5.“This is What the Sovereign Lord
“‘Disaster! Unheard-of disaster! See, it comes! 6. The end has come! The end has come! It has
roused itself against you. See, it comes! 7. Doom has come upon you, upon you who dwell in the land.
The time has come! The day is near!
There is panic, not joy, on the mountains. 8. I am about to
pour out my wrath on you and spend my anger against you
. I will judge you according to your
conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices
. 9. I will not look on you with pity; I will
not spare you
. I will repay you for your conduct and for the detestable practices among you.“‘Then
you will know that it is
I the Lord who strikes the blow.

10. “‘See, the day! See, it comes! Doom has burst forth, the rod has budded, arrogance has
blossomed! 11. Violence has arisen,  a rod to punish wickedness. None of the people will be left, none
of that crowd—none of their wealth, nothing of value. 12.
The time has come! The day has
arrived! Let not the buyer rejoice nor the seller grieve, for my wrath is on the whole crowd.

"7":5-12 ...           (Using God's numbering system ... number "7'"  fast asleep Churches
today who are outside the 144,000 saints who has overcome Satan seen in Revelation 14:1-5 that
God takes out soon,
we see this ties into the "7" sleeping Churches today, the passage above
goes for the
"7" Churches without a shadow of a doubt!)

Next, we go to Isaiah 5:5 added equals the "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7. First we see
the beginning of this passage of Isaiah
5:1 speaks about the Jews first! It says ... God dug up his
first Vineyard, meaning the Jews, and removed the stones and took the choice vines, the
and replanted his second Vineyard, the Church.

Now 2000 years later at
Harvest Time today, God went to look for a good crop of Grapes, Fruit, but
found only bad fruit
.  Now we go to Isaiah 5:5 ... land of the 10 very asleep Virgins of Matthew
"6-7." God very, very plainly states:  "I am lifting my hand of protection from around her
and she will be

Hang onto your hats for the next two verses, "6-7" ties into Matthew 25 added refers to the "7"
Churches of verses
"6-7" and we see God saying, I will (Meaning he already has)  taken my water
away from her, no more pruning nor cultivating her ... she will turn into a
thistle patch that she is

I have said this many times and I will say it again: I was born in a preachers home
"6" of "7"
Children in year
"34" ... 3 + 4 = "7" Churches I preach to today telling them their lives as they live
today is over
! This is my final and "3"rd flying in mid-air Angel website seen in Revelation 14
"6-7" at the HOUR of JUDGMENT!  Jesus said, "What was good for the Jews is now good
for the Gentiles for God does not show favoritism!

God has already began to clean up a very, very dirty "6-7" Church of today of Matthew 25:"6-7."
We multiply 6 X 7 = "42" equals Matthew 1:17. Number "42" refers to rebellion! It was 2000 years
from Abraham to Jesus and
"42" generations, count them for this passage shows them when the
Jews crucified Jesus the first time around. Now another 2000 year as we all know them from Jesus
to today and another
"42" generations, the Church has repeated what the Jews did to Jesus,
figuratively speaking ... Revelation 11:8. We add 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins!
God has put his dirty two legs and "10" toes
Church into a wringer washing machine. The
two legs are
Catholic and Protestant alike
which includes the Pentecostals as well for
they are also seen as Protestants. The upper
wringer washing machine is real! A
22 year old
man laying on the floor right of the washing
machine, was stuck in this washing machine
until they took him out, this was real.

God shows this below the wringer washing
machine in clouds, of the
22 year old man, and
"22" means the end and the end of the
Holy Bible, the last Chapter of Revelation
and also God's last day Leo the Lion Prophet
born on Leo the Lion month of August

God Almighty shows this happening today
across his second Jer-
USA-lam nation in no
uncertain terms! Look at the weather across
this nation ...
Snow and Water! God has filled
his wringer washing machine and is wringing
them out between two rollers ... crushing her.
God has lifted his hand of protection from
around this last day Church destroying her!
My Ministry is to wake up 144,000 of these saints today that
God wakes up and takes out seen in Revelation 14:1-5.

Left is yours truly in front of my old friend, Leo the man
owning Leo's Camera shop in down town Klamath soon to
Falls USA Oregon who took this picture of yours truly at the
age of
"67" ... that was 17 years ago. I am seen as the West
... the GMC dealership in Klamath Falls where I
purchased this 2000 GMC four wheel drive truck in 2001 that
19,000 miles on it. Number "19" is God's number as he
is the
first and the last of his numbering system, "1" and "9"
"19." I had written a News Letter about one or two
weeks before I received my new license plate seen left,
XYJ- 892. The title was, "Crossing Yahweh's Jordan" the
When I opened the license plate I had received in the mail, I could hardly believe my eyes! It said
what I had written about a week or two before ...
"X" for Crossing ... "Y" for Yahweh and "J" for
Jordon. At first I added
892 and this number added is "19." Then the Lord said, multiply! So I
multiplied 8 X 9 =
"72" and the last number was "2" and put together with the year 2000 adds up
144,000 overcoming Saints of Revelation 14:1-5 that God soon takes out to be with him while he
punishes the rest of the Church left behind that goes into the Washing Machine of God now
happening! I remind you I purchased my 2001 GMC ... God's Moving Church in Klamath Falls, GMC
dealership named ...
"West One."
A few years ago on Election day
over this nation, was this tropical
storm seen left. You can see God
showing this
"West One" ... Yours
truly preaching this Jesus Trumpet
from the
"West One" ... Coast side
of second Jer-
USA-lem. I put my
name over my head! Jesus' head,
the arrow head, is looking down
over this nation and hitting this
Bald Eagle nation in its head killing
it, the sign of this nation gone to
POT. Look closely to see the face of
Jesus on the end of my Jesus'
Trumpet I am blowing today without
hesitation ... period!

Below I put this Open Vision in my
Adobe Photo section of my
computer and removed all the substance
not showing me blowing this Jesus
Trumpet hitting this nation in its Eagle Bird
head and

Jeremiah 51:25 says this about this Old
Indian nation ...
25. “I am against you, you
destroying mountain, you who destroy the
whole earth,” declares the Lord. “I will
stretch out my hand against you, roll you off
the cliffs, and make you a burned-out
Jeremiah 51:25 ... This ties
into Revelation 17:1-8 that old John could
hardly believe this last and third Babylon
nation, USA ... second Jer-
USA-lem would
kill the last day Church and the entire
world today!

51:25 seen above added is "67."
Far left is a picture of an old Indian
preacher friend of mine and also a fishing
partner who died not long ago at the age
"67." Right of Joe is a large rock made
by God Almighty, showing this old Indian
nation of second Jer-
USA-lem is ready to
be pushed off this mountain by God never
to be seen again. Below the Indian pulling
back his war bow, you can see where God
put this war bow in his heavens in rainbow
form that is now coming in,

Left of the rainbow is another picture God
made in his
"50"th state, Hawaii in a fiery
volcano showing this is what is going to
happen across these
"50" states of
second Jer-
USA-lem, once an Indian
nation now gone to
POT and will be
destroyed by God never to rise again! God
made all these signs, not me!
Indian Joe
dead at 67

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...