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Is Donald Trump the Anti-Christ? ― 666 Fifth Avenue Mark of the

Is Donald J. Trump the long prophesied BEAST of Revelation,
whose number is 666? The Bible says THE ANTICHRIST will be a
charismatic celebrity, a "big talker" and a "smooth talker." He will
convince the gullible masses that he is THE ANSWER to every
problem. He will claim to be a dealmaker and master negotiator,
but in reality he will be the Father of Lies in the flesh. He will claim
to create peace in the Middle East, while secretly plotting to
betray and destroy Israel. He will be an intimidator and militant
lover of power. He will exalt and magnify himself, claiming to be
the "only Savior of the World." He will deceive even the very
elect. His arrival on earth will be announced by a blood moon and
his reign by the sounding of the Trump of Doom. Sound familiar?
Trump is sounding doom and he was born on a blood moon. A
trump is a little horn and in the first reference to the Antichrist in
the Bible, the prophet Daniel called the greatest human enemy of
God a "little horn." The number 666 is the major sign of the
Antichrist. And, as revealed on this page, the number 666 turns up
over and over again in regard to Donald Trump and his family, in
truly startling and astounding ways. We will also explain how
Trump's betrayal of Israel has already begun, with the withdrawal
of American troops from Syria, which leaves Israel isolated and
facing the arrayed forces of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS
and Syria on its northern border.
Per Hyper TexIs: Is this the face
of a man we can trust, or is this
the face of a Deceiver, a con
man, a snake-oil salesman, a
sham-man and a shaman? Do
you trust this man? What does
your gut tell you? Here is our
"quick" version of the top ten
connections of Donald Trump
to the number 666. The
connections will be explained
in more detail below (and there
are some truly startling and
disturbing facts).
On August 21, 2019 we saw Trump fully reveal himself as a false Messiah when he tweeted the claim
that he is the "King of Israel" and the "second coming of God." Jesus was called the King of Israel as
he was tormented and crucified. Israel has never had a king since. Later the same day Trump
announced, "I Am the Chosen One!" as he looked mockingly up to the heavens. Please notice that
Trump used the biblical "I Am" when he completed his unholy trinity of heresies. The Bible predicts
that the Antichrist ("the man of sin") will claim to be God and thus the true King of Israel (2
Thessalonians 2:3-10).

Even if Trump is not THE ANTICHRIST, he may be one of many Antichrists: "Children, it is the last hour,
and as you have heard that Antichrist is coming, so now many Antichrists have come. Therefore we
know that it is the last hour." (1 John 2:18)
(1) The Trumps own the most expensive building ever bought in the US, at 666 Fifth Avenue, a street
symbolic of money (Mammon).
(2) The Trumps paid $1.8 billion for the 666 tower. And 18 = 3*6 = 666. The 666 tower is controlled by
Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Kush was the patriarch of Babylon.
(3) The Trumps are also in the process of building a $666 million tower at One Journal Square.
According to multiple reports the height will be 666 feet.
(4) The famous Trump Tower is 203 meters tall according to multiple reports. And 203 meters = 666
feet. The Trump penthouse is on the 66th floor!
(5) Donald Trump inherited his grandmother's real estate empire when she died on June 6, 1966 = 6-6-
6. Her name was Elizabeth Christ Trump. Elizabeth means "vow," so her full name means "Vow for
Christ to be Trumped."
(6) In Trump's first fiscal year which began in 2016 = 666+666+666+6+6+6 the budget deficit rose to 666
billion dollars! (Per Fox Business and other sources.)
(7) Donald Trump's name equates to 666 in Jewish gematria, English gematria, and ASCII computer
code. There are details below.
(8) Trump's fearmongering comments about "rapists" and "drug dealers" vaulted him to the top of the
polls on June 6, 2015 = 6+6+(1+5) = 666.
(9) Trump announced his candidacy for president on June 16, 2015 = 6+(1*6)+(1+5) = 666. On the Ides
of March, he had 666 delegates.
(10) Trump uttered his unholy trinity of heresies on August 21, 2019, when he claimed to be the "King
of Israel," the "second coming of God" and the "Chosen One." August 21 was the 233rd day of the
year, and 2*3*3=18=6+6+6.   
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It doesn't end here it still goes on and on ... Satan's gross liar of all times! This passage above says,
"Even if Trump is not the Anti-Christ there are many Anti-Christs today that the NT states, he was also
in the early Church and he comes out from the last and final Church and fills the shoes of the last day
President of second Jer-
USA-lem! Revelation 13:18 states: "Let him with insight calculate the Number
of the beast for it is the number of a man ... his number is

