Babylon USA - Disappears
One mile from my home the
area I have been living for
the past 28 years, shows the
message for today and the
end of time as we know it!

Over the
R in Rock, shows
Oval Office of the
! This top rock
pointing to the right, points
to the Dragon taking
Babylon USA down! Right of
the word
Politics shows the
Open Bible also seen below
with the word,
JESUS over
his Open Bible with the wolf
preachers preaching lies
from. Notice the right side
of this Open Bible from God
Jesus, shows today they are
dragging behind them a

Notice the top vision,
 is the sign of the
, the symbol of this
nation laying dead on the
ground! Left of this you can
plainly see the Cross of
Jesus Christ also laying
dead on the ground in this
nation of second
USA-lem. The Church
says they worship Jesus but do not worship him today for Satan has moved in and they worship him
! .Right of the words on top ... Babylon Rock Church and Politics ... is the picture above
showing JESUS over his Bible today
! Below this are the mouths of the wolves pulling behind them
DEAD HEAD Churches today. Right of this you can see the two letters, IS for ISIS cutting off the
Churches heads, those under the head-ship of Satan, as this is seen in signs.  
Left is the huge rock of my little
black poodle dog,
seen as this last
day black dog Church of 2 Peter
in shadow form, and is
setting under this Dragon rock,
Satan. You can see my little black
poodle dog Tina
, in shadow form,
chewing on two bones
, touching on
two religions today in
a shadow of
what was coming to the Catholics
and Protestants
. I didn't make these
Open Visions above, God burned
them out from solid rocks. You can
see the dragon looking to the left
and only feet away is Babylon Rock,
the USA
, the two pictures above.
Right of the word, DRAGON is the rafters of the houses and Churches that dragon Satan takes down.
Above the yellow N that I put there to show you the small
"n" in the rock above that God put there to
show the houses in this nation are soon to go down! The signs are all around us today with the fires,
waters and winds already beginning to take them down
, along with volcano's all around the ring of
Left of the word RAFTER you can see in tree form, the head of the Dog Church with their mouths
wide open crying out.
Left of this tree, as Jesus said are seen as people, is the PIG Church of today
with their mouths open soon to be screaming out, Bloody Murder as does the dogs who have
returned to their own vomit when Mystery Babylon the Great, the USA goes down!

Under the DRAGON you can see two devil's over
Tina, the black dogs back, the black Churches of
today! The first demon is looking at you with two large black eyes and open mouth! The right one is
the head of the
Red Dragon with black BC burned out in solid rock by Almighty God, the two letters,
BC. BC refers to two men of the beast ... Bush 43  and Clinton 42 as both men call themselves
Christians but both are liars
gross instead! The first president of this nation was GeOrGe
Washington. The second GeOrGe H.W. was number 41 and the last  GeOrGe W. was 43. These "3"
GeOrGes are seen in Ezekiel 38 in the land of Magog, meaning in the land of Many GeOrGes ...
"3" in

This passage speaks for today and is also seen in Ezekiel 38:18-19 and Revelation 11:12-13. The
GeOrGes of today are with the
NWO ... Illuminati of Satan. It was the Bushes who backed Hitler in WW
II along with Standard Oil of the UK and are still part of the devil system. I will not go into the Gog
Bushes here, but we see the earthquake is now ready to hit the
USA from the Ring of Fire, as the
GOG's are with
China and Russia today coming against this last day Church with the anger of Satan.
Go into the arkives of this nation and you will see the Bushes with Standard Oil of the UK ... no lie.

Next, we go to Revelation 11:12-13 to see this earthquake happening one hour after the overcoming
144,000 saints are taken to heaven. This ties into Ezekiel 38 ... Gog of the Magog
GeOrGes ... "3" in
all with Russia and China mo
ving into this land of Magog that means Many GOG's.  After this happens
then we see the two headed Lion Beast,
Clinton 42 and Bush 43 added together is "67" who came
out from the Church, as the early Church said 2000 years ago the anti-Christ would come out from the
Church! These two beast men go after the sleeping Church of Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." We add in
God's numbering system
Bill 42 and Geo. 43 equals "67."

God's last day Moses, Jeremiah, John Paul the second prophet was born in a preachers home "6" of
" Children! I preach today at the Hour of Judgment seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7" ... this
Eternal Gospel that the Churches of today know nothing about! You can see in this passage the "3"
angels flying in mid air proclaiming this
Eternal Gospel at the Hour of Judgment the end of days as we
know them
. This ministry of God is preaching today from God's third Angel Website and this is my
third and last Angel flying in mid air website and then the end comes.  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...