator said in Revelation 17:1-7
that this
Mystery Babylon Nation has messed up the entire
world which ties into the whole world today,
false Christianity
and Satanic
!  Black Tina Dog Church you have come to your end
of days and they will be no more as seen below in red and black
form of my old Poodle Tina dog I had to put down.
Left in the volcano in Hawaii you can see the road
coming to an end with the fire on the left going up in
black smoke showing my old 16 year old Poodle dog
that I had to put away because of her age ... blind, deaf
and dumb that touches on the Churches of today seen
in Isaiah 35:4-6. This takes place after the 42 months of
wrath is completed and we go into the 1000 year
kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Why is God doing this to this last day
? Below the road closed, shows in rock form
close to my old home in the high wilderness area
where I used to live, the Tina Dog Church of 2 Peter
2:20-22 shown here by
God Almighty in shadow
form among the rocks,
this last day Dog Church
who is soon to burn and
smoke as also seen
above. I remind you Tina
in this black picture is
only a shadow among
the rocks, as Jesus said
in Luke 19:39-40
"If my
people do not speak out
then the rocks will cry out."  Making up the head ad front paws of my old Tina Dog shows her
chewing on two bones, the Catholics and the Protestant people. Right of Tina's tail you can see in
black burned out in rock, the initials of the beast, BC ... Bill Clinton 42 and or the other beast seen
making up Tina's head, Bush and Clinton on the tail. King Bush is seen in Ezekiel 38 as GeOrGe the
land of many Gog's ... three in all! GeOrGe Washington ... GeOrGe H.W. Bush and GeOrGe W. Bush.
Now notice over Dog Tina, referring to the Churches of today, you can see over her back is the
head of a beast and right of this you can see the head of the Red Dragon ... BC for Bill Clinton who
is the head of the beast of Revelation.

How did this all come about?  
God shows this in no uncertain terms!  Who is setting in the White
House today causing Nuclear War soon to come about if not Billionaire, Big Mouth Pimp Donald
John Trump who has had "3" pornographic wives that ties to "3" pornographic Churches of today,
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal who have turned a 360 degree turn seen in Revelation 17:1-7
who has messed up the entire world per old John the Revelator who wrote the book of Revelation!
Of what religion is Trump? He is Roman Catholic and this ties into old Rome and the coming in of
NERO again ...what was before will be again, and what is now was before! Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev.
 Now I wonder who is the God of Numbers if not Almighty God who had the "4"th book of his
Bible named,

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Scarlet Church sinks
into the sea of time it
is finished!
God shows in no uncertian
terms, this Eagle bird nation of
today is going down the drain
and will be no more!  Anyone
with eyes in their heads can see
this for 100% right on the mark!
"Wake Up O' Sleeping Church"
... your days are over and Jesus'
1000 year Kingdom is coming in
after the 42 months of wrath is
completed! Daniel 9:24 ...

Prophet Paul ...