According to the Bible there are "3" Beast "666" men and the last one is the biggest Anti-Christ
Beast Presidents of the Strongest and Richest nation on earth ... second Jer-
USA-lem ... Jer-666-
lem bringing up the tail end, Donald John Trump 45 the man with the biggest mouth President of all
times of this last and third Babylon nation. God confirms this in Isaiah
66:6 and also in Revelation 6:

"Hear that uproar from the city,
hear that noise from the temple! (Churches)  it is the sound of
the Lord repaying his
enemies all they deserve." Isaiah "66:6" ...  

We see these "3" beast Presidents ... Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 ... Trump 45 all three president men of the
"666" riding the pale horse of DEATH just before hell is opened up on earth seen in ... Revelation
6:7-8. God is the God of numbers not Satan the sleeping Church of the last days claim! Clinton was
born year "4
6" ... Bush was born year "46" ... Trump was born year "46." Now here we see "666."
Next we go in reverse of these "3" beast "666" men of the last days to see all "3" ride this end
time "666" beast!

Trump was born month "6" ... Bush was born month "7" ... Clinton was born month "8" now we see
"6-7-8" of Revelation "6:7-8." Now take off your dunce hat and put on your smart hat and figure
out it was God who made all of Creation and not mother nature the world call it today! It was Father
God who put together the clocks ... the adding machines ... the commuters ... everything with
numbers came from Almighty God! It was God who had the Bible written in numbers not Satan!

Jesus Christ has
"11" letters in his name and God's Holy Bible begins with number "1" in Genesis
and ends in Revelation
"1" seen in verse "2"1." The Chapter of John "1:1" says ... "In the beginning
was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God
." What did Jesus say? He said God
numbered the very hairs on our heads showing he not Satan is the God of Numbers! Jesus also said
that God named all the trillions of stars in the heavens and the stars refers to people not angels the
sleeping Church claims. Below God shows from his Hubble space telescope in his heavens among
the STARS two people, the man looking down and
the woman looking right into the face of golden
Almighty God looking at her and him ... showing
the stars in God's heavens are people and are
not angels.

Of all the Ministries on earth that I know about do
not show things like this last day Ministry shows
from Almighty God in cloud or Rock or whatever
means God want his people to see and repent of
following the devil into the dark pit of hell. God
said, the goats will be on the left meaning
Judgment, and his sheep will be on his right,
meaning mercy! God shows below the Goat
Church of today on the left side of the fiery red
pants Beast Presidents they put into power of this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation!

This Open Vision God shows in a fiery volcano of
the Goat Church of today on his left talking to the
white headed Presidents who call themselves
Christians but over their white heads you can
plainly see the white skull head of a beast, for
they are all beasts. Right of these
Red Pants
beast Presidents
you can see who rules over
them today, the big black head of Satan with the
large white eye!

Below in another fiery volcano God shows himself
in dark color as standing on top of his white
mountain angry and behind his white head yo can
faintly see his left arm pulled back ready to strike
the Church of today in back of her white head and
open naked breasts and thin waist off his holy
mountain! Notice the Red Fire under Father God.
This refers to a small fire now but is very soon to grow in signs
never seen before and Matthew 24 says if those days were not
cut short no flesh would be saved!

We're at the end of our days ...
"6" thousand years of mankind
ruling God's creation and we're going into the
"7"th millennium
"6-7" when Jesus, God, will rule over his creation for 1000
years ...
"67" and then we go into Eternity for ever! This last day
Prophet of Almighty God was born
"6" of "7" children in a
preachers home in year
"34" ... 3 + 4 = "7" Churches I preach
today at the last hour seen in Rev. 14 ... verses
"6-7." I preach
from my third and final
"3" angel websites seen in this passage
of Revelation 14.

Left God shows himself getting ready and is already punching
out the white headed Goat Woman Church seen left and below
her Goat head showing two goat horns looking at you in black
eyes and mouth heading into black hell.
Father God Knocks Church off his
high mountain ..
Goat Church  with                 beast head Satan!        
Notice this head of the Goat Church heading into the black
hell hole God made for Satan and his fallen angels, and also
the Goat Church of today who do not repent before they
die, will go along with Satan and his fallen angels into dark
hell for eternity which means forever ... a world without end!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Goat Church  
looking Down
into hell