Assemblies Of Goats Head To Hell
Dr. Mike Murdering Murdock doctors up his hair just like President Donald J. Trump does and both
are the same age
"73." The spiritual beast Murdering Murdock 73 is the head leader of the Satanic
Church ... he attended the
Assemblies of God ... Goat school in Texas and preaches from Texas
and South Carolina from the Assemblies of God ... Goat Church and the Political leader to this same
Church is Donald J. Trump
"73" and both added separately ties into the "10" sleeping Virgins
Church of Matthew 25 added refers to the
"7" Churches of today and verses "6-7."

The Murdering Dr. of Divinity as you can see, has a receding hairline and has a lite grey beard. The
up to date pictures of this spiritual beast of Satan, shows his hairline lower and his hair and beard
black as coal. Trump on the other hand has golden hair and both are money men to say the very least.

The man in black above, Murderer Murdock of the Church, leading today ... the man-goat two horned
goat head looking at you with his Big Mouth Wide Open as usual, just like Donald Trump who is the
big head of the Goat Church and Goat Politics of Revelation
18:1-8. Revelation 18:1-3 God shows two
FALLEN FALLEN HE SAYS, is mystery Babylon the great who are full of evil spirits and
devils from hell! God said
Fallen Fallen twice this refers to every nation on earth, their Religion
and their Politics!
 Here we see both are full of evil spirits and devils from hell.

This also touches on "3" verses which refers to the 3 Christian religions today ... Catholic, Protestant
ad Pentecostal. Next we look at the next two verses "4-5" that touches on Donald Trump the
beast President of this going into the black hell hole of second Jer-
USA-lem! Again Dr. lying
Murderer Murdock is the little head heading the sleeping Goat Church of today into black hell and
following him is the
45th President of this second Jer-USA-lem.

Now above we see following the Political Beast of Trump
"45" and verses "4-5" we see the two
"6-7" of Mathew 25 verses "6-7." We add Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 = "7" Churches! These "7"
Churches of today say in Revelation 18 verses
"6-7" ... "We set as Queen and am not a widow and
we will never mourn

The next verse "8" as this number 8 refers to a new beginning God says the opposite ... "Death,
Mourning and Famine, you will be consumed by Fire for Mighty is the Lord God who judges her

The top right God shows from one of his fiery volcanoes, this Goat Church of today talking to the two
beasts heading this message,
Liar Dr. Know it all Murderer Murdock and killer Donald J. Trump
"45" as both are the soon to be on red fire seen above. Notice the skull of a beast over their heads.
Also notice the black head of Satan on the right as all are part of hell today! After the stuff hits the fan
which is very close to happening, then the other two heads of the "3" headed LION Beast comes in!
The first head of the "3" headed lion beast is Lying
Lion Bill Clinton 42 born on Leo the Lion month of
August 19 ... 1946. He came from LIttle Rock Ark ...
ansaw as he is the little rock of Satan. The second
head is George W. Burning Bush 43 from Texas and
add these two beast president men together we see
"6-7" of Revelation 18:"6-7" and Matthew 25

Bill was born year "46" ... Bush born year "46" ...
Trump born year
"46" ... "666." they are seen in
"66:6" that God is using to take down his
enemy Churches of today ... read it. All
"3" are seen in
6:7-8 riding the Pale Horse of DEATH just
before hell is opened up on earth! Trump born month
"6" ... Bush month "7" ... Clinton month "8" Rev.
Above was a large storm off the East Coast named "Bill." I cut this storm in half showing Bill Clinton
42 on top and the bottom of this Bill storm is George W. Bush 43 ... we add 42 with 43 and we see
"67." Before I show this in Revelation 13 let me explain numbers "67." I was born "6" of "7" children
in a preachers home in year
"34" ... 3 + 4 = "7" Churches I am preaching today at the Hour of
seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7." I preach this today at the end of days as we know
them, leaving behind the
"6"th Millennium and going into the "7"th Millennium the 1000 year
kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Now we go to Revelation 13:11-18 and we see two beast coming out from the earth, coming from the
same land and having the same power ... the
USA of second Jer-USA-lem and both Presidents. The
second one showed the world FIRE falling from heaven in plain view of men! This happened when
Bush 43 was president when he sat his war ships off the coast and shot smart missile bombs into
Iraq that the entire world saw on Television ...
fire falling from heaven!

