Adolph USA Killer Trump
God shows big mouth President
Hitler, Donald J. Trump USA and
his famous military German solute
in cloud and rock form! God said
in the last days signs would
appear in the heavens above and
on the earth below before the
return of the Son of Man, Jesus
Christ. The one on the right came
from Hawaii of a lava rock flow.
This ties into the "50"th state of this "50" state Union of the
Republic, God's second Jer-
USA-lem gone to POT. Below
fire, red hat beast Trump God shows in anther cloud form the
head of old HItler wearing his famous black Mustache
looking left from one of his fiery volcano's going off.

Below the white smoke cloud  of Donald Adolph Hitler Trump
part of the same lava flow volcano in rock form seen above of
Hitler and his famous military solute with the capital letter
"V" for
Virgins seen on his waist referring to the 10 sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25:6-7 that he soon goes after!

Below the cloud of Hitler is the sign of Black Bird Adolph Trump
45 driving his black bird hot rod into the white hot nuclear fire
coming from the Russian bear! As usual, you can see what God is
showing about Hitler Trump, the dust is billowing out behind him
as he roars down the road with his black bird
mouth wide open as usual! What do you see
happening that God is showing today about
this new, old HItler Trump below his Big Open
black bird mouth? God is showing in no
uncertain terms,
Red fire and Red Blood is
soon to come about
! Below in the same
Hitler fiery volcano in Hawaii God shows the
bald headed preachers, no covering from
Almighty God with their pink face facing right
talking to black Satan.
Behind the preachers with no covering from Almighty God, you can see the military hat of old Adolph
HItler and his white face below his hat. Below Hitlers face you can see in part the red tail end of the
lion beast and right you can see his head and below his head his front paws as he heads to the white
Dog Church with their red tongues hanging out listening to the so-called Christian music flowing
down from the bald headed Preachers above talking to black Satan.
Left is another shot of the white dog Church above
with their mouth wide open listening to the dead dog
preachers of today! This Open Vision is another shot of
the Dog Churches of today at a different angle still
laying down in bed as if sleeping! The Dog Church are
all asleep except the 144,000 who have overcome
Satan to date seen in Revelation 14:1-5.

The Dog Church preachers tell the gullible people this
passage speaks about the Jews, another lie from hell!
God in signs of Jacob who married two women, Leah
represents the Jews he worked
"7" years to get for his
first wife is seen in Revelation
"7." These are the
144,000 Jews that God seals  before hell is opened up
on earth. Jacob then married his second wife, Rachel!
Jacob who represents Father God married \his second wife, "Rachel" who he worked another "7"
years to get. Now we add 7 + 7 = "14" equals Revelation 14:1-5 ... the Church of today who has
overcome Satan to date, and God takes them out soon and suddenly leaving the rest of the Pig-Dog-
Goat Church behind to be purified by

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...