40 million in West face scorching
heat; 30 million under flood watch
in East
The title to this message came from the news as listed above. The two pictures below came from
a subway in NYC Babylon.
Notice the woman on the left is upside down and running, and the man
on the right is fast asleep
! This is the sign of the people today when this last day "3"rd Babylon,
second Jer-
USA-lem goes down. The Woman Church of today are completley upside down and
they thin
k God will take them out before one shot is fired! The man on the right shows men and
women alike are in deep, deep trouble with God for they went to sleep as Jesus said in Matthew
25:6-7. They are upside down today without a shadow of a doubt! Her legs shows she is soon to be
running upside down when the title of this nation hits reality
and is now in the process of

We add 40 million from the West and 30 Million from the East =
"70" drop the zero and we see "7"
Churches soon to be going completely bananas.
(If they were awake they could see this)
Left is what is soon to hit you naked ... running
sleeping ... upside down churches of today seen in
Isaiah 28:13. This passage states she falls
backwards and is captured. The next two verses
... she has made a lie her refuge and
falsehood her hiding place,
that when disaster
comes it cannot touch her
for she has made a lie
her refuge and falsehood her hiding place ... Isaiah
We add Isaiah 2 + 8  = "10" sleeping
virgins of Matthew 25:6-7.  

This Open Vision shows the very naked Church as
you can see her upper and lower parts naked, and
falling backwards. This came from God's Hubble
telescope in is heavens and also the upside down
woman above looking like she is running upside
, as this naked Church of today are stark
Notice this next Open Viison from Almighty
shows her running and looking up to heaven
as she runs like the wind to hide from God
for the
god she serves today is the littie god, satan.

Next, we go into isaiah 2:19-22 ... speaking about
this woman heading for the rocks and holes in the
ground to hide from the dread of the Lord and the
Spendor of his Madjesty when he soon rises to
shake the earth real soon and suddenly. She is
heading for the rocks seen in an Open Vision
close to where I lived in the wilderness, showing
the end is now before her very eyes as she heads
to the rocks and holes in the ground.
I circled the woman heading for
the rocks with her head turned
around looking at you. Left of her
head is the head of a PIG looking
down which means she is a PIG
Church of the last days seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22 adding just the "2"
as "2"s
... shows the "10"
sleeping Virgins of Matthew
25:6-7." You can
see in the upper
right corner the legs of the Lions
going after her even in the rocks
she hides in. Below this Open
Vision is the same rock only it
sets above the rock with the
woman Church
running from God.
You can see the gay face of this old George
Washington nation turned into the third and
last day Babylon. You can also see the two
War Horses of Russia and China that God is
bringing against the gone gay nation of
When these two war bears hits the
forehead of this gay nation it pushed out of
the mouth of old George, the "3" Lion beasts
that goes after this last day naked Church.

Notice the legs of the LIon is seen in the
Open Vision above going after this Church
who has turned away from the living God
and today follow Satan.
This brings in the old German Swastika of Hilter of the "30's and "40"s ... added together is "7"
churches when dropping the zero. Jesus said ...
"What was before will be again, and what is now
was before ... there is nothing new under the sun
" ... Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19.
The 50th State of the Union, Hawaii, touches on this
nation of
"50" states a year or two ago, had this fiery
volcano showing in lava form, the image of Hitler giving
his famous millitary solute to the sleeping 10 Virgin
Churches that he soon goes after again in signs
! They are
signs of the 30's and the 40's added together is "7"
when dropping the zero
!  What was for the Jew is now for
the Gentile for God does not show favoritism.

Below is another shot of the same volcano showing this
black bird nation heading into nuclear war.  
Notice its black beak with his
mouth wide open today as usual,
President Trump 45,
runs head
long into the white hot nuclear
bombs coming from the Russian
. Notice under the head of this
black bird nation, you can see the
red blood flowing. Trump is seen
behind the steering wheel racing
down the
road with the dust
billowing out behind him as he
races this nation into nuclear war
40 Million people on the west and 30 million on the east ... added together is number "7" all facing
the coming in
"7"th day of the week ... "6-7." We are now leaving the "6"th Millenniam and going
into the
"7"th Millennium ... "67." The first beast coming out from the mouth of old George now
gone gay, is Bill Clinton
"42" ... 6 x 7 = "42." Bill 42 was born in year "46" ... Bush 43 was born year
"46" Trump 45 was born year "46" and now we see the "3" beast President men all born in years
that end in
"666."  God says in Isaiah "66:6" that he is using these "3" beasts to go after the
Churches of the last days becasue they have become his enemies ...
read it!

"3" men makes up the Pale Rider of DEATH seen in Revelation "6:7-8." Trump was born
"6" ... Bush month "7" and Clinton month "8" ... now we see Revelation "6:7-8" Lastly we
add 6 + 7 + 8 =
"21" equals the last verse of God's Holy Bible, Revelation 22 verse "21."  This is the
end and we add 2 + 2 + 2 =
"6" plus 1 = "7" equals "67" ... 6000 years and it is the end of man ruling
the world and time f
or Jesus Christ to come and reign for 1000 years ... "67."  Number "8" refers to
a new beginning, the 1000 kingdom of Jesus Christ coming in after the fire of purification does its
job ... Revelation

I Paul Gerig was born into a preachers home "6" of "7" children that lived and born 6 of 8 when
first child, a baby boy named Sherman who died at birth ... leaving me born "6" of "7" that lived
and born
"6 of 8" that died ... "tying into Revelation 6:7-8 without a shadow of a doubt."

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ....
Wake Up
Church its
all over!