Below Storm Bill above which I cut making two beasts, Bill and Bush. This passage in Revelation
13:11-18 ... Tells us this second beast, meaning George W. Bush 43 has two horns like a lamb, the
lamb referring to Lamb Jesus buy he speaks like a
DRAGON ... SATAN. Cutting this storm Bill in half
you can see the horns of this Bush beast and having iron teeth going after the sleeping Churches of
today soon and suddenly after nuclear war begins with the Russian Bear.

Last night 6/5/19 ... 6 + 5 + 1 + 9 = Revelation 22 verse "21" the end, I listened to this Bastard of Satan
as Satan is his father and not Almighty God. This Bastard of Satan made me so angry I shut him off
but God said, turn him back on to see what he continues to talk about. It was nothing he talked about
but money and the audience  loved it! He was like a stuck record on $1000's that they should sent to
him so they can become rich like him and other liars like him.

He turned the Bible upside down telling the people lies from the OT through the NT turning the
Words of God upside down and backwards. He never came close to Proverbs 30:7-9 that states ...
"Do not give me too much that I forget you, "But give my daily bread ... other wise I may steal and
desecrate your Holy Name!

This beast preacher like most others, are money Clergy preachers of these last days! The Assembles
of God ... Goat Churches of today has a world wide ministry in L.A. California called TBN ... that Paul
Crouch started who died some years ago and was seen in the newspaper of the L,A,Times as a gay
man who hired a 45 year old gay painter and had a close relationship with him. After the first Paul
Crouch died his son Paul took over the ministry.

Rod Parsley another Assemblies of God ... Goats preachers said one time when I was listening to him
when he said two huge lies that went around the world! First he said, when the rapture occurs 80%
of L.A. will be taken out by God. The Bible says,
"Broad is the way to destruction and many are
those who go there. Narrow is the road leading to Salvation and FEW are those who find it.

This same lying Assembles of Goat preachers then said in the same lying breath ... "God has loaded
down the table with money and pushed it over to the Church
." My God, my Jesus said, "You cannot
worship me and MONEY at the same table
." Lying Goat ... the Assembles of Goats you are a pack of
thieving liars headed to the black hole of hell seen above.

I know about the Assemblies of Goat Churches, I have "3" nephews who have their preaching
license. The youngest one is named ROB ... as he also is robbing the Church of today. Rob and his
wife and two boys lived with me in my home in Portland, Oregon for one year! Rob told me at the
times he was leaving the Assemblies of God for it was no more than a General Motors Business, I
and another preacher started a new Church when Dug and Rob got into it, and Dug told Rob he
would not share the pulpit with him one Monday morning when God had told me to be with them
when they met at this restaurant.

Rob went back to the Assemblies of God Church and from there he went back to the main
headquarters of the Assemblies of God and got a higher degree of this pedigree dog religion. Now
we see "3" men with "3" letters in their names,
ROD Parsley ... DUG Kerby ... and ROB Gerig all who
came out from the Assemblies of Goat Churches!

Now we go to Isaiah
"6:66" and we see all four of the beasts all born in year "46." Trump 46 ... Bush
6 ... Clinton 46 and now the top evil preacher also born in year "46." Here we see "3" politic beast
men and
"1" beast so-called Christian Goat preacher all tying together going to hell.
Spiritual Beast Dr.
Murderer Murdock
The black haired, black goat -T - Beard Satanic
Preacher today is showing you the finger as one
way, but his one way is into the black hole of hell
seen above and now below. He is completely
Black with a white shirt and pink face  for his
father is the devil making him the son of Satan
and also a Bastard for his father is the devil.

Below is this Bastard of Satan before he gets
himself all doctored up like his buddy, Trump!
Pride has no end as this beast from the Church
and the beast from Politics prove this point. Now we see all
four of these beasts,
"3" from Politics and "1" from the
Church all tie into the
"666" of Revelation 13:18 and Isaiah
Two peas in a pod and both are gross liars! Both are the same age ... "73."

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...