Ahab & Jezebel Walk Church
Ahab right and Jezebel his wife walks the
Dog Churches also seen in 1 Kings
and 1 Kings
"21." We add these two
numbers together and we see
"40" the
end of the
"40" year wilderness trip of
first and now second Jer-
USA-lem. When
first Israel ended their
40 year wilderness
trip it was their
"42"nd camp and today at
the end of the Churches last camp, is also
"42" the first head of the beast,
Bill Clinton "
42" and their 2000 years as
We look in Matthew 1:17 the 2000
years from Abraham to Jesus, also shows
"42" generations, count them for they
are also
42 which means REBELLON ...
from Jesus 2000 years ago is also
Rebellion from the Church to the beast,
Bill Clinton
"42" who claim to be a good
Christian but a liar instead!
1 Kings 19 ... number "19" is the day Beast Lion Bill was born on Leo the Lion month of August "19"
"46" the first head of the "3" beast men of the "666" as the other two beasts were also born in
"46" showing the "666" of the beast, the "3" men all born same year, George W. Burning Bush
and setting president Donald J. Trump along with beast Bill of
"1" Kings "19."  We look at the two
verses 11-12 in 1 Kings
"19" and we see today, "Wind ... Earthquake and Fire." After this we hear a
soft voice from Almighty God speaking about his kingdom coming in.

Before I go into
Jezebel Hillary, we see the Open Vision above of both Bill and Hillary walking the
dog Churches of today showing the
Cross of Jesus Christ in their two blue dog leases. The large
red dog represents the Catholic Churches and the smaller black and white dog represents the
Protestant Churches which also includes the Pentecostal Churches.

Next, we go to
1 Kings 21 ... 1 + 21 = "22" which means the end, Rev. "22" ... and shows Jezebel,
Hillary, showing her Husband,
Ahab ... Bill ... how to get Naboth's Vineyard, today refers to the
10 sleeping, Virgin Church
! This spirit of Jezebel is seen in Revelation 2:21-23 and those who
commit adultery with this Roman Catholic Church will all go into this bed of suffering unless they
repent of her ways
! The second Church is Sardis which means the remains of the true Church,
meaning Protestants, and the third Church, Philadelphia refers to the Pentecostal Church still
Protestants ... and if they do not repent of her ways, the ways of the Roman Catholic Church, they
too will go into this same bed of
The beast Bill and his Jezebel wife, Hillary, belonged
to this Southern Baptist Church showing Bill at the
pulpit with his arms spread out to the World as a
good man but is the beast of Revelation! Clinton's
pastor said both Bill and Hillary are good Christians! I
guess they are as good as the Church they belong to
today soon to take out the
"666" Church of Isaiah
"66:6." Wake up O Sleeping Church, you have
been dupped by the devil at Kingdom time today
This isn't the first of my writings about this message, it was 1991 when I published my book titled;
"Wake Up O' Sleeping Church" of "19" Chapers and over 300 pages. In this book I revealed that the
beast would come from the Presidents of this second Jer
-USA-lem. At that time I didn't know yet
who the beast was, Bill Clinton #42 ... born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19" ... the 19 chapters
in my book titled,
"Wake Up O' Sleeping Church" ... only that he would come from the White House!
While driving south about 10 miles from my home, I
saw this cloud but never saw the rat in this cloud
until I had my film developed. This DemocRAT - RAT
is seen here with two ears, and the one eye is also
seen. You can see his full head neck and lower
body as well showing Bill Clinton the first head of
the beast, Rat Bill Clinton #42 a Democ

Below this RAT Bill Clinton 42, is a picture in cloud
form over Klamath Falls, Oregon showing by God
this Lion Beast has two heads, Bill on the left and
Geo. on the right seen over his Bushy Tail, George
W. Bush 43. This one Lion Beast of these last days
has two headd, Bill Clinton 42 and George W. Bush
43 added together is
"67" who soon goes after the
sleeping Church of Matthew 25 added is
Churches of Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3 added
together are the
"10" sleeping Virgins!     Mt.

Isaiah 4:1 says, "In that day (Meaning today) "7"
(Meaning the 7 churches) will take hold of
one man and say ...
(One man is Jesus) we will eat
our own food and provide our own clothes, only let us
be called by your name, take away our disgrace."

The lying Church tells the people this is a huge war
coming when most of the men will be killed leaving
one man per "7" women! The Church are seen as

Left you can see a volcano blowing up leaving the
head and big mouth of this Ministry blowing this end
time Trumpet, seen below my mouth and facing the

Below this is another Open Vision from Almghty God
in another fiery Open Vision, of Yours truly born on
Leo the Lion month of August
"22" meaning the end
and the end of the Holy Bible, Rev.
"22." Notice St.
Paul ... yours truly standing up as a LION of God in
the lighter form of the dark red fire. Notice the
capital letter
"G" for Gerig!

Below me ... the large LION from the Lion tribe of
Judah, meaning Jesus, we see the smaller Lion,
young Bryon Perez of nothern California who helps
me spread this awesome word today at Judgment

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
erig ...