45 Caliber Wall Fire California
This is the Wall Fire burning today in
California. As you can see I turned this
picture sideways to show you the
Pistol Donald Trump is bringing in
Nuclear war with
KID-KIM of North
Korea ... Russia and China
. God
confirms this fact in the cloud picture
below of the same
"45" magnum pistol
that ties to Donald J. Trump
Notice the cock hammer on both guns,
in the fire form in smoke, and also seen
in cloud form from Almighty God.
Notice what God is showing left of the
fiery barrel of this Trump "45" gun, is
stopping all traffic going down the
roads when nuclear war breaks out!
When nuclear bombs go off it stops all
activity of
engines and motors for they
will not run under the nuclear radiation
coming from these bombs. Trump with
his big mouth begins what you seen in
WALL FIRE. You can see
him also in 2 Kings
18:27! We add 18 +
27 =
"45." This passage speaks about
WALL FIRE in California! This
states, the People on the
WALL will
soon be eating their own Dung and
drinking their own Urine! Why?
Because God is showing in cloud form
over this nation, the window is Open
for the Mushroom cloud bombs to hit as seen left. The
poison coming from these nuclear bombs will poison the
food and drinking waters soon and suddenly, as also
seen in Revelation
8:8-11. Now to confirm this fact we
look at 2 Kings
"18." We see Rev. 8 + 8 + 1 + 1 = "18"
about the Star Wormwood that touches on Russia when
the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Russia melted
down poisoning their food and water killing many
. So Wormwood in the Russian language means
Chernobyl now getting ready to happen here in second
USA-lem nation gone down the tube who has turned
away from the true and living God!
This also touches on
the banking system in this nation  ready to go down!
Today we see the
Golden Donald Duck Tramp ... Trump
pistol ... the "45"  Magnum pistol, the largest in the world,
tramping her down
at the head of this nation today.
When her bull market money system goes down, then
the bears attack and then we go into the
MARKET of Russia and China.
God says, the window is
now open for this to happen seen below the mushroom.
Donald J. Trump "45"
the white trigger right
Donald J. Trump "45" Magnum pistol
shooting off his big mouth today
bringing in the
WALL FIRE in California
today in signs!
The second Open Vision above in God's cloud showing this "45" magnum gun, shows the
bullet is now ready to leave
the barrel that shuts down the roadways in this nation, also seen
in the top Open Vision, notice all vehicles stop. This is also seen in the cloud picture from
God of this "45" caliber pistol
showing the bullet is now ready to leave this gun as seen in
the top
Two Open Visions, one from God and one from the Internet pictures taken from the
WALL FIRE in California still burning at this writing.
The clam shell trap is closing that
Jesus speaks about in Luke
21:34-36. In God's numbering
system we see chapter 21 added is
"3" Churches, Catholic, Protestant
and Pentecostal. Number "34" next
shows this "Prophet born in year
"34" preaching this message at the
end time number "9" verse "36"... 3 +
6 = "9" which means Judgment!
Notice the 10 sleeping Virgin Church
with their hands in the air
worshipping the
Bull Market when it
is falling, then the soldiers come in,
seen top right.

This clam shell trap now closing, is
close to my home as is the one
below this showing this Leo the Lion
Prophet of Almighty God facing
upward and away ... looking up in
the sky to God! Notice on the back of
my head is the
golden outlined letter
"P" for Paul
. Behind the letter "P" is
his last letter "L" that shows him
today getting around only in a
wheelchair. To confirm this message
is from God, we see the black
coming down under the
word, coming. To confirm the PIG
and DOG Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22,
we see the pigs head over the red
and yellow writing on the left with the
head of the pig on fire! Inside the fire
you can faintly see the two capital
DC for Washington DC
coming down and burning. The right
lower corner shows the Dog
preachers preaching lies to the
sleeping Churches who love to listen
to lies!